GONE VIRAL: They’re calling him the smartest dog ever (don’t miss the end!)

Meet Jumpy, the amazing Cattle dog with the most amazing routine ever. Never in all my life have I seen a dog so well trained! Will your dog listen this well? Don’t miss the last 7 seconds, when Jumpy finally gets what he wants. It’s totally adorable!

Share this amazing dog!

Share this amazing dog!

This video was made by Omar von Muller, who is an amazing dog trainer. Check out Omar’s website at Training with Omar.

  • Chris Hamilton

    “They” apparently never saw Skidboot.

  • ShawnsFurKidz

    I have to admit this is pretty good, but if you want to see AMAZING & ASTONISHING, you need to see SKID BOOT!!!

    • Sue Vincent

      If you listen in the beginning, the trainer is saying, …. Let’s see if you can do Skidboots tricks. He’s just showing another dog CAN be trained the same way. It’s all in the trainer/dog relationship.

    • FridayTN

      This is a TRIBUTE to Skidboot. It’s not a competition. By all means, go look at videos of Skidboot… because there will be no more. RIP Skidboot.

  • nigel

    I hate these videos where the owner pretends to count to three. The normal release command in Shutzhund is “FREE” – that’s what it’s hearing. The dog isn’t incredibly smart, it’s obedient.

    • Unity Nowe

      I agree that “smart” isn’t the factor here. I disagree that the dog is merely obedient , however. This man obviously has built a great relationship with his dog and does not use pain and intimidation when teaching. And by the way, I use free as a release , simply because I don’t use that word in conversation where my dog would mistake me releasing him. Some people use “Okay”. Any word can be used for any que. I have also heard Schutzund trainers use “out” .

    • Tessa

      Actually dogs can understand up to 400 words, and they are very smart, look how long it takes to teach them not to go to the bathroom in the house with proper training, and look how long it takes us to stop going poop in our pants, seems to me the dog is much smarter than most humans I have come across. This dog deserves a treat he did great

      • carlfx

        i can stop pooping in my pants on command. easy.

    • TR Young

      Well, if the dog was trained in Schutzhund, then you may be correct in saying that the dog is hearing “free” instead of “three”. However, if the dog WASN’T trained in Schutzhund, then how on earth could it possibly think it was hearing “free” instead of “three”? That doesn’t even make any sense. Not every dog is Sch trained.

    • Barry Bell

      Shut up Nigel…

    • Rosa Galyean

      it’s beautiful,it’s incrediable,what’s your prob.??

    • MoreDots

      Did you see how the dog was almost tricked by the “two-and-a-half”?
      Whether it was expecting “Three” or “Free” to come next, it was still anticipating the release command after “One…Two…”

      That’s pretty impressive.

      • nigel

        Just to clarify – the dog cannot count! Dogs learn patterns of behavior very easily and can find it hard not to preempt the next command. If this trainer has done this before the dog will expect “free” after “one… two…”. It’s not impressive, it’s very normal especially in high-drive dogs.

      • Devlan Harmon

        Yes!!!!! Very smart dog! I loved that!!!

    • Ruth Carini

      I agree thats what I thought when I saw the video. My “dumb” dog knows most of those commands. Training is not the same as problem solving intelligence.

  • Gary

    If I was that dog I would bite the owner.

    • Frank

      At least if you were a dog, we wouldn’t have to put up with your idiotic comments.

  • suzi blues

    And here I can’t get my two mini chihuahuas to pee where they’re suppse to…

    • Glen Graybill Sr

      It’s a Chihuahua thing-Trust me I know.

      • Sarah Lynn Brown

        That’s probably why the Aztecs ate them :)

        • Eunice Flavin

          it wasnt a chihuahua dog, it was a TEPEZCUINTLE DOG… which they are not the same!

          • Rodrigo Robert

            Jaja. Tepezcuintle is not a dog is more like a mouse or a rat, I don’t know if the Aztecs ate them, but I do know that the Mexicas ate xoloitzcuintles those are dogs whit no hair.

          • Sky Ryder
          • http://www.facebook.com/annathule Annathule

            Well, at least that eliminated one step in fixing them to eat, getting the hair off the skin. Like a pig? Scalding them (once they’re dead of course)?

      • Ruth Carini

        Chihuahua can be trained you just have to let them think it was their idea, lol. I do obedience competition with my chichi and we are usually the only Chihuahua there. But last weekend we took two 2nd places and she was having a blast and so excited to be there! :)

        • JonesRobynj

          So funny, good for you.

        • suzi blues

          I’ve tried everything I can think of.

          • Ruth Carini

            I had really good luck teaching my girl with clicker training. It puts her in charge of the training, thinks its her idea and makes her much more eager to do things i ask, because she knows I control the fun, toys, treats, ect. Here is an article on using clicker training to potty train, you may find it helpful :) http://www.clickertraining.com/housetraining

          • suzi blues

            Thank you so much.

          • gatorgirl59

            So have I!!! But I tell you one thing, I wouldn’t take a million bucks for either one of mine!!! As far as I’m concerned they are by far the best breed of dog there is!!!

          • suzi blues

            Mine pee on puppy pads as long as I keep em centrally located near the bathroom. ..lol

          • Mike Law

            Yep, You can’t teach an old dog new tricks……. Unless they want to learn new tricks that is.

          • Sandy Shell

            You can teach an old dog new tricks

        • Will Seay

          Chihuahuas are cats in a dog suit…

      • Melissa Snell

        Agreed. :(

    • Joe Parker

      Chihuahuas were initially bred by the Aztecs for cold nights in bed. The well-to-do would have 4-5 of them under the sheets to absorb their body heat and stay warm.

    • sherrmorr

      It isn’t that your chi’s aren’t smart enough. They are. They even know better. They don’t care. :)

      • gatorgirl59

        And I do believe they get mad at you when you leave them at home alone!! Because if I sit out on the back porch they will go out the doggie doors like they are suppose to, but God forbid me leave them for an hour and I come back and they have peed on the floor!!

        • suzi blues

          Miiiine do that…ugh even if I take a shower n leave em in my room, I walk out to a turd…grrr

          • Devlan Harmon

            my moms dog does the same thing!!!!!!!

    • gatorgirl59

      I have 2 Chihuahua’s and they make me so mad about peeing in the house I could just scream!!! And we have 2 doggie doors that lead out to the back yard and they still will pee in the house if you don’t pick them up and put them out the doggie doors!!! I feel your pain lmao!!!

    • Melissa Snell

      I feel your pain. At least my foot does once or twice a day….

      • suzi blues

        Ugh…been there…lol

  • JSD

    I think the audio was obviously added later to match the action. If not, this dog is tortured by this owner and it should be taken away.

    • TR Young

      No. If you want to see torture, look up the pictures of what Michael Vick and his friends and family did to their dogs. No, this dog has been trained well, and obviously has a high prey drive and is very content with his reward of getting the toy. You see, dogs want to please their owners, and this owner knows how to motivate this particular dog. That is not torture.

      • JSD

        Maybe tortured is the wrong word, but I don’t think animals should be performing slaves. Imagine if a man were giving a woman commands like this before she could get her dinner. Imagine the outrage.
        Yes, Michael Vick’s torture is a whole other level of horror, but this dog looks humiliated to me.

        • TR Young

          Actually, that dog is highly focused on his reward, which is the toy. I’m not trying to be argumentive, but I train dogs and I know what I’m looking at. They thrive when given a job to do, and training them and having them obey commands is their job. Every command that was issued to that dog in this video had been learned and rewarded, and what you get to see here is the culmination of training and partnership. He is certainly not a performing slave, either. I’m sure he’s given pretty good care and that he trusts his human trainer/owner implicitly.
          As far as relating a dog to a woman, you can’t do that. As much as I respect and will fight to the death for my dogs, a dog and a human being are completely different.

          • JSD

            I disagree with “completely different”. I’ve experienced that our similarities with other mammals are greater than our differences. I’m sure we both love our dogs intensely, just have a different way of expressing it. Some of it is just language. I prefer “raising” rather than “training”. “Communication signals” rather than “commands”. Maybe I’m just too politically correct, but I think its an interesting conversation as we continue to look at our place on this earth. All the best to you and your student dogs! :)

          • Nate

            you’re an idiot. It’s obedience training. Most people can’t get their dogs to pee where they are supposed to.. You ARE to PC and I bet you’re a liberal too. No, dogs are not equal to humans, so share on you to compare them to humans by saying your stupid comment about a husband and wife. The difference is the “kind” you are comparing a human communicating with a dog, not a dog with a dog, then you compare a husband’s interactions with the wife, are you serious? I repeat, you’re an idiot to think they are equal. Most countries don’t even treat dogs the way we Americans treat and care for dogs, because that’s all they are.. Animals!

            I wonder if you would get this upset about the treatment of these innocent victims as you do of this innocent video of a dog actually obeying his master (scroll midpage)

          • JSD

            Yes, proud liberal. No, not an idiot. I hope you treat all animals (of which we are) kinder than you’ve treated me. I assume from your link that you are religious zealot. I’d love to know how that works with being so hostile. I never learned about jesus being so mean as you.

          • Nate

            You’re an idiot. I am not religious, I am gay. And yes, I treat my animals like Animals, not like gods that need to be worshiped, which seems like that’s what you do. Grow some balls.

          • Nate

            And of course, you will never once defend the unborn, massacred children the way you defend a dog that is simply a well trained animal… Talk about hypocrisy. Why?

          • kwkiki7562

            Back off the liberal crap- i am a BIG liberal and I think JSD is an idiot about this too.

          • Nate

            I am gay, but I have balls unlike this JSD guy. I am not, however, PC and never will be.

          • Justin Peters

            What you mean is you are a complete asshat, and you are mad about it, but you’ve got too big of an ego to admit it. It’s ok we see clowns like you all the time.

          • Pat R Lanier

            Is there really any difference in a verbal “command” and hand signals? They both require training. I have found that dogs want to please their people. And many of the “tricks” they learn stemmed from something they did that pleased their people. Just a small example; I had a dog that barked when he wanted a treat, I shushed him and then he would let out a low “oof”. He learned this “oof” got him a treat. Trick learned.

        • donfitness

          Imagine Michael Vick operating an illegal ring of oil and mud wrestling women. Just trying to help.

        • Linda van Maanen

          You´re not a dog….

        • kwkiki7562

          you mean something like this. “Go wash your hands, set the table, sit up straight, use your napkin, don’t play with your food, finish your peas, clear the table,( and then end with), yes, you may have dessert.” – Man my Mom was a tyrant!!! get over yourself!

        • Mike Van Haaren

          doesn’t the government give us commands and rules to live by and torture us and harass us and make us homeless and jobless, get a life and see the joy inthis video.

    • Lynnette Shuster

      right.. dogs usually wag their tail when being tortured… right?.. oh wait… nope! A magician showing off his tricks, an athlete showing off his abilities at the blow of a whistle.. damn torture!

      • Nate

        LOL, wish I would have the ability to “torture” my dogs like this guy in the video! I can hardly get them to sit!

      • Justin Peters

        Oh hey guess what, you thought wagging meant a dog was happy, but you are an ignorant fucking fool because all that means is excitement it would do that if it was about to fucking die too is it suicidal then? See you haughtily, arrogantly talk some shit when you are talking Right out of your ass, and now that I called you on it you probably won’t do a damn thing but get your ego up or say nothing. Nah you couldn’t just admit you are a complete ignorant fucking fool who doesn’t know anything about nature beyond what the T.V tells you. Enjoy living in ignorance dumbass.

        • Lynnette Shuster

          Don’t call someone ignorant when you don’t have enough of a vocabulary to not cuss… Half of what you said didn’t make any sense? Do you understand it yourself? Grow up.
          Dogs do not wag their tail when in fear, or pain, they tuck it between their legs or point it. I didn’t say the dog was happy, I said it wasn’t being tortured.
          Calm yourself down, you act like someone just urinated in your Wheaties. Tell ya what.. it wasn’t me, tell you shrink you need some chill pills.
          It is a comment, on the internet, I’d hate to see what kind of person you are in a real, intense situation.

    • corey2444

      Really, JSD? Google “dog boiled alive”. Try spending your energy on things that matter.

    • Rosa Galyean

      your a jealous jerk

    • Linda van Maanen

      What a nonsense.

  • DAVH

    Blah. All this is is a human showing off their control over a dog. I hate these and I hate the bones on the nose and their human won’t let them eat it. Control freaks. Learn to control your own behavior and really impress me.

