10 Breeds With Highest Cancer Rates

  • Chuck Bump

    Interesting, all large breeds except the Cocker Spaniel. No small or toy breeds in the top ten

  • Launi Bush

    I would have loved to been able to read all of the captions except for the annoying Nissan advertisements! Advertising to keep your site free for all to access is understandable. Please don’t let the ads cover the articles and photos you are trying to get folks to check out!

    • Casey Jones

      Install AdBlocker on Firefox. No ads ever, even in videos.

  • Casey Jones

    Sadly I lost my soulmate, my Boxer, Miss Asia Marie Louise, from lymphosarcoma in 2010 and not a day goes by that I don’t grieve for her. We were inseparable.

    • Rachael Jane Kirby

      She is so very beautiful. My heart goes out to you they are more than pets they are your best friends. I have four jack Russell’s and each one is different and each a special friend. She is with you always in your heart and mind and watching over you always.

      • Joan Cannariato

        Read Rainbow Bridge. It sure helped me with my loss

    • Krupal Dholakia

      I lost my Fluffy aka Fou. She was a Japanese Spitz, in the same way on 18th January 2010, she was fine until my Vet went out of country and she needed her vaccination for her county License and she was absolutely fine, I took her to another Vet and in a month she passed away. I suspected the Vet trying Experiments on my Dog. I Used to take it to the Vet every 3 Months for a health check-up. How possibly can it not be detected?

  • Nancy Brown

    I know this all too well. We have had them for years, and have lost over 75%. However, we have been successfully treating our 11 year old with herbs for his contained Kidney Cancer.

    • Sherry

      To anyone with a dog. Give your dog fresh green beans as often as you can. They have been shown to help minimize cancer risks.

      • facebook

        Hi Sherry, I give my pug Henry fresh beans with his meals and as snacks, great for weight lose too, especially because he thinks when I go to the kitchen it is to bet him a snack :)))

  • laura

    I have a problem with my dachshund she is very over weight I try cutting her back on food but then she drives me crazy until I give her something if I try ignoring her she will hit me very hard so I have to give her at least something to calm her down please help what should i do

    • katiekees

      Hi, Try soaking her dry kibble with water so that it swells up and takes up more room in her stomach. Gradually add unsalted green beans to her kibble. This also adds bulk but not weight. If you are giving her treats, substitute another brand of good quality dog food and give her those for treats. It is a new taste, but better quality and fewer calories. kt

  • Haupia Fernandes

    I am bummed. I have a 13 year old Golden Retriever that I love more than a lot of humans. She’s still active but I know her time is coming and I dread it.

    • Tara E. Chavez

      We had a client who had a yellow lab that lived to be 19. At the end she couldn’t hear really well and she had lost most of her sight, but she absolutely loved her car rides and walks. She was always active.

  • tjcole

    I worry about this happening to my Butter who is now about to turn 4 years old…

  • Donald Brown

    Hi Launi how do you post pics or info on this site to be used on facebook

  • Donald Brown

    My Bella isnt she the cutest and she has grown into a beautiful dog with the most unusual colouring hence the name Brindabella but Bella for short.

  • Kaushik Ray

    My German Shepherd Blackie died of osteosarcoma. RIP :(