Ever seen a Rottweiler and Westie mix? Yes, this REALLY happened.

A West Highland terrier named Joey cross-bred with a female Rottweiler double his size to father a litter of 11 puppies, which have been given the name ‘Wotties’.

Believe it or not, the owner, Teresa Patterson, had no idea the pair had mated until the puppies we’re born!





  • Lauren Irick Bennett

    Looks like somebody needs to learn about spaying.and.neutering!

    • Buieruwen

      Altering a dog isn’t always the best choice. females of larger breeds tend to have incontinence problems due to the lack of estrogen after spaying. yes there are medications and hormone replacement that will help but is it really better to pump an animal full of artificial chemicals instead of responsibly keeping the dog under lock and key for 2 weeks? The normal heat cycle of a dog is a little more than 3 weeks. 2 weeks bloody discharge,1 week receptive to breeding (standing heat), ovulation and then she returns to ani-estrus . My female doberman was 3 1/2 when she had to be spayed due to health complications and now she has to take 4 corn silk capsules every day or she dribbles everywhere. I also have an intact male and they were easy to keep separate, neither could do stairs so one was kept downstairs and one upstairs and wow, no puppies.

  • Judy Shaw

    What a cute combination…who would have thought that it could happen!

    • Mr_moto_1

      when there’s a will there’s a way!!!!

      • Judy Shaw

        I once had a Cairn Terrier, just a little girl too, who got bred by a border collie who was about 5 times her size. We didn’t even know that she was pregnant until she was delivering her one little puppy. Boy were we surprised…we named her baby Surprise. That puppy turned out to be a wonderful dog, but I made sure to get her fixed and not depend on size difference as birth control.

  • lowfiron

    They look like a good dog. I’m all for crossbreds or dogs bred for performance not confirmation. Puts the terror in terrier! :)

  • Cindy Neary Atkins

    We once adopted a dog that was a rottie/cocker mix. Looked all rott but was cocker sized! He was an awesome dog!

  • Chuck Bump

    I can’t stop laughing!!

  • Bearsmum

    I just love dogs – too cute!

  • Maroulla Savage

    They are not ‘Wotties’, they are mongrels. I expect they’ll be sold at inflated prices. Ridiculous. I agree with Lauren Irick Bennett, get your dogs spayed and neutered

  • Manel Sousa

    want one…

  • Katie Bessant

    I’ll take a crossbreed over a pedigree anyday.
    They have a better character and can avoid the normal pedigree medical conditions
    Plus the they don’t need to look a certain way or be used as a breeder bitch and stud dog.
    The dog in my pic is a sheltie/rough collie mix not a pedigree

  • Robert

    I think “Rotties” fits better.

  • Robert

    Once saw a dog that was a Golden Retriever/basset hound mix. Had the body of a Golden, legs of a Basset hound, and a Basset hound face. And barked like a Coon hound. Thought I was on the Island of Doctor Mareau for a second. Really weird dog. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116654/

  • Gail Finch

    How gorgeous. My dog is a corgi x jack russell.

  • Johnnie

    Wotties is totally the wrong name and you can’t call them Rotties either. The more appropriate name would be West Highland Rottweiler. At any rate you can’t just take two breed two dogs of different pedigrees together and come up with a new breed. Stop trying to be scientist and focus more on being a responsible dog owner i.e. Get your dogs spayed/neutered.

    • rccourson

      How about a Restie.

  • James Beil

    Aww, gorgeous little dogs – and unlike pedigree breeds, they aren’t going to suffer from the consequences of inbreeding, unlike some breeds we could mention! *cough cough pugs*

  • Baleigh

    I swear, some animal lovers really seem like such spiteful people. First
    of all, if you read the intro, you’ll see that the owner didn’t intend
    for the pair to breed. Second of all, I’m sure the puppies went to
    awesome homes. Thirdly, the ones the owner kept look happy and healthy,
    as do the parents. Don’t ever judge someone when you don’t know their
    situation. I once knew someone who refused to have their dog spayed
    because her last pet died of complications during the procedure. Breeding is a problem when it’s out of control and/or the animals suffer negative effects from the trade. These babies are mixed – they are probably in great shape.