    • Lynnette Shuster

      Training a dog well, and teaching them well. enables them to be safe, and makes them feel loved. Go ahead, let your dogs control you.. that way the next time they attack someone.. you can call the officers that put them down “control freaks”

      • DAVH

        Except that never. ever. happened. My dogs did always have me wrapped around their paws, yep. And yet they never attacked anyone. How silly to think it’s black and white. You either tyrannize your dogs and show the world ooooh, I can command them with my words, I say jump and they want to know how high………..or they become vicious man eating Cujos. Baloney.

        • Lynnette Shuster

          tyrannize.. i must have missed the well trained super obedient dogs who were taken from their owners, or attacked someone… what headline was that?

          That dog is wagging his tail. If you have dogs.. then are you aware of their body language? This dog does not seem tyrannized. If you want to berate someone for dog abuse, go somewhere there is actual abuse.

          • DAVH

            Sigh. News flash: I’m allowed to have any opinion I want. My opinion is that this isn’t about the dog, it’s about the owner exerting power and control over the dog. Apparently you don’t agree. Ok so don’t agree. I don’t believe animals are performers and marionettes with us puling the strings for our amusement. They’re amusing, intelligent, and amazing all by being allowed to be themselves.

          • Linda van Maanen

            Being well trained doesn´t mean they aren´t allowed to be themselves. They´re more themselves than dogs that are allowed to do everything they want. THAT´s against nature.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

          • Justin Peters

            You obviously literally have no understanding of nature at all. The only dogs that enjoy pleasing their masters more than “being themselves” are that way through selective evolutionary breeding. It has nothing the fuck to do with nature, and if you think it does go pet a grey wolf.

          • Jeremy Jones

            I was just thinking the same thing, My step father has a farm with a wolf problem. She should go there and cuddle with them.

          • FridayTN

            Justin, in nature, wolves display pack behavior. One dog is always the Alpha. When a human is involved, he/she becomes part of the pack. If that human does not behave as an Alpha, one of the dogs will assume the role. If that happens, the dogs have control. THAT is dogs being themselves, and can lead to very unpredictable behavior by human standards. I would never let one of my dogs take charge of me or my home.

          • Nicholas Quella

            lol DAVH you must not know much about canines huh. Tyrannize? Not even close. The two are companions. Yes, you are right. You are allowed to speak your own opinion but damn, at least TRY to know what you’re talking about before you go posting some blasphemous and ignorant comments…smh

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            Not two companions. An owner and his thing.
            And she knows what she’s talking about.
            I live with dogs, 4 at the moment. They have rules, as anyone would when living in a community, and they are respectful and sometimes make mistakes, like anyone would. They are wonderful, affectionate creatures who express their personalities openly. I would miss out on so much if I treated them like mindless things under my absolute power. Their purpose in life is not my amusement. They are not “mine” and certainly not my toys.

          • Kellykins

            **eye roll**

          • Devlan Harmon

            Eye roll here too!!! Damn dude really????

          • Justin Peters

            The fact that 44 people thumbed up such a shitty comment shows the level of stupidity of dog owners today. She obviously knows what she’s talking about and you didn’t prove in any way she didn’t from what you said. She gave an opinion and explained why, your entire comment is nothing but an insult. Like I said the fact this comment is well received says something about the trash on this thread.

          • Stephan Booth

            Umm where is your facts???

          • laura snyder

            New flash: people can disagree with you.

            Seriously, what you’re seeing is a working dog. Those kinds of dogs get joy out of working, more so than being a “pet”. These are the dogs that love to hunt, herd, search & rescue etc. Do some of them act more “pet-like”? Sure, but the majority prefer to work as a result of nature not nurture.

          • Justin Peters

            They prefer to work as a result of Specifically Nurture actually sir, unless you don’t understand dog breeding at all. By nature they are gray wolves that are not tame in any respect and most certainly would not want to “work”. That’s like saying cows are the way they are by nature or bananas are the way they are naturally.

          • Stephan Booth

            You have to be kidding me. I hope thats sarcasm????

          • Devlan Harmon

            Don’t know about caws or bananas lol! A person ignorant on the subject of dog breeding, dog behavior and its history would possibly mistake that for sarcasm. Its called being well informed of the truth and facts. Study up dude! Common sense wouldn’t hurt either!

          • Jeff Lanthripp

            I would encourage you to read “The Power of Positive Dog Training” by Pat Miller (ISBN 0470241845). A well-trained, obedient dog is happier than an untrained dog, is less likely to put himself or others in danger, and has a longer life expectancy. And the training is *fun* for the dog if done right. The dog sees it as a game.

            One mistake made by most dog owners is to ascribe human emotions to dogs. Dogs do have emotions, but they’re not the same as human emotions. Dogs are pack animals. Every pack has to have a leader. If you don’t choose to be the pack leader, your dog will. Which will create a confusing dynamic when you do human things or try to get your dog to act in certain ways (pee on the grass, not the carpet; eat from the dog bowl, not from Aunt Dorothy’s plate; don’t jump on Grandma to greet her or hump Uncle Bill’s leg).

          • Devlan Harmon

            Jeff, well said!!! :)

          • pthew

            what you don’t seem to understand is allowing a herding dog to “just be himself” is cruelty. They thrive on obedience. If they are not stimulated they become depressed.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            so do slaves

          • Twyla Sha

            your comment is just plain idiotic

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            how so?

          • Twyla Sha

            If someone has to explain the differences between slaves and domesticated animals to you, you really aren’t as intelligent as you appear to want readers to believe. I will not engage further with you, so please don’t try to goad me into it.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            Making a point and caring about anyone’s appreciation of my intelligence are two different things (I am not concerned about anyone’s opinion about me in this thread).
            Your problem lies in my comparison of humans to non-human animals. The rationale behind a slavist’s objectification of a human based on a difference (nationality, race, gender, social status, etc.) is the same behind the objectification of non-human animals.

          • Twyla Sha

            “so do slaves” does not make a point. It states your opinion with no facts to back it up. And I would also add that, since you continue to take the time to post on this thread, that you feel anonymous people somehow actually care about your opinion. (Apparently I wasn’t done after all. Loquacious posters such as yourself just bother me, I guess.)

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            Why do you post here?

          • dg101

            Why do YOU? You claim to have 4 dogs but you sound as if you know absolutely jack about dogs.

          • dg101

            …SLAVES thrive on obedience? Where did you get this moronic idea?

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            (rolling of eyes + facepalm). According to their masters, Einstein.
            Slaves, they think, only exist to please their masters.

          • dg101

            No, don’t hit yourself, your brain doesn’t seem to be able to spare the damage it might cause. If you think a dog being that well trained is equivalent to slavery, wherein people were raped, beaten and murdered…then you’re a complete and utter idiot.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            You just described factory farming.
            What do you think goes on in puppy mills?
            These creatures have it very bad since day 1, and it’s because the creatures who subjugate them (i.e., humans), don’t acknowledge their sentience.

          • Lady_Ashmire

            Absolutely. And this is NOT all that different from a human, either. People who think like this should have to spend a few years being forced to never attend any kind of classes or do any work that might give themselves a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been in that kind of life due to the combination of poverty and disability, and I am so grateful now for the opportunity to go to school and get a job and be able to LIVE and use my brain to a fuller capacity. And yes, I did do art and tried to volunteer for things when I could, but that isn’t the same and is ultimately unsatisfying. There’s a reason old people die sooner when they retire than when they keep working.

          • hayden

            The thing is, those breeds of dogs like to take commands. Having had 2 border collies, and my brother has a red heeler and a border collie, that is what they enjoy. their only purpouse is to please their master. its what they do

          • hayden

            the black one in fromt and the orange-ish brown are my brothers

          • Lady_Ashmire

            I’d agree they like to do this, but I’m not so sure I’d say their only purpose is to please. I’m a herding breed fan, too, and I’d say most of the reason I love them is that it’s a constant battle of wits, keeping one step ahead of each other, finding enough for them to do to keep them entertained. I think it’s kind of like how a human who takes a martial arts class might feel. Sure, you’re following commands and approval is good, but it’s the fact that you’re learning something, stretching your brain as well as body, that matters.

          • hayden

            here is my dog

          • Lynnette Shuster

            in that case, go adopt some wild dogs.. they are totally natural, and by your doctrine, the happiest of all.

          • Lynnette Shuster

            oh, and another newsworthy note… berating someone , and having an opinion… not the same thing ;)

          • FridayTN

            Another news flash: If you keep stating your opinion when the evidence is overwhelmingly against you is just stubborn. Most people’s opinions change when confronted with new evidence.

          • Richard Fowler

            Are you going to raise your children in the same manner ?

          • Devlan Harmon

            I have no more energy to tell people that this video is not a power trip from the owner…………..study this subject!!!! please

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            The wagging of a tail implies excitement (good or bad), not joy. It is clear the abuse has come in many ways and throughout a long period of time, and this is evident in the absolute control this awful human has over this sentient creature.

          • MoreDots

            ” It is clear the abuse has come in many ways”

            You can’t just say “It’s clear…” and have that validate whatever tenuous claim you choose to produce thereafter.

            It’s not clear, and I doubt it’s even true. If it were “clear”, you’d be able to be explicit about why.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            I should have been more specific. It clear to anyone who has the slightest idea of what goes on behind circus training.

            Gullible people who think obedience (particularly this extreme) comes natural to dogs view them as little more than stuffed toys that defecate and see this imposition as “cute” or “good behavior”.


          • stampece

            You know very little about dogs, and yet you jump to conclusions about human beings you know nothing about. There is no evidence that the owner in this video is treating his dog like a “toy” or “exerting absolute control”. Quite the contrary. He’s proud of the dog’s accomplishments. You, on the other hand, appear to have little respect for your dogs, because you can’t even distinguish between them and yourself: “They have rules, as anyone would when living in a community”. They aren’t “anyone”, just like you. You appear to treat them as an extension of yourself, rather than distinctly different creatures, which they are.

          • pthew

            so is it of your opinion that K9 police dogs are also in bondage?

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            By all means no. Getting to be forcibly addicted to cocaine to carry out one’s job is the dream of many (…)

          • Robin Salvadori Allison

            Excuse me, circus training? This looks like a border collie, maybe a mix. Ever see a sheep dog competition? Dogs with the same moves and training, (except for “look away” , and the counting, though “3″ being the release word works for sheep too).used for herding sheep. It is what they are bred for. No commands, and the dog will still herd the owners, guests, other pets, the kids down the street… You teach your two year old how to do something helpful like set the table. Your kid will take extreme joy in setting the table. Or like dance lessons. If the kid loves to dance, the kid will take instruction with joy. These breeds of dog take joy in following the instructions of the pack leader. Millennia of selective breeding and close companionship with humans has given us dogs like this. I had a Pug. Her breeding told her that her job was to stay by me 24/7, and do things to make me laugh. Nothing on earth made er more excited than me paying attention to her, and when spinning in circles made me laugh she’d redouble her efforts. Her breed was created by ancient Chinese to sit by their owners and be companions. Had a Lhasa Apso. His thing was patrolling the house- his breed guards monasteries He was a rescue, and once he learned our house was his, and we were his people, he blossomed. Our Aussie used to herd kittens, and humans. None of them were trained to do what they did-it was breeding and instinct. My shephard mutt was happy to learn a few tricks, though “lie down wasn’t in her vocabulary- not her nature to be submissive.

            I’ve seen puppies stalk “prey” in almost the same way- coyotes and other wild pack animals belly crawl up, creep, freeze….same moves. Not even 100% self directed- packs coordinate. Go on You Tube and there’s a rabbit that decided it was a border collie doing these things without direction-funny as hell- rabbit learned it from the sheep dogs. Momma sheep dogs teach these things to their pups, just a “working” dog needs to know where the human wants the sheeo to go, so you add associated commands to what is natural.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            ..”It is what they’re bred for”??
            And Ol’ McDonald had a farm, right?

            What a childishly anthropocentric way of seeing the world. (What are *you* bred for?)

          • dg101

            Wow…you have no concept of dogs being bred with specific jobs or abilities in mind, do you? What a completely ignorant way of seeing the world you have.

          • Ryan N

            How exactly do we jump to circus training? If your position is so sound, why are you relying on tactics like that to make your point? What makes you think the other 23 hours and 58 minutes of the dog’s day are spent similarly? What sense does it make to accuse everybody that believes the idea of dogs being dependent on approval and structure of also thinking their pets are “stuffed toys that defecate”. You seem reasonably articulate. You’re also obviously aware of some marketing tactics and how to sell spin. Your voice would be better applied to legitimate causes. Surely you’d be more use to the world speaking against wealth/income inequality, the subjugation of women, the neglect of our environment, etc…

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            “Caring is like a muscle: The more you use it, the stronger it gets”

            - Jonathan Safran Foer

          • Jeremy Jones

            You would rather Dire Wolves still be alive and eating man every single day? If not for man training and selective breeding, the animals you say you care so much for today wouldn’t exist. Only man eating wolves that out numbered man 100 – 1.

          • Lynnette Shuster

            I never said it implied joy. It is NOT “clear” there is ANY abuse, that is merely your opinion. Those who state their opinion as fact are usually narcissists… are you narcissistic? Having absolute control is something you are also assuming. Perhaps, like some human performers this dog has a routine and likes to show it off. Magicians, singers, athletes, they all LOVE to show off their talents and tricks in order to get rewarded. Why could this not be the same for a dog?

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky


          • Lynnette Shuster


          • Destiney Marsh Fischer

            My dogs an attention whore and loves to look at himself in the mirror … seriously he thinks he’s smexy and yes he loves to try and show off.

          • sheri

            Lynnette is a TRUE dog person, DAVH get a cat!

          • Guest

            (some people here should get an owner)

          • Devlan Harmon

            Thank you!!!!!! Lynnette, Jimmy, Dan and Mary Ann. The video says it all! The body language was vary happy, I seen a dog who was playing w his owner and loving the attention that it gets. People need to go “bitch” about some real abuse neglect and torture. Or look up the definitions!!!! If they knew what those words meant, they would know that isn’t whats on this video at all.

        • seksivitez

          I take it back. You are just a drama queen, a liar, and sociopath. You are assassinating the character of this guy. It is scary that you vote.

        • Bojorco

          Maybe not, but many have been the scumbags who have uttered priceless pearls like, “Mah bulliez wun’t never hurt no one,” only to have the dog maim or kill someone later, unprovoked.

        • Jeremy Jones

          And if not for 10,000 years of man training and selectively breeding wolves, your well mannered dog wouldn’t exist. Are you really that dense? I just can’t believe anyone is lagitimitly this obtuse.

      • Chris Gilbert

        Ah yes, because dogs who go through circus-style training famously send 3x as many “I love you master” greeting cards versus dogs that don’t. To DAVH’s point, training isn’t so black and white. There’s an area of gray where you can have a well trained dog that isn’t treated like an on command robot. Might I also point out that DAVH’s remark has more positive feedback, too? Her opinion appears to be quite validated.

        • Sandy Cooke

          You might want to “re” add all the numbers. I believe Linda has 8 more positive comments from everyone then Davh. Maybe your dog “trained” you in your math skills!

          • kwkiki7562

            Dogs need pack structure, it’s unquestionable .This dog is a working dog breed, as such, mental challenge and tough training are essential in it’s genetic make-up to be truly fulfilled in what it naturally craves. This dogs “training” takes a lot of strong mental attention for himl which is similar to running a greyhound on a tread mill to satisfy their insticntual basic needs. I have a German Shepherd, who needs one type of excersize, a lab/chow mix, who needs hardly any excersize, and a boxer australian pitt mix that needs a lot of physical as well as mental stimulation. All 3 are happy and their needs get met. In my opinion this dog is happy and his needs are being met.

        • Colin Olmstead

          Absolutely yes her comment is “validated” by the mob. The great majority of dog owner have NO concept of what dog training is. EVERY person who has ever owned a dog thinks themselves an expert. Yet few study the masters and the learning opportunities provided by a rich history of dog/human interaction. No one is telling you how to train your dog. It is funny and sad at the same time to hear ignorance argue its position.

        • Lynnette Shuster

          your math doesn’t work… 91>59 and 61>17

      • just me

        i agree. Training your dog to do certain behaviors, and to be well-behaved is one thing, but when it gets taken to this extent, its a little over-kill. Making the dog stay away for so long is just ridiculous. There is nothing about that which is beneficial to the dog. which will keep him out of harms way, or will teach him not to tear up the furniture. Cases like these, I agree, are mean. We know what the owner is doing, but the dog doesnt. He only knows the commands, and that he is being forced away from something he wants. You wanna make the dog happy? And give him recreational owner-dog time? Go play ball with him like a normal human being. :) kk Thanks.

        • Mary Perry

          ok so you take your dog to the park to play,olny your dog is jumping on you scratching your arms and biting at you to give him the ball,that is going to lead to a bad situation if you do not train the dog to sit before you throw the ball,then what happens if he brings the ball back but doesnt want you to take it since its his ball now not yours,you go to get the ball and he says no in dog language only you dont see it and when you try to grab the ball from him he bites your hand,another situation that could have been avoided by teaching him to drop it, or how about food agression,you give him a treat or bone,you have a couple small children,one decided he wants to play with the doggie and goes to play with him,the dog bites the child because he thinks your kids are going to take his treat and because you didnt teach him you are the boss he doesnt know the child didnt intend to take his food so therefor you must have the dog put down,training is not to make the dog be put down or tyrinaized it is to teach them their place within the human family,if you dont he is a threat to anyone who has contact with him

          • Justin Peters

            Wait so what if the dog doesn’t act exactly like I want it to at all times? I deal with it and move on there’s a difference between teaching your dog to avoid danger and to not jump on people and this, the fact that your side can’t see that, and to you it’s the ole “Republican” black and white, this or that, shows how fucking stupid you people are. There was a time when I thought it was simple ignorance, but I’ve decided that sadly is not the case, it’s raw stupidity that makes you think the way you do.

          • Charliesinky

            “shows how fucking stupid you people are”… Really?!? “the ole “Republican” black and white”… Really?!? You’re really showing your ignorance. SMH…

          • Jimmy Rebel

            dogs have their own personality. you have a calm polite dog. there’s no harm in teaching these dogs these tricks and it’s better to have a trained dog for reasons they already said. at the end of the day they’re animals with animal instincts. you act like we’re cruel inhumane bullies, so if you want to pretend you’re so much better than everyone else because you’ve never put effort into training your dog how about think about the fact you keep an animal captive for your own amusement. you think it’s unnatural to train a pet, have you ever actually thought about what a pet is? they are animals that live with you, they trust you. you’re suppose to be the pack leader. they don’t know their address and they don’t carry cellphones. don’t own a pet if you think it’s cruel to teach them how to sit.

          • Devlan Harmon

            I love everything you said!!!!!!!

          • DAN

            Justin Peters,I don’t know how politics got in this, but your language and agressive attitude says alot about your own scocial skills. Please read my above post. I would love to hear your liberal response.

          • Virginia Thomson

            this video doesn’t state or imply that this dog had any ‘hard training’, being a collie this dog would not have needed any, as they are extremely intelligent and also eager to please their pack leader, training with rewards is not harmful

          • Stephan Booth

            Justin Peters

            You sir need to relax and stop trying to make this into a political argument. You also need to slow down just because what you can do with your dogs doesn’t mean other people can, so training animals to this is extent is something most dogs should have to go through. I see way to many articles and news clips about a dog attacking a kid or adult. You can NOT sit there and say you don’t see them as well. So dogs need training…. Now if you want to get into a political argument, so be it, who died and made you king? Did I say you can run my life? That is all you liberals want to do is push your sick and twisted thinking onto the rest of the population. Telling me I can’t have a gun to protect my family is against nature. Yes there is stupid people out there that wants to hurt others but I SHOULDNT be punished for what some idiot did. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Knives don’t kill people, people kill people. Get it, got it, good, now move on LOL

          • Ryan N

            He’s wrong about the dog, but your gun comments are far more idiotic and dangerous. I’d rather live with a bunch of hyper-sensitive people that try to overstate animal rights causes (although misguided) than a bunch of gun nuts like yourself. “Telling me I can’t have a gun to protect my family is against nature.” ??? What exactly is “natural” about firing projectiles at such velocity, with such frequency, from a casted metal tube with the use of chemical reactions? In the rest of the civilized world, both left and right wing voters realize how idiotic your discourse about guns is. You aren’t being punished for anything, you’re being asked to accept the fact that you live in a society. Stop getting your news from people like Murdoch, or organisations funded by the Koch brothers. Climate change is real, guns shouldn’t be everywhere, “job creators” are the real entitlement class.
            Back on topic, this looks like an extremely happy and well-trained dog. It’s a shame more people don’t take the time they should with their pets, instead choosing to argue on the internet (while their dogs lay neglected at their feet, no doubt).

          • Scarlett

            I vote democrat and I think you’re blind. As a veterinary science student I have volunteered with many veterinarians and dog trainers and know how untrained vs trained dogs act and how beneficial having your dog well trained is. Training a dog is healthy, it works their brain and gives them something to do besides lie around. My poodle LOVES training time, she gets lots of treats and attention. She works hard for her treats and that makes it 10x better than just getting one for no reason. Long hours spent training a dog is GREAT. Having your dog lay around the house all day is not. Yes, some dogs are naturally calm and obedient with little training. This does not mean they wouldn’t benefit from a good brain workout and be taught some tricks.

          • Devlan Harmon

            Thank the good lord there are some really smart people w some common sense to shed the truth about animal behavior! Nice job Jimmy and Scarlett. ;)

          • just me

            I couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand what they don’t get about the difference in training your pet to be well- behaved. And over – training them for your own amusement. Being a pack leader suggests the dog should willingly love and trust that what ur doing for it us being done for a reason. It does not suggest that the dog should ever obey you out of fear of a negative response, all for the owners kicks and giggles. It’s sick. Also wanted to note that I fully understood your comparison to politics was meant as a prop to help others fully understand your point of view. And in fact was not meant to have any direct link to politics in any way. I’m really sorry for the people on here who are too self absorbed to take your post for what it really was meant to be in context. But some people need to put others down in order to themselves look intelligent. It’s not an attack on you, it’s a personal vendetta they have within themselves. So forgive them, they know not what they do. I however, value your opinion, and appreciate your point of view, and admire you for posting what you really thought, knowing it could recieve backlash from people who refuse to understand. Thank you.

          • Lanzecki

            Interesting….you make the comment that “Some people need to put others down in order to themselves look intelligent”…based on this statement Justin Peters is trying to look intelligent. He fails. I have had a couple of cattle dogs, and a collie. All of them thrive on having a job to do and thrive on training. This is not over the top, and this dog is not abused. I also suggest you proof read your posts before you hit sent….just a suggestion.

          • Devlan Harmon

            :D Interesting indeed!

          • Vicky Fitzgerald

            Who are you, Jesus? Christ you are a special kind of stupid aren’t you. Lol

          • Devlan Harmon

            There seem to be a few specialty cases in this thread. LOL

          • Destiney Marsh Fischer

            Are you enjoying typing to yourself… feel better now?

          • Clint Unruh

            You know saying cuss words is just making you sound more like an idiot.

          • nina76

            Couldn’t agree more.

          • sueb30

            Your need to use abusive language nullified everything in your little self-righteous post. I have been helping people train and build positive relationships with their dogs for over 30 years. Dogs like to work with their owners for attention, toys or treats. No dog comes with 100% perfect behavior. All need some guidance. Positive training is beneficial to their mental well being and keeps dogs in happy,forever homes and out of shelters.

        • DAN

          Just me, I couldn’t dissagree with you more. I am wheelchair bound and I have a black lab servicr dog. Her entire life revolves around “serving” me from the time I get up untill lights out aat night Is that crule? Just like with me and miss Daisy, people don’t see the whole picture. You are judging this entire relationship based on a few min video. Following my commands and being my companion is miss Daisy’s job. She loves to work, just as you probably do. There is nothing more sad than to see a service dog, whos “master” has pasd on, lay about; and the dog has nothing to do.. If miss Daisy goes to long without a task, she, like most humans, begin to feel useless. Listen to this mans voice. Watch the dogs body launguge. Just like with me and my dog , I see that same special bond, respect and mutual admiration between these two. I would ask you to reconcider. Thank


          • Mary Ann Redfern

            Very well said…thanks for sharing your experience.

          • Devlan Harmon

            So well put!

          • Destiney Marsh Fischer

            One of our dogs is being trained to be a diabetic service dog for my type 1 son and enjoys his training …gasp! We call him his companion but I am sure some of these people would refer to him as a slave ;) I’m ok with that, to me he’s an important part of the family just like our other pets. I would go as far to say his job in this family is more important then my job and income. Service pets need to be trained to obey in all sorts of situations , Our service dog in training to me is like a cadet in training. They need to be prepared and need to know their rules,boundaries and mission. My husband was airforce and let me tell you our dog was trained with love , positive affirmation and treats as to where my husband got to be trained with someone yelling in his face and having to run 5 miles before he could pee.

        • gatorgirl59

          2 whole minutes really??? God forbid he kept him away for 10 huh??? Some people make me SMH!!