    • Jennifer Quail

      If they didn’t intend for the pair to breed, they should have either fixed the dogs or been much more responsible unaltered-dog owners. It is entirely possible to owner unaltered animals and NEVER have an “oops” litter so long as the owner isn’t an idiot, knows when her bitch is in heat, and doesn’t making the bizarre anthropomorphic assumption that dogs of different breeds/full siblings/parent-offspring won’t mate. If you have an intact male and an intact female, if you present the opportunity, they will breed. Anyone who owns intact animals ought ot know this. There is never any reason to for “accidental” breedings. Ever. The ONLY people who should be breeding dogs are responsible owners of known-lineage purebreds (AKC, UKC, FCI, whomever) who cull defective/pet quality offspring and who either work or conformation-show their breeding stock to determine who the ideal breeders are. And I suggest you use some google-fu and read the independent research that has shown “hybrid vigor” in mongrels is a myth-mixed-breed dogs are just as susceptible to inherited disorders are “purebreds” (ie selectively-bred dogs of distinct heritable types). The myth persists because disorders are researched using specific breeds. When a broad cross-section of dogs is examined, mixed-breeds also inherit heart disorders, hip displasia, and other genetic disorders. The genes don’t magically go away because they’re bred to a different type. The only thing mixing accomplishes is guaranteeing you have no idea what traits the offspring will get. (And if you’re crossing a larger-breed male on a smaller-breed female, putting her at severe risk of dying giving birth.)

      • Baleigh

        I totally agree with you, seriously. But I was mostly trying to point out that these things need to be looked at on a case by case basis. You just never know exactly what’s going on, and there isn’t a simple “right vs. wrong” answer to it. But I’ve owned pure and mixed breed pets, and on average, mixed breeds are definitely the healthier ones. Awful characteristics that are inbred into animals needs to stop, for sure. But, this dog owner here is not a shifty, irresponsible breeder looking to make some cash. Even if it wasn’t *quite* an accident, she definitely has the means to take care of them. Look at how happy those cute little guys are! So, you know. Live and let live.

      • lowfiron

        AKC Responsible? To what? Money? They hate dogs. A working dog is a happy dog. A show piece dog is just that. Get a mutt, not an inbred neurotic piece of fluff. or physical wreak. AKC= $ for breeding.

    • Nathalie Le Roc’h

      And…far healthier than pure breed. If I ever take a dog, I will be careful to choose a cross breed as they have a chance at a longer and healthier life.

  • Debi

    No matter what you call them, there are a few more puppies that are going to need homes. No matter how we feel about spaying and neutering pets, there are a few more puppies that will need homes. Accidents do happen but in order for another accident to happen so we have a few more puppies that need homes, I would opt for the spaying and neutering idea. That way there won’t be a few more puppies from this mom and dad that will need homes. They are adorable.

  • gonzo

    they look awesome I want one and for those of you who think this is wrong probably don’t belive in interracial dating amongs humans either. stop the segregation and racism you spiteful people

  • angela

    mongrels :’( that is unnecessarily harsh! I have mixed breed dogs and these “mongrels” rule !!! I’m all for spaying and neutering, but like Baleigh stated, you don’t know their situation.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    That extra long and boring manifesto (JQ) was harsh and you’re too emotional. This was a light hearted post of a person who’s dog had pups and they found them good homes. One rant does not fit all. Jeez! Lighten up, will ya? These dogs are all being cared for. I hope you don’t take that attitude to work or anywhere else. And MS, mongrels? Really? What a snob. Merry Christmas ya’ll! I’m so glad I don’t know either of you!

    I think Wotties is a good name. Better than Wetties, well maybe till after they’re house trained. They sure are cute!

    • lowfiron

      That kind of person will sell you a “less than perfect” dog for big money and make sure the dog is fixed. IOW they sell the rejects, the dogs that “are not good enough”.
      There are too many dogs having litters. All my dogs have been fixed. I always get a rescue, I have never bought from a breeder and I never will. I like dogs bred for work not for show.
      There is nothing wrong with a cross bred dog. While the genetic defects might be passed on or show up in a mutt the reason there are genetic defects is line breeding and incest. This is much more frequent with a dog bred for show or kennel club breeders.
      What? you get a guarantee~ and if the dog has some horrible defect you euthanize that one and get another from the same breeder?
      So boycott the kennel clubs, don’t give them your money. Rescue a dog. Better yet, rescue a working dog.

  • Bev

    Anytime I see people purposefully (or accidently) breeding dogs or cats it makes me sad. There are soooooo many that need homes out there that have been abandoned or neglected. Wish people would take more responsibility with their pets.