        • Lynnette Shuster

          Say you drop a piece of chicken wing on the floor, it has the bone in it. Your hypothetical dog, has not been trained to wait for more than a few seconds, you have a hypothetical chicken in your hands, and need to put it down before removing the chicken wing off the floor, to keep your dog from eating it… dog waits… 20 seconds… 30 seconds.. LAUNCH… razor sharp edges form as your dog chomps down on the bone, and those same edges pierce your dogs throat as he swallows it, you rush your dog to the vet, he dies of internal injuries because the shards punctured organs. Damn it.. you should have taught your dog, that even though he really wants something… that doesn’t mean he gets it. No dog, no happy dog, no happy owner, every body loses. But ya know… its ridiculous, non beneficial, over kill, and mean to teach your dog commands and patience.

          • Devlan Harmon

            Teaching patience is very beneficial! Mean is not to teach them. They could hurt themselves or others by not doing so. HELLO!!!!!

        • William Parsons


          • Devlan Harmon

            there are a lot on this thread for sure.

        • Mary Ann Redfern

          This video was two minutes long…not a long time even for a dog. If this dog had had an audience they would’ve clapped and yelled and don’t think for a minute dogs don’t know when their talents are being recognized…Ever watch a dog show? What am I saying, of course you don’t watch dog shows because the dogs are being overly “controlled” by their trainers. This dog is obviously happy, well-adjusted and well taken care of. If you don’t like these, turn them off after five seconds…don’t continue to watch so you’ll have something to bitch about.

          • just me

            Excuse me? Firstly I’d like to say that I’ll watch whatever I want whenever I want for whatever reason I want and it’ll be none of your business. For two I am allowed an opinion on anything I see fit, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. And three. I didn’t “bitch” about anything. So how bout the next time you wanna use curse words and get all snooty to someone it better be to your dog, because I are as all goodness don’t deserve that, don’t have time for that, and will not put up with that. Nobody is gonna talk to me like that. So our convo, right now is OVER. Hope you have a great day. Kk thanks.

          • Devlan Harmon

            Oh shit someone said a curse word………RUN!!!!!!!!! oh wait chill out!!! you are a spaz right now! opinions are like assholes everybody has one most stink. But you do have a right to make one!

          • Devlan Harmon

            Mary knows whats going on here! Very good points!

    • Linda van Maanen

      What a dumb response. You seem to hate a well trained and well behaved dog. That says a lot about yourself. Dogs like to know where to stand, look at wild dogs, they know exactly where their place is, if not they will know a few seconds later. Dogs aren´t happy if they´re allowed to do everything, they get confused and they often start to bite and behave badly. Dog belonging to ´control frreaks´ as you call them don´t end up in shelter´s ´death row´.

    • Terri

      Dogs are pack animals & their inborn instinct makes them want to please their alpha. Any responsible dog owner knows that they have to show their dog that they are alpha – the boss. This video shows is that this guy has a very well trained dog who, quite possibly, has a TV/Movie career in front of him. Training a dog to obey commands & respond immediately is NOT being a “control freak”, it’s being a responsible dog owner. It could also save the dog’s life, if it knows to respond to certain commands. Obviously, you do not have the necessary compassion & ability to be a dog owner.

      • Carlos Umaña Silesky

        If one reduces a dog to a thing, an animal to be used, then this training is an adequate use of said thing. Dogs, as things, should be obedient, the more obedient the dog, the better a dog he is. Non-obedient dogs are faulty, a liability and should be eliminated because of the risk they pose to people.— Breeds are an artificial concept created by humans, and a dog is not solely defined by his breed. Part of respecting (and showing compassion) to non-humans is showing them empathy and giving them room for autonomy. Total control, and the hardship it implies, is not respect or compassion. Not at all.

        • Gidi Mallam

          You clearly ignored what he said about the pack structure. There are clear instruction and cultural traditions in the pack structure, which include punishment and shaming. The same kind of things that humans are vilified for when they do it to their “pets”.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            “Pack structure”, i.e., the social organization of certain animals, implies a hierarchical structure and the dominance some over others. It is a structure that humans follow as well, and, as it happens in humans, a pack structure is a dynamic, i.e., wolves can change their position within the pack. You should ask yourself what kind of a person would want to “own” and completely control a sentient being to this extent. The subjugation of this animal clearly implies cruelty.

          • Jeremy Jones

            Yup those 3 balanced meals a day, warm bed, clean fresh water ect, are all terribly cruel. You don’t get a dog that well trained that didn’t have the very best of care. Humans are pack animals too, don’t believe me. Next time your boss at work tells you to do something, tell him no you don’t have to because you are a sentient being. And watch how quickly your warm bed, good food and clean water go away. Next thing your going to say is humans are not animals. Well I hate to break it to you buddy buy you are an ape. Another “pack animal”.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            You just described a prison and defended slavery.

            (and buddy, go back and read my post, my point exactly is that we *are* pack animals)

          • Jeremy Jones

            Welcome to the real world. Don’t like it? You are free to leave.

          • Jeremy Jones

            Not a US Prison. There you get sub par crap for food, that I wouldn’t even feed my dog let alone another human. Warm bed? LOL cold metal slab paper thin blanket, you are only gonna be warm if you wanna spoon with your cellmate. Clean Water? I have seen cleaner sewage. And if you do not know we are all already slaves you are fooling yourself.

          • Shea Anna

            Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at your analogy! Spot on!

          • Destiney Marsh Fischer

            Maybe he still lives with his parents so he doesn’t get the whole boss thing….

    • Dale Newton

      He probably even trained him to go pee outside..in the rain!!! Sadist!

    • Dale Newton

      DAVH, you might want to consider a couple of things. Do you know where most breed of dogs would be now if it wasnt for domestication and training? Extinct!

      Do you know where the surviving species would be living? They’d be hungrily prowling the woods, roaming the forest, in big old packs, looking for dinner. If you were to bump into them on a stroll one day, your position on the the tyrannic subjugation of their domesticated brothers and sisters might not be the first thing on their minds.

      • Ubong Enyiema

        your referring to imposed control which is a big thing here in america in other countries they have such things as wild animals because they understand that animals belong in the wild they do better in their own element. We would have no such problems if we werent mowing down our own forests for industry. people in africa roam the forests which are filled with dangerous creatures yet you dont see them complaining about getting mauled or having people disappear. Saying they would be extinct is ignorant because even here in america the animals that are in captivity and protected are still going extinct.

        • Dale Newton

          No worries Ubong, I have no complaint with the predatory behaviour of wild animals.

          And you make a good point on extinction, many species would probably survive.

          I imagine though, that if, on her fateful walk in the woods, DAVH runs into a pack of particularly savage Yorkshire Terriers and (before getting eaten) offers them the chance to return to a domesticated life, they would choose it over their lives in the wild – even with the ‘tyranny’ and ‘slavery’ of training ;)

          • Justin Peters

            Lmao humans help keep animals from going extinct? Explain that to the millions of species we send packing to extinction since we came to this planet.

          • Dale Newton

            Well, it’s not really the point, and going extinct was just a lead in for the joke, but yes, humans do help keep many breeds (and even species) from most likely going extinct. Your fallacy is thinking that because species tend overwhelmingly to be destroyed by humans, under no circumstances can, and do, they benefit from the presence of humans.

            Domesticated dog breeds is just one example.

            The point is, 9 out of 10 dogs prefer to be at home in front of the fire than in the wild chasing things which they dont realise could actually probably eat them (even with the sufferance of the ‘tyranny’ and ‘enslavery’ of training, as some describe it here) :)

          • Dale Newton

            Yeah thats right, humans keep some (many actually) species from going extinct. The trend is the other way, but facts aren’t invalidated by opposing trends, Justin.

        • Dale Newton

          About extinction, I cant see how your argument follows that because some protected species or species in captivity are going extinct that’s it’s ignorant to believe that some domesticated breeds of dog would go extinct in the wild.

          What is the connection there (between those species going extinct and a domesticated dog breed’s chances of surviving in the wild)?

        • Jeremy Jones

          I don’t even know where to start. The many now extincted species of Africa animals due humans may disagree.

      • Carlos Umaña Silesky

        Your argument is what? Domesticate or be eaten?

        Breeds (artificial) don’t become extinct, species do.
        Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are a subspecies of wolves (Canis lupus), that luckily are able to “prowl the woods, roaming the forest, in big old packs, looking for dinner”.
        Street dogs, the by-product of the objectification of a noble species (very few dogs actually end up like Lassie), many times form such packs, prowling the streets, looking for dinner…

        • Dale Newton

          Carlos, your post seems to be off the mark by such a wide margin that Im not sure which post of mine you are referring to. You dont seem to have caught the idea with the last post. Perhaps its buried too deep. Try reading them again looking out for metaphors and, considering the possiblity of irony.

          Yes, though, I more or less agree with the notion of ‘domesticate, or be eaten’, if by ‘be eaten’ you mean ‘die’.

          I referred, in one post to poor old DAVH being eaten on her stroll in the woods. Yes, that could be a case of ‘domesticate or be eaten’ – ultimately it would depend on the inclinations of the savage, Yorkshire Terriers at that time.

          I believe most domesticated dog breeds, would be much happier and better off with the comforts of being at home, in spite the loss of wild freedoms, and ‘torture’ and ‘tyranny’ of training.

          I also told the tale of the Pug in the wild, who overestimated his hunting capabilities with a certain prey and ended up being eaten himself. With this pug, yes , I would again suggest the advice ‘(be) domesticed, or be eaten’. Im sure you’d agree chances of vultures swooping down on/ wolves attacking / snakes biting Pug at home to be relatively low compared to in the wild.

          Where exactly is the pacepalmy beef here?

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            All animals (including humans), no matter how tainted they are by domestication, have instincts with which to live by in a natural setting. Animals that are too domesticated (captive monkeys, humans, pugs…) are usually unable to fend themselves in the wild because they haven’t developed the survival skills that come from using their insticts.
            We believe what we think is most convenient for us. Dogs are companions. Pigs are for eating.
            What about the world outside the scope of human whim?

        • Jeremy Jones

          Yes humans where very close to extinction during the ice age. Wolves out numbered humans 100-1. And guess what, humans where there primary source of food. Not to mention Every single breed of dog, without any exception are the descendents of those same wolves. Just like you and I are apes.

    • Colin Olmstead

      This is an extremely well trained well adjusted dog that LOVES all the attention his owner lavishes upon him to get to that well trained state. Dont make it anything else. Dogs love meaningful interaction. Direct your hate (if you must embrace hate) somewhere else.

      • Dale Newton

        I imagine most people here who claim the dog suffers becasue of being trained probably just equate the training, the authority, and the state of ‘ownership’ with suffering because they assume that what it would be like for the dog is the same as what it would be like for a human. It seems they fail to recognise the difference between hows dogs and humans most likely experience this.

    • Mark Scotthorne

      Davh seriously this video is awesome, some people sometimes need to shut up

    • Kellykins

      *eye roll*

    • Heléna Jubb

      If humans didn’t control dogs then some would go on attack people and kill children which has happened a lot to babies lately in the UK. God there’s always someone like you to throw a negative into the equation isn’t there. My little spaniel had his leg ripped off by an untrained dog. Maybe the owners were being selfless and letting their dog be at one with it’s natural inherent behaviour which incidentally was to kill small animals.

    • TL

      There is truth to this statement.

    • seksivitez

      You are an idiot who knows nothing about a dog. Dogs thrive on stuff like this. Dogs love learning new things to do.

      But hey! Your post is a super easy way to look above it all and smug. Moron.

    • Jeremy Jones

      If not for man training or “controlling” dogs as you like to put it. We
      would be fighting for our lives from wolves in caves still. Not to
      mention that breed of dog in the video wouldn’t even exist. You are a
      very ignorant person. I would really hope you would do a basic google
      search for basic common knowledge information, before you open your
      mouth. I leave you with this quote “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

    • pthew

      It is in a dogs nature to want to please. The dog/human relationship is like no other. Dogs, for example, are able to understand to look in the direction a person is pointing, not just at the pointing finger–other animals do NOT do this. They also have eye contact with the left eye of their person, which helps them to read what their person wants and their person’s emotions. So many different ways the dog/human pairing is like no other. Herding dogs in particular are extremely intelligent, and would be quite unhappy if nothing was expected of them, and an owner who does not keep his (herding) dog busy and stimulated is actually being cruel.

    • FridayTN

      You are ignorant about dog behavior, especially the behavior of herding dogs. They thrive on this kind of interaction with their “people.” I would suggest some good books, but you’re clearly too stubborn to read them.

      Do you even have a dog? I would love to see how you interact with a dog… but only if I would be allowed to take the dog from you afterwards.

    • lucyricardanon

      “I hate the bones on the nose and their human won’t let them eat it.” They do get to eat it, when released. And the point of that is to teach the dog “leave it,” so you can keep them from eating random things. Ever have a dog? When you take them out on walks, they’ll want to grab random pieces of nasty off the street. Or you may drop something in the kitchen that they’re not supposed to have, like chocolate or onions. Teaching them to only eat with permission can help prevent a lot of problems.

      • Jeremy Jones

        I can’t get my dog to stop eating q-tips for example.

    • Mary Ann Redfern

      If you hate ‘em, what are you doing here?

    • Devlan Harmon

      Blah. I hate opinions like this. Your not worth the time to impress. Open your eyes and see this is not control or showing dominance. Its playing!!! Its learning!!! Its socializing!!! Read up on your topic before making up your mind. It can help you see whats really going on!!!!!

  • Stacey Gardner

    I would like to add for all the people here saying that this dog is “performing” or being “tortured” or “controlled” that this is a Cattle Dog. Cattle dogs were bred for herding sheep and helping farmers. They thrive for jobs and comands. If not, they become bored and look for other things to keep their attention, like chewing up shoes or furniture. This is a well traind, happy dog. He does for his owner because that is what he wants to do. Make his owner happy.

    • Skifool

      We own a red heeler and a blue heeler/smooth border collie mix. I can attest to the fact that they are very active and want/need a job, even if it is just herding the owners around in the morning before it is time to go out on the twice a day walk/run!

      • Dave Hakes

        Skifool – I love your comment. Being retirees, my partner and I have ample time to walk our two labs 4-5 times/day. Certainly we never feel it’s obligatory; we want to be with them. In fact, a friend said to us recently, “your dogs are so spoiled they don’t even know they’re dogs.” What a compliment. I’m just glad she didn’t say your dogs are almost human because this would have been the ultimate insult.

    • liz

      thanks for writing that stacey. makes sense now. i wasn’t feeling this video at all but now i can breath a sigh of relief.

      • sdd

        Oh shut up…

        • liz

          wtf?? i was serious. shut the f up yourself. sdd duhduhduh.

          • Susan Binaris Eckert

            New phone that just throws me off whenever. Where was I? Oh right..how old R U guys? Go back & read this thread. Even the woman who asked that asked, ended up sucked into this craziness. Why doesn’t someone just end this thread & move on?

          • liz

            LOL. youre right. im over it. its true animal lovers hate people. just kidding everyone!!

        • Devlan Harmon

          Expand your vocab! You seen like you could use it. I know you would at least keep you from sounding like a damn fool!

        • Devlan Harmon

          Are you a child?

    • Fighting for KY pain care

      Stacey, you are so right I had 2 blue heelers, mine were also trained using numbers as commands and if I the male out to the filed to bring up just 1 of the 4 horses I could tell him which on to herd and he would do so. These are very very smart dogs and thrive when given commands they are working dogs. So yes everyone Stacy is right !!

      • http://theallegiant.com/ The Allegiant

        Any type of pet is only for emotionally shallow individuals.

        • Buttplug9000

          I suggest you locate your nearest mental health treatment professional for a check-up

        • Brian Bahbah

          The Allegiant Like the saying goes. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. But in your case it’s the other way around. You’re just an asshole with an opinion.

        • Evlin Boulet

          I hope that’s fake blood..

        • dg101

          Uh-oh, watch out we’ve got a real bad-ass over here. Wow, such a “free thinker”.

    • Emily Bell

      Yep, very true, border collies are like this too, and even labradors are a bit like this as well. They’re just like people who always have to be doing something, they can never just take a long break without finding something to do that’s productive. In fact, for shepherds and collies like this, usually the other things they find to keep their attention when not being given something to do can often result in bad temperaments such as high anxiety, psychoticism, and aggression. Their brains pretty much atrophy if not cared for in this way.

      • Roni Paxton Johnston

        who are you to make such comments…

        • nick gurs

          Who are you to have such an ugly face?

          • Roni Paxton Johnston

            I guess ur face is too ugly to post it so fuck off

          • Aaron Matteson

            apparently. Nick gurs is a coward.

          • Devlan Harmon


          • Grant Le Pierres

            So him making an insult makes him a coward, then you make an insult. So what’s that make you Aaron?

          • Diane

            Never fails, some folks have to show their lack of education. When you got to spend time on four letter words.

          • Roni Paxton Johnston

            before you comment on what I wrote you should look at the things he said to me … that four letter word was exactly what he deserved…

          • Kimberly Spurgeon

            “look at the things he said to me… exactly what he deserved.” What’s going on? Are you in the third grade?

          • Roni Paxton Johnston

            As a women you should you be disguised Kimberly…

          • Courtney

            Some women disagree with cursing at others even when they are disgusting individuals. Or maybe only the younger generation would understand that since it’s been drilled into us our whole lives. ”Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

          • Net Vat

            But three lefts make a right.

          • http://www.affordableheatingandairsolutions.com Kotakintai

            You have commented on 5 different subjects on this site all of which you have argued and disagreed and or create drama with others? Are you bored??

          • Net Vat

            I am.

          • Emmalie Phillips

            lol, i have just noticed that, omg lol. x

          • Devlan Harmon

            Not really! sticking up for yourself is a good thing

          • Johnny Babs

            Actually,in 2010,Harvard did a psychological test on a group of students. They determined it is actually better,not only for your safety,but also not having the aggression and frustration,keeps stress off your heart.

          • Grant Le Pierres

            Read some of her other posts she attacks people for no reason then cries foul when it’s returned. Not what I call sticking up for yourself. Well it is for the people she has attacked and they stood up for themselves.

          • Jonathan Donegan

            I think that sentence only makes sense if you meant to say, “disgusted”.

          • Roni Paxton Johnston

            yes that what I meant to say it was about a very rude comment made to me … Not about the dog gone viral

          • Net Vat

            You are making him really happy by talking about it so much. You do know that don’t you? And because of this he is going post more and more comments in the hope someone like you would think about the silly things he says all day.

          • Grant Le Pierres

            What about all the rude comments you have made to others have you forgotten them already. So you’re saying it’s ok for you to insult people as much as you please but when someone insults you it’s wrong? Thanks for clearing that up.

          • Jonathan Donegan

            I’m guessing you meant to say disgusted.

          • Nicky S

            “As a women” seriously?

          • Lorenzo Artadi


          • Net Vat

            That is why I am glad I am a male That and being able to reverse park in a few seconds instead of a few minutes.

          • Emmalie Phillips


          • Grant Le Pierres

            “As a women you should you be disguised Kimberly” ummm please explain what this means. I see comments from you criticising others for not using spell check but refuse to use it yourself? And you say you’re a nurse god I hope I never have to be in the hospital you work at, judging by you lack of knowledge of the English language who knows what you would do to a sick person. Had many patients die on you?

          • Denell Scarborough

            Grant, YOU don’t use proper grammar! and punctuation!

          • Denell Scarborough


          • Phuc-An Nguyen

            “As a women you should be disguised Kimberly”
            It’s as a woman you should be disgusted, Kimberly.

            What is the point of trying to act like an adult when your intelligence level is baffled by a toddler’s?

          • DeAnn

            Are you trying to say “As a womAn, you should be disGUSTED”?

          • Ali Shaheed

            All of you infidel harlots should be disguised with a burka.

          • Kimberly Spurgeon

            ?? What the heck does that even mean?? That because I don’t have an image by my name I’m not a woman? Or that my opinion means I’m not a “real” woman? Well, here’s a picture. Nothing else I can do to try to clear your psychotic mind. (Except maybe give you the name of a good psychiatrist!)

          • Susan Binaris Eckert

            I stumbled upon this thread. How old are you guys participating in

          • Roni Paxton Johnston

            mind your own business

          • Net Vat

            Minding your own business is a over rated experience, I tried it once, didn’t get much out of it.

          • Cyndy Cisel

            By you posting your nasty, unrelated, selfish and asinine comments here, you made it everyone’s business.

          • Net Vat

            I’m not sure any more. Really old I think? Too old. I don’t count any more. 30 something and a bit. Haven’t reached the big 4 0 yet thankfully. That would be really depressing. But even so, I am really old. I always thought I would die young, doing something stupid like climbing a tall building to throw eggs at balled headed people. But I didn’t do that because eggs are very expensive these days. £2.50 for 30, but you can pay £3.00 if you really want. I used to do silly things in University like car surfing, that is when you stand on a car and one of your friends drive it really fast to try and cause you to fall off. But I never did, because I’m indestructible! I would have carried on doing that, and would have died a heroic death in the cause of cars everywhere. But someone proposed to me and I forgot to say no. And she wont let me do anything fun like climbing buildings to drop eggs on balled people, car surf or pick fights with groups of guys because she hates me. So now I am approaching the big 4 0. To answer your question, I think I am somewhere between 30 and 40.

          • Lucas O’Dell

            Lmao lack of education.. you were talking about lack of education?! “When you got to spend time on four letters” how country are you? When you HAVE to spend time.. Talk about lack of education you fuckin idiot lol

          • linedancer2

            Lack of education??? How about lack of upbringing??? This shows he was brought up in a barn…..

          • Lucas O’Dell

            No, I was not brought up in a barn. And a good thing to, I actually have an education. You know, something you go to school for. If I were brought up in a barn like linedancer2 here, I would’ve made a dumb comment like her also. Get your old ass outta here

          • Kristy Smith

            Speaking of a showing off lacks of education it is : When you HAVE to spend time on four letter words. Not when you got to spend time on four letter words.

          • Devlan Harmon

            Stop stressing on people expressing themselves with “four letter words” Educate your self on learning not to say shit like ” when you got” I do believe it is ” When you have to spend time…” Good job on showing your lack of education after bitching about someone else for the same lack you seen to obviously have! Nice work!!!!!

          • linedancer2

            Now, now…go beat your pillow up, not FB

          • Lon Pirkl

            When you need to / or have to

          • linedancer2

            .Diane your comment is right…but their education is hate, butchering, stoning, rude, suicidal, homicide, violence against women. They have to be in control with everything!!!! Or they will kill you…that is their education….

          • Prince Watex

            LOl..Roni what a great reply.lol..

          • Brian Clark


          • Guest

            Roni’s got balls posting such an ugly pic.

          • linedancer2

            I believe he was nutured…they were cut off…..lol

          • Denell Scarborough

            You are right!

          • linedancer2

            I don’t believe that is his picture, he is just a jerk harrassing Americans…just a thought?

          • nick gurs

            You have a face like Don Rickels with big sagging jowels

          • Net Vat

            You are not ugly. But I am not sure why you replied. That is what he wants. The fact you replied tells him you read what he wrote.

          • Kathrin

            You don’t belong in a public forum.

          • Caleb

            You need to punch yourself in the face while watching in a mirror. Or maybe just jump off a roof onto your head. But then again that might not even help decrease your level of stupid… Please destroy your reproductive organs, this world can’t handle any more of you.

          • Kathrin

            LOL Keep talking, Caleb, you keep gettin’ dumber! I sense you have still a bit more idiocy to drain out of the shallow end of the pool.

          • Caleb

            I’m sorry, but “dumber” is NOT a word. It’s “more dumb”. Dumb ass…

          • Chell Price

            Actually, dumber is a word. It’s a comparative adjective.

          • Caleb

            Please search for the word “dumber” in an approved english dictionary. It’s NOT in there. At Dictionary.com it comes up as “dumb” not “dumber”. So shut your dirty whore mouth and kill yourself you ignorant piece of shit.

          • Venita Bradley

            very nice. can tell your a real class act.

          • Caleb

            Thanks…. I would just like to watch a video and read useful comments without all this bs. When I comment, I do so knowing that people will be upset and it will keep me entertained. .. :D

          • Devlan Harmon


          • Devlan Harmon

            Wow!!! They make pills for the problem you have! No shame in getting some help!

          • Jimmy_c

            you’re an absolute disgrace. Do you blow your mother with that mouth?

          • rosaking

            It’s ‘dumber’ because it is an adjective with one syllable and, thus, follows the Germanic rules for comparative adjectives. Longer, Latinate adjectives, such as ‘idiotic’, moronic’ or ‘cretinous’ form their comparatives by placing ‘more’ before them (and ‘most’ to form the superlative). The overuse of the latter form seems to be favoured by the less educated in society and is becoming more prevalent, but is nonetheless incorrect. If you’re going to be offensive, at least get your facts right, you foul-mouthed moron. If you were more literate, you could try looking things up in books. I’d look ‘book’ up online, so you can identify one.

          • Caleb

            Nonetheless, dumber isn’t a word in the english dictionary. So you can argue a small point with 200 + words of pointless fluff, still didn’t prove that dumber was a word. BECAUSE IT ISN’T YOU DUMB ASS HAHAHAHHAHA

          • rosaking

            Generally in dictionaries, they do not list all comparatives and superlatives along with adjectives. In some, large ones they do. You are probably too thick to know they exist – let alone read and LEARN from them. This is sad as you might be less of an embarrassingly ‘dumb ass’ yourself if you did. I hope that was simple enough for someone of your limited intelligence to understand, but somehow I doubt it. The ‘pointless fluff’ is linguistic knowledge. One day, if you strain your pea-sized brain very, very hard, you also might have knowledge of something other than childish insults. However, I somehow doubt that too.

          • rosaking

            And here is a link. I’m assuming you have the ability to click on it:


            Failing that, you may know of the movie, ‘Dumb and Dumber?’

          • Denell Scarborough


          • Devlan Harmon

            You need medication for the shit you just said. People like you make this world crazy and violent. The fact you speak this way makes me happy in the weird way, that someone as sick as you is not worth the time! You clearly have no smarts or common sense and I feel kind of sorry for you!!! Go seek medical help soon! Stay off the internet if you honestly for real are this fucked up in the head. Nobody needs to hear your stupid opinions! Nobody needs that shit….

          • Devlan Harmon

            Who the fuck are you to even ask. Roni is right! where is your fucking face at! I’m guessing up your own ass. get that shit out of there. Its making you stupid!

        • Caleb

          Im sorry Roni, but who the fuck are you? Leave your dumb ass comments in your head unless it’s going to provide insight or a new opinion on the current topic. Which was this epic dog, not you asking someone you don’t know who they are. Sorry for the rant but your comment made me want to slap you more than “Penis” guys comment…

          • Sean Sweetser

            Guys Guys… you must be new to the internet. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS…. translated means if someone makes a stupid, ridiculous and/or provocative comment they are doing it to provoke a sensible person such as yourself. Just ignore them. A starved troll finds no joy.

          • Caleb

            I am a troll… well I am a trolls troll… if that makes any sense :p

          • Farrell Cameron

            Well I’m a troll’s troll troll’s Caleb if you understand what I’m saying. Nice to meet you. I know Sean has asked me not to feed you, but I think I am going to give you some penis anyways..

          • Devlan Harmon

            I have some penis for you too! Eat up!

          • Grant Le Pierres

            I think you mean Anti-troll but sorry you don’t qualify. Next!

        • Emily Bell

          I am actually a professional dog trainer, and I run my own non-profit emergency pet rescue. I’ve been involved with a pet and wildlife rescue since I was little (my family founded and operated it). I also interned with a Veterinarian throughout high school, and currently study not only child psych, but animal behavior as well.

          So that’s who I am to make such comments.

          • charliedenamccune

            I have an English Shepherd who if she doesn’t have a structured job will tear up any paper or cardboard around. She wants everything kept in order. I totally agree with you.

          • Amanda Mandy Mizelle

            LOL my husky is like this. If she doesn’t have something to do she’ll create something to do, usually something she knows is going to get her in trouble. She’s a complete adorable mess. :)

          • linedancer2

            Good for you Emily, there are people that are proud of what you have accomplished. Don’t lower yourself to their level…keep up the good work…I have a Shih Tzu, he is not very active anymore, he is 7yrs old this month, lazy but loved…he is obedient…I taught him as my mother taught me to be obedient, but without the torture….he is suppose to be a lap dog but won’t sit on anyone’s lap….if he was a person he would be a “Loner”….take good care of those dogs…a fan/friend

          • Net Vat

            This guy told me he had a Bulldog Shih Tzu cross, do you think that is bullshit?

          • linedancer2

            Net: Do you think you may have been crossed also?

          • teriquajones

            The only reason breeders started cross-breeding is because the were not making enough money.
            Instead of waiting for a female of the same breed to come into heat; they chose a purebred dog of a similar size to breed. Then they give it a new name and sell it as a “Designer breed”.

          • Lorenzo Artadi

            ooooooooooohhh burned her azzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Net Vat

            Did you work in Vietnam? Are you one of those Nam Vets?

          • john Possum


          • Grant Le Pierres

            Just ignore the troll Emily, she’s one of those people who attack others and when she has no further come she complains about spelling but does not she her own spelling mistake or lack of grammar. So nothing of intelligence from her.

          • Denell Scarborough

            Grant, ??????? And you have the balls to talk about grammar and spelling??? Your sentence doesn’t even make sense!

          • LadyScot

            LOL…..THAT’s who she is. I love it when smart arses get told with cold hard fact.

          • cturner3rd

            Whoa, a do-er and not just a talker. Rare thing in the comments section.

          • TheIdiotBelowMe

            lol! That’s her told.

          • Emmalie Phillips

            Hiya Emily, just a quick message to say i think your doing a wonderful job at what you do and love the passion you have for it to, your an insperation to all those who have been told otherwise, chin up chic x

          • Emily Bell

            Thanks that is so sweet!

          • Denell Scarborough

            AMEN Emmalie!

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

            You are a foul harlot who works with haram beasts like these mutts. Do you even wear a burka? Are you being supervised by a man? Why are you in your husband’s computer? Do you have permission?

          • Ali Shaheed

            Her “knowledge” is useless. She probably couldn’t properly care for my sick camels and livestock.

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

            Inshallah Brother Shaheed. I can only hope that she will receive a corrective beating from her male owner for using his computer unsupervised. Mashallah!

          • Emily Bell

            You should read my reply to your friend’s stoning comment. You have been added to the list at my police department.

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

            You are now placed on the list of harlots who will be brought before Shariah Court when Brother Obama declares the Caliphate. Attention whoring is against the Qur’an.

          • linedancer2

            We’ll be waiting for you…..monster.

          • Van Hammersly

            Not all country’s have the same moral compass.

          • Cheryl Marcoe

            I thought this post was supposed to be about commenting on the video of the dog and his trainer, not used for some psychobabble bullshit… keep your nasty inhumane comments to yourself! The U.S.A. does not condone this type of behavior…

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

            You’re just a woman and should keep silent or be stoned in Shariah Court for being a mouthy harlot.

          • Cheryl Marcoe

            I am not JUST a woman… I am a human being, with amazing friends and family who love me, and raised with good morals and values. You sir, are not a nice person.

          • linedancer2

            Amen and amen

          • Tashina

            good thing this is the USA and we dont condone such barbaric customs. one day youll get whats coming to you. You’re only a man your not the king of the world

          • Denell Scarborough

            YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats putting him in his place!! (under his camels foot!)

          • Denell Scarborough

            Again, go back where you came from!!!!!

          • linedancer2

            He better not be in AMERICA OR CANADA… we are taught differently so leave your comments to your camels….

          • linedancer2

            Not meaningyou Denell, meaning the jerk/sick Amaaaaaa? something….

          • Dave Hakes

            And I would bet you’re a latent homosexual.

          • linedancer2

            “Just a woman” Imam, I’m an amazing women though, I am able to do as I please, just obey our laws, stoning is from the ancient years…grow up and stop treating your women like cattle…get back to the comments about DOGS…not your poor women…

          • Denell Scarborough

            AMEN AGAIN!!!!!

          • linedancer2

            Good for you Cheryl….

          • Walter Hawtin

            Who cares what the USA condones? Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

          • Denell Scarborough

            Go back where you came from! You are NOT WELCOME HERE!!!!

          • linedancer2

            Imam…if you are real…you better not be beating your wife….we don’t allow it in America…and we women are NOT OWNED!!!! If your muslim you believe the truth is offensive….what you are taught is not legal here, like suicide, homicide, violence against citizens, wife, husband, we don’t butcher women and children…by the way, we let women drive cars…their own cars…..

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

            Be quiet, demon Jewess. When us Muslims take over with Brother Obama, all dogs will be shot for they are haraam.

          • Denell Scarborough

            You are one sick person to even know how to properly care for ANY LIVESTOCK!!!! GROW UP YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dave Hakes

            You’re so correct. But to say “properly care for ANY LIVESTOCK” to this butt-head is a waste of your precious time. I would take wagers he just eats them instead.

          • linedancer2

            Oh my G……another stupid remark…who would want to take care of a sick camel and livestock? We have PAID folks in America that handle our live stock, we only have camels in our Zoo’s…..

          • Denell Scarborough

            You are a boob!!! Don’t you know anything nice to say? We in the USA treat each other with respect. Why do you ask if she is in her husbands comp??? Why would she need permission?? You treat your women in your country like dogs and second class citizens. We don’t do that here in America!!

          • linedancer2

            Great Denell…..

          • Net Vat

            I can’t believe how stupid you all are? LOL, can’t you tell he is a right wing white American putting up a foreign sounding name to make fun of all of you. Do you really think anyone but right wing Americans believe Obama is Muslim.

          • Walter Hawtin

            You have to be kidding. You call someone a boob and accuse them of not saying anything nice? I think your country has the most serious social issues in the Western world. You really ought to focus on your own challenges and keep your deeply ignorant generalisations about a country you know nothing about to yourself. “We in the USA …” and you wonder why Americans are perceived as arrogant.

          • linedancer2

            Lordy be Imam if you are real? hope your not in America…they let our women speak, drive cars, talk to men, etc. without hiding their faces….

          • Denell Scarborough

            Good for you Emil! Sometimes you just have to put certain people in their place!!

          • Tallperson117

            Dammmmnnnnm, shut down haha

          • Denell Scarborough

            AMEN Emily! That dog looked very happy and loved to show off and play!

          • linedancer2

            You tell them girl….sounds like you have worked hard….everyone has their opinion, everyone seems to see a picture/video with different eyes? Keep up your good work…

          • Lilith

            ronipaxtonjohnston is going to need some ointment for that third degree burn! OUCH! LMAO

        • Kyra Busse

          Most reasonable dog owners are aware that different types of dogs have to have outlets to challenge their animal’s varying intelligence and energy levels. Like Emily stated, without them, it builds frustration and lack of purpose, so they turn to destructive behavior.

          • Denell Scarborough

            I liked the video! I thought it was very good!

        • anon

          I didn’t realize that you had to submit a resume before submitting comments on the internet!

        • Adam Torrens

          Was about to say someone who knows her working/herding breed dogs but her answer smoked it. Here’s the thing about the internet. If you don’t REALLY know what you are talking about its best not to say anything especially strong comments as at leaves you looking like what you do now. Anyone who even knows the basics about working breeds. Particularly herding breeds knows this and if they don’t they probably shouldn’t have one. Border collies are even more extreme like this. Their reward is human interaction which the goal of achieving a task is the of the highest drive. They are literally breed for it. This is not a job for them it is literally their sole largest driver. Working dogs have been breed for this desirable temperament for herding for 1000,s of years. It is only relatively recently that they have been viewed as house pets.

        • Sharon Landau

          Why do you ask? Are you insulted? And if so, why?

        • Michelle Boutwell

          The benefits of having a trained dog are endless. A few months ago I started to train mine with some online videos I found here: theonlinedogtrainers.com , they teach you step by step , for only $ 1 per 3 days! Try it, it’s worth! Aggression, anxiety, biting, barking and disasters in the house have disappeared. My dog behaves excellent. And I have taught many tricks!

      • Devlan Harmon

        Also very true!!!!!

      • Adam Torrens

        Truth. These are all old working breeds. 100% of years of genetic fine tuning to work well under the command of man. What we consider work is their play. And they where selected for a high play drive. Alot of people don’t know that the Border Collie was a particularly special type of herding dog. It was a russeling dog. Meaning it was breed to steal the livestock of other’s silently without verbal command under the cover of darkness on the borders of Scotland and England. This is how my ancestors got their name as the Border Reavers. And its pretty cool to have a popular breed of dog as a legacy of that time! Alot of barbaric rumors spread that they would cut their tongues out to ensure they wouldn’t bark during a heist. This may have been true maybe at some point but the border collie was breed to be what they call an eye herder which means they don’t bark when herding they use their eyes much like a wolf does when its herding. So if any of you have a border collie you now know where it came from and what its original purpose is. Pretty cool i think.

        • Ellen Elford

          not sure how we got from some good comments and questions about dogs to rude personal remarks but take it somewhere else and let us get on with our dog discussion. thank you
          having bred and raised dogs of many different breeds I can attest to the fact that even if they are not the working breed types, all dogs need to have something fun and exciting to do. they need to be walked, go to the dog park, have a little agility park in the back yard, go to a school or retirement facility to give love and comfort. 5 minutes of being brushed, playing catch or fetch and bring is better than nothing. Anything is better than boredom which leads to bad behaviors which leads to dogs being surrendered because they have “bad behaviors” I have seen this type of training with other dogs on television programs. This dog is happy, tail up and wagging, he or she seems to be enjoying the exercise and in the end is rewarded for carrying out the commands. This is not torture,, listen to the tone of the mans voice .. it is calm and pleasent and the dog is responding because it is having fun and it knows the reward is coming!

        • Liz Maddock


      • Cyndy Cisel

        I agree, Emily! Our border collie felt the need to herd everything – my grandkids, the cats, even us when she felt we needed to be in one place. She had to keep active and productive or she found mischief. She was the smartest and best dog we ever had. When she passed away, she was and is still missed very much.


        Well I have two dogs myself, a purebred golden labrador and a shepherd cross since puppys, now 3 and four years old. They are well exersized and trained, by me, and I think the poor dog in videos training was overkill ! Sure I could turn mine into a pair of robots, seen mates do it to theirs, and when they dump their dogs with me to holiday, dogs seem far happier for it!

        • Van Hammersly

          What’s so different in this dog and a soldier?

          • Van Hammersly

            and of course I meant no disrespect with this question. I was just simply referring to how a soldier takes orders and receives training, and works hard. If dogs weren’t held to some sort of standard then they might as well be coyotes. The same with a Soldier if they weren’t held to some sort of standard then they would just go around doing what ever they wanted and have no particular objective to follow.

          • Van Hammersly

            and one more thing to add. is that there is nothing about this dog that doesn’t seem like he’s having a good time. A dog is much like a human in the sense of, if they don’t want to do something…they won’t

          • FORMER SOLDIER

            I don’t understand your meaning? I spelt out mine regarding that dog, its trained to do silly tasks that have no practical use, and if your referring to my basic training years ago, it has real world applications, ie first aid, compass bearing, trapping,hunting to name a few. Survival skills.

      • rhonda howell

        labs aremy favorit

      • Dave Hakes

        Emily – well put. Yesterday I was tied up for a hospital procedure most of the day so my partner had to feed and walk our two black labs. Thank goodness they had their walks and play time. However, when got home I did the idiot thing by leaving my shoes in the entrance foyer under a chair. Keep in mind, miss Bella is a 10 year old “puppie” who adores me and I her. Well, it took us about 1 hour to find the two shoes and our place is not huge. Yep, miss Bella had to find another outlet for her ‘always having to be doing something.’ I would also like to think she may have missed me. God bless these gentle animals.

    • nina76

      I don’t need to do anything to make my owner happy because I don’t have an owner to please, thanks God. Let the animal be an animal and behave like one. Didn’t like this video one bit. I wanted to choke the owner after the first two minutes.

      • Frank

        If only we could choke all the overly sensitive idiots like you.

        • Aaron Matteson

          exactly. Domestication happens. When domestication happens, these animals know who to serve because they know we are above them and we can provide good food, water and shelter, and warmth. .. Wanna see how dogs are treated in China? They’re DEAD, IN PEOPLE’S STOMACHS…. This dog is happy and having fun with his owner. This dog also demonstrates that dogs as well as humans need to use BOTH ears, and not so much our mouths…

          • MadTheAlbino .

            Not to seem rude, but I don’t agree with you. You and I –and whoever else wants to take a whack at this discussion– really have not idea what dogs are thinking beyond the superficial. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a dog owner and I’m teaching my pup some simple tricks so she’s discipline enough to listen to my voice during walks. But I don’t care to have her doing routines.

            I personally have nothing against teaching a dog routines, as I do agree with one thing: dogs, just like people, need to burn energy and need to keep busy. “When domestication happens, these animals know who to serve because they know we are above them and we can provide good food…” Honestly this sounds like something that would have been said about black people back in the 18 huns. and, no, I don’t mean I think you’re racist. I just mean that people like training dogs. That’s fine. At least they’re spending time with them. But let’s not make it seem like those peeps are doing some grand service. I mean, in many cases those same people are the ones that let their dogs have puppies and end up neglecting the ones they didn’t want or leaving them to be picked up by pound.

            People like having dogs. People like training them. That’s all it is. Having a companion and all that. But let’s not make pretend like it’s some righteous act.

          • Devlan Harmon

            Well said!!! ;)

        • MZAZ86442i

          AMEN Frank. I agree 100%

          • Devlan Harmon

            I agree also!

      • xcv

        I would assume you’re a hound or a bulldog.
        “OH leave me alone I’m going to take a nap”

      • Gail Richard

        Oh for Heavens sake, ITS A DOG. of course you dont have an owner, YOUR A HUMAN. You see the difference? If we would disipline ourselves as well, this world would be a much better place to live in. I say let the human be human and act like one.

        • Venita Bradley

          are you SURE H’S HUMAN!!!!

      • TomGreen

        I have to disagree. Dogs like challenges and things to do!

      • William Parsons

        Now I bet if it was a yorkie or a poodle rolling over, dancing, speaking, holding food on its nose then throwing it in the air and catching it, or something to that sort We wouldn’t have had to read this half ass F’d up comment of yours

      • Mike Law

        If you believe in God your obviously just contradicted yourself there. As a human that believes in God, you do your best to please that imaginary being all you can bla…blaaa… etc….etc…
        Most pets would barley survive in the wild, a lot of people look after their pets give them a nice home, food, toys etc… Teaching animals things is a way to communicate with them as well, With that communication a stronger bond is made between animal and owner.
        I have seen apes use sign language, and if it wasn’t for people like you we would be able to help them evolve into intelligent beings, teach them better survival techniques and how to build tools and use them.
        If you have ever seen apes close you would notice how much they try to copy us and the intelligence they are actually capable of, same said for most animals.
        I believe that people like you believe themselves to be so high and mighty over other species they are just animals incapable of any intelligence to you. Food provided by your imaginary God. LOL

      • Ken Loukinen

        Why send kids to school, just let them grow up naturally. Let kids be kids and behave like kids. I didn’t like this post one bit, but I didn’t want to choke the poster, even after two sentences.
        Dogs don’t behave that way out of fear, dogs, especially herding dogs, love to do this stuff. If you ever had one or knew one, you would know this. Aussies and border collies will do things you like without being trained… it’s who they are. If this dog (or any aussie) is neglected or mistreated, they listen less, become very shy and get in trouble. This is a loved dog and I would need some hard evidence to convince me otherwise.
        Lastly, don’t kid yourself… you do have an owner and he makes you do some goofy mean shit. And talk about abusive, One time he was mad that his uneducated pets wouldn’t listen, so he drowned the little f&^kers. Killed all but 8 of them. His name is dog spelled backwards.

        • Michael Mingrone

          i love this post up to the last paragraph…

        • Andrew Carvalho

          Ken, you sounded quite wise, compassionate, understanding and open-minded until the last paragraph. God may “own” us in the sense that he created us and we belong to him, however he loves us and wants our well-being far more than any other owner. He does not command or make us do mean or even senseless things. He commands us to follow the commandments, above all loving God and loving one another for our own good, not His. If people really followed the commandments and the two greatest commandments this world would be a far better place. If you are referring to events in the Old Testament which revealed an angry and vengeful God and things like the crusades and witch hunts these were largely carried out by sinful individuals in the name of religion. I would suggest researching the Catholic position on the above. God loves you so much to have faced the greatest evil, to suffer terribly and be crucified for you. Look beyond your bias and return to your Father who awaits you with open and loving arms.

          • RealOGplayer

            Seems legit

          • jeppen

            If you take some psychology classes and then analyze the christian deity a bit, you’ll find he’s quite narcissistic. He demands obedience and mindless belief for no good reason and punishes whoever doesn’t do it for him. Why anyone believe in ME desert nomads’ religions nowadays is beyond me. The white-washings of the scriptures’ contents are just so obvious. The dog was smart, though.

          • Ken Loukinen

            Andrew, gods are myths. You have absolutely no evidence to back up anything you posted.

      • Will Seay

        Nina… if you own a dog, you are obviously irresponsible because you understand nothing about how dogs think . They are pack animals, in that sense they have the need to have their place. Treating a Dog like a human is cruel, and you are an IDIOT for doing that, or suggesting it.

        • Evlin Boulet

          I treat my dog as if she were my daughter and she’s fine. Not spoiled, knows her place. I just pamper her. Soo, let’s not generalize.. Dogs show emotions just as humans do, I won’t treat them any less than myself.

          • Courtney

            I’m guessing you dress the poor thing too. Pampering dogs is idiotic. They’re not children! An animal is never a replacement for a child and can never be one. I’m all for treating them like family but when people call them their kids & pamper them, dress them, wear them as accessories, push them in strollers…and hold them on walks…. etc I have this innate need to walk up & punch the owner in the face and set the dog free! Dogs will always do what we like because they’re pack animals driven on a hierarchy system. People who pamper their dogs are such self import and selfish, forcing an animal to be their ‘child.’ !!!!ADOPTION!!!!

          • Blanche Smalley

            I tried to train my dog but Instead she trained us…she goes to the door to go out and we let her out. She begs and we give her food she sees me getting the car keys we open the car door. I just glad were well trained to take good care of our dog I love her.

          • Evlin Boulet

            I don’t dress my dog.. Pampering doesn’t mean you dress them. Children are moronic little brats and I’d rather have a dog over some selfish little arrogant a**hole any day. A dog is selfless and always forgiving, happy. A child is needy needy needy. I pamper my dog like so; Let her on the furniture, couch, bed. I didn’t say take her to the groomers every week, dress her, etc. Looks like someone is all butthurt because her dog doesn’t like her. You don’t deserve a dog, never ever ever get a dog. I bet you’re the type of a**hole to chain the dog in the backyard and toss scraps at it. You disgust me. Utterly utterly disgust me. Dogs ARE family, and I don’t give a ***** if you think they don’t replace kids. I LOVE MY DOG MORE THAN ANY HUMAN. I bet that angers you, good. She bounces on me when she wants to be picked up and I hold her on my side and she lays her head under my neck. She is FAR from unhappy, you’re such a brat. Just because no one pampers you, doesn’t mean you go around showing your a*** to people who LOVE their dog.

          • Evlin Boulet

            And guess what else you little brat, I’m a HEAVY HEAVY advocate for pet adoption and I save homeless animals whenever I can. I’m also looking into doing animal control, taking sweet abused babies (that’s right, I used the word BABIES aka ANIMALS), from abusive homes like YOURS. I hope you NEVER get a dog, or any animal! You’re the type of moronic self centered arrogant scum that takes a dog into a shelter because, “Im having a baby, he/she’ll get in the way”. You DISGUST ME! You’re the type of person that causes unnecessary euthanasia in shelters because you treat animals like LOWER BEINGS. When they FEEL just as we do.

          • Evlin Boulet

            Oh yes, because this is the face of SUCH an unhappy dog. OH, and did I mention she walks OFF the leash? AND STAYS RIGHT BY MY SIDE? Wow she’s sooooooooooooooo unhappy, I mean just LOOK at how unhappy she is!

          • mew

            So you do as your daughter commands you to do as equally as you expect her to do as you ask? if not then she’s ‘less’ than you in some respect. not saying you treat her bad, but she’s not truly equal is she?

          • Evlin Boulet

            When you learn to actually form a comprehend-able sentence, then we can talk.

        • Devlan Harmon

          You just made yourself look stupid……well done!

        • Evlin Boulet

          Then rock on for idiots because I’ll forever treat my dog as if she were a human. My baby and I love her. She’s a MAMA’S GIRL!

      • Mary Ann Redfern

        Pets know instinctively when they are doing something that amazes people and pleases them. This dog is not being “tortured” but is involved in a positive learning experience with a reward at the end. Don’t YOU enjoy pleasing the people in your life?. Get a grip, woman, maybe get some therapy or medication……you’re wrapped a little too tightly.

      • nick gurs

        Only thing you would choke is on my dick you dumb cunt

      • The Ned

        Do you know how the dog got to be so well trained? It wasn’t abuse, it’s not aggression, it’s not control… Dogs are well trained from many hours of one on one time with many treats, many praises, and much love. A well trained dog like this is living the life of happiness and is much happier than a dog ‘let to be an animal’. Why? Well, dogs love attention. This guy loves his dog. You can hear it in his voice. He has spent countless hours with this dog, training this dog, spoiling this dog, giving this dog treats and attention. How many hours a day do you spend on your dog alone?

        Dogs and mankind have evolved together along the same lines and man has used dog’s quick evolution and selective breeding to coexist. Working dogs are highly intelligent because they have to learn to follow commands. This dog is happy, it’s healthy, and more importantly, it is probably far better off than most typical house pet dogs.

        This dog sees time with his owner as a reward, the owner sees time with the dog as pleasurable. It is literally a win/win situation.

        • mgmu

          Very true. Well said. It’s abusive to have a dog which is highly intelligent & to not work with them. The same things happen to a bored dog at home and a bored child in class – they get in trouble. Like a child, a dog needs physical and mental work to be healthy, happy and good to have around. A good mental exercise session for a dog can be just as exhausting as physical exercise. A dog which is exercised both mentally and physically is a good & well behaved dog. Find a ‘bad’ dog, and 9 out of 10 times that dog is untrained, not walked or exercised, not stimulated in anyway – and unloved.

        • Ellen Elford

          good comments and right on the nose NED. My deaf dog follows hand signals and gets along quite well and does this to please me as the alpha person in the house. I am not a professional trainer but we worked this out as his hearing became worse and worse. We enjoy each others company, we love each other, he and my other dog sleep in the bed with me which many people do not approve of but it gives me comfort. Generally I have my hand on his head or he has his paw touching my arm. We both sleep better! He and my other dog are great companions for each other and for me.

      • MindyRoO

        Choke the owner after the first 2 minutes!?!? This video is only 2 minutes!

      • Sam Baird

        sounds like god is your owner, and to choke these people would probably displease him. wake the fuck up

      • Konnect life

        But what about God?

      • Karen Clarke Kennedy

        Dogs are pack animals, always have been, always will, whether domesticated or wild, and they will always look towards the pack leader for guidance, instruction. Over the years I have had numerous dogs, Labradors, Border Collies, and Heinz 50 varieties, all have been trained to this kind of level, bringing out the most of their intelligence. If this dog did not enjoy these exercises/games, his/her tail would not be wagging like it is!!!

      • Kris

        Sooo… In that case, let the animal live like one in the wild and not in a house. A wild animal doesn’t belong in a home, and a domesticated animal doesn’t live in the wild. My shitzu wouldn’t survive a day on her own without someone to feed her. And she is more than happy to do a few tricks to get fed, housed, bathed, secure, and loved. Dogs are not people, they don’t think like people. Thank god because if dogs were like people, they’d be as stupid as you. Luckily they are more intelligent than that.

      • Katie Gibbs

        You seem lazy, and probably have no self-control. I think you’re just jealous of this dog who clearly has more self-control and “smarts” than you could ever have.

      • Devlan Harmon

        Honestly the world would be better if you just stay off social media all together.

      • dg101

        …You mean run around attacking things and destroying property?

    • Brandis

      Agreed, and well said!

    • Matthew Wright

      Not only that but dogs thrive on pleasing their owners. I have not doubt this is a very happy dog.

      • Carlos Umaña Silesky

        Stockholm syndrome

        • Aaron Matteson

          no, you’re the slave to the socialist run state government

      • Devlan Harmon

        Absolutely a happy dog.

      • Guest

        Penut butter!!

      • http://theallegiant.com/ The Allegiant

        Penut butter??

      • Denell Scarborough

        The dog did look VERY happy AND eager to please his owner!

    • Randal Lovelace

      Stacey Gardner = you are 100% correct, they do become bored if not being kept active, aka being directed to do things. This specific one is very well trained and that tail just kept wagging :D

    • 3RDGEM

      You are absolutely right. We’ve had shelties and they get their smarts through genes, aka: long ago bred as hurders. Inherited smarts make these dogs want to follow commands… and the difficult ones give them the most pleasure. It’s the dog’s profession! Their owners and trainers are loving them not torturing them! This is common knowledge to people who know anything about dogs. #loveshelties

      • Buttplug9000

        Why are you and every other dickhead that owns a dog telling us what we already know?

    • Karen Clarke Kennedy

      At the moment we have a Lab/Collie X, as well as a Pointer/Bretton X and a Bichpoo, all 3, like our 3 Labs before them, love to “perform” like this dog does. We have never tortured them, but simply encouraged their natural talents. I think Stacey, that the people on here with negative input know nothing at all about dogs…..and well done to you for pointing out the fundamentals. :D

    • IceaRina Resident

      My Border Collie herds the water in the swimming pool…He runs back and forth on the edge when it clicks on. This seems to aggravate my female Heeler who stands by barking at him.

    • Guest

      Well it’s the same with people even, a lot of people get bored without being told what to do. Unless they’re the kind to start their own business, but have you tried leaving a dog to its own devices? It’s not likely to start wearing a suit and hiring people to work for it. They want a job for the sense of purpose like the rest of us, but they don’t desire to be their own boss because they have a pack mentality and are happy to not be the top of the pack order.

    • Devlan Harmon

      Listen to this people!!! It is a fact!

    • Jim Kelly

      I’ve had a border collie for five years and she is never made to sit or turn around or do any of the circus animal tricks. She’s the sweetest dog I’ve known because she has been love trained, not treat trained. She’s never eaten a shoe or taken food from the table.

      Clare understands when I want her to do something but she has the option of not doing some things. When I ask her to come in the house and she has to relieve herself, she does that first. We are friends, not owner/pet.

      It’s fine with me if you want your dog to entertain your friends with tricks but not for me. Clare is her own dog and I couldn’t love an animal more.

    • Lee Ann Warren

      I got a little girl almost as good, but she’s a bit more impatient lol… she’s a blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix.

    • Aqmy D. Fleiss

      I agree but is a BIT tense to watch. I forwarded to the END. Hehe.

    • deadpunk

      This dog is well-trained enough to be a fucking assassin.

    • SuzanneCN

      I so agree with you. I own a poodle, they are highly intelligent also. These intelligent dogs thrive on training, jobs, commands, and performing. It is mentally stimulating and a lot of fun. My dog absolutely LOVES her training sessions.

    • Jessica Evans

      I stumbledupon this and here’s a piece of advice for you all.

    • Kent Vivrette

      My daughter and family own a border collie named Lady. Lady would attempt to herd my 4 grandsons when they were small. Its an amazing thing to watch.

    • cathml

      I guess, Stacey, that I should have read YOUR comment prior to my placing mine [above yours]. I was simply reacting to my heart that was aching for the dog who appeared to ‘just want the ball’! Thanks for the education.

  • Nicholas Bloom

    It would only be cruel if he didn’t reward the dog after. No cruelty here.

  • Linda van Maanen


  • http://www.disqus.com/manmademachine/ ManMadeMachine

    Good night to for some beers, marijuana, coffee and star gazing on my porch!

  • Lisa

    not the smartest dog ever,,my sons husky does all that and more with HAND COMMANDS!!!

  • Pat R Lanier

    Most dogs are much happier when they are well trained. They get the praise they love rather than being scolded, which they hate. People who train their dogs, tricks or otherwise, tend to keep them, care for them and love them. The untrained ones are the ones who are abandoned and abused.

  • Snubber

    No, it’s not adorable – it’s a relief that the dog is finally let off being its owner’s puppet. This man should have a robot not a dog. A well-trained and disciplined dog is a joy. I’ve always had dogs – one of them a working border collie who’s intelligence and love of doing things together was a delight. My dogs have always been trained for their and others’ safety, and socialised so we can live together happily. There’s never been a need to dominate a dog like this. The owner/trainer is showing off like a bully. It’s not physical bullying but the equivalent of an adult mentally and emotionally bullying a child. The dog is not wagging its tail all the way through. Much of the time its body language is showing subjugation and that’s not a happy working partnership of dog and human – it’s domination. And simply for the sake of it – an abuse of power. I’ve seen dogs trained like this so that they would drop down instantly on command even if that was into a puddle of other dogs’ urine – completely against a dog’s natural behaviour. The naturalness and spontaneity had been crushed out of them. And because it wasn’t achieved by physical cruelty, the owners believe the dog wants to do it. It doesn’t – it wants to play ball with you and do nice things together. Amazingly, most dogs will forgive this bullying, go along with it and then play etc. But that doesn’t excuse humans showing off by exercising dominance and power. I repeat, this is not merely an example of a well-trained dog. It IS an example of abuse of power in a human-dog relationship.
    And to those who post that there are other worse things to get concerned about – what sort of logic is that? (Rhetorical question – it’s illogical, it’s a false binary.) We deal with and discuss what we find – in this case, this video. That doesn’t preclude me from also being concerned (and taking actions) about far worse cases of cruelty.

    • Devlan Harmon

      IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guest just log off ok. Don’t make yourself look anymore dramatic and well……………….really ignorant! That means the lack of knowledge. Figured id let you know! You need educated pretty damn bad!

    • dg101

      This seems more like a man and his dog playing together. Just because you’re completely ignorant about canine behavior doesn’t make it abuse.

  • Carlos Umaña Silesky

    Don’t like it. Repressing a dog to the point of his master’s voice being a remote control so he can do stupid tricks to impress stupid people is treating him like a thing and reducing his existence to that of a toy.

    • Clint Unruh

      Ive read through all the comments and Ive come to one conclusion. You Sir are the most unintelligent prat ive came across for a week. Stop acting all high and mighty and if you dont like what you “assume” that trainer is doing to the dog then get off these comments and go on with your life. After all how do you know how that trainer treats the dog? Where you there? Im sorry I didnt see you in the video so obviously you must not of been there. Also my grandfather owns a farm and he does have a couple of cattle dogs that he had to train to help him with the cattle. Dogs and Humans have had a companionship ever since the Ice Age. And just in case your asking how I know this? It was written by men on the inside of their caves. Of course its already been proven that men had caught wolves and trained them. So again please leave this thread if your just trying to act like you know more then everyone else because unfortunately my good Sir. You know nothing about dogs

    • Mins McCauley

      you have zero understanding of cattle dogs buddy. educate yourself.

      • Carlos Umaña Silesky

        It is not a matter of understanding the function of a particular breed but rather questioning the existence (or need thereof) of the breed itself. The label “cattle dog” is, in itself, an anthropocentric absurdity.

        • Okteds

          As is the whole concept of a domesticated dog. We’ve perverted an entire species….and yet my dog seems to be pretty damn happy for it. It sucks that you would seem to prefer to undo that great relationship…

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            With 75% of street dogs being “purebred” purchased dogs who were abandoned, many others suffering many hours of loneliness, hunger and neglect while living with their “owners” (not talking about the actual cases of horrible abuse many dogs go through), is it really such a great relationship?

          • Okteds

            You do realize this happens in the wild all the time, right? Wolves get killed within their own packs or get ostracized from the pack all the time. In fact domestication is believed to have started with those wolves who were kicked out of their wolf packs. Please stop replying and just accept that you haven’t thought out your argument much, if at all.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            OK, let me get this straight.
            You’re justifying the mistreatment, neglect and abandonment of millions of dogs a year by irresponsible owners who purchased them as toys and discarded them just as easily, …with the fact that wolves sometimes get ostracized in the wild?
            …Talk about thinking out one’s arguments…

          • sueb30

            Sorry, you don’t get to make up your own statistics. Only 25% of unwanted dogs are purebred. Most of them from irresponsible commercial breeders. Chirldren are abused as well, do we stop having children? Prosocute abusers, educate owners.

          • Destiney Marsh Fischer

            Where are those statistics? More like 75 percent of them aren’t purebred… Nothing wrong with Mutts, I have two and I love them but lets get your facts straight shall we?

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            Think about it. People who buy dogs don’t usually buy mongrels (hundreds of thousands of puppy mills exist for these people), and when the toy stops being cute. When he peed in grandma’s carpet or chewed on mom’s expensive shoe, it’s a shelter, the pound, or the streets. That is, if he wasn’t tied up in the backyard to begin with.


          • k9sue

            You don’t get to make up statistics. Less than 40% of unwanted/abandoned dogs are “purebred”. The vast majoirty of dogs in the US are well cared for pets valued as family members. Take your gloom and doon somewhere else.

          • Devlan Harmon

            Amen! Some of the stuff on this thread makes me realize that a lot of people are over sensitive judgmental dick heads. telling someone they are ugly, or saying fuck off! what the hell is wrong with some of you! dongs aren’t being controlled! its called playing and taking an having a relationship with your dog. Doing activities and teaching them a vocabulary! the people you need to take a look at are the people who neglect, abuse and simply don’t give a shit what kind of quality of life their dog has at all!. so quit the stupid junior high smack talk, grow up, and educate you selves on canine behavior! You are making yourselves look like real assholes. Dogs love the attention and stimulation. LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • k9sue

            The specied “dog”did not exst int he wild. It is one that developed alongside humans. Without humans there never would have been canis familairis.

        • sueb30

          You need to learn about dogs and natural dog behavior. They are alled “cattle dogs” because they were developed to herd cattle.That is their instinct and drive. Channeling those NATURAL drives into ther tasks takes no force, the dogs WANT to work. You have not a clue about a dog’s natural instinct apparently.

          My dogs have entire repertoires of routines and beg to work with me to get their rewards. One is my wheelchair assistance dog. She was trained 100% with REWARD and LOVES to help me, many times without even my asking. Most of my dogs are trained with
          subtle hand signals and the words are superfluous. Dog’s read motion better than language and are easily trained this way.

          • Carlos Umaña Silesky

            You talk about them like a human invention. They were “developed” as if a computer, “programmed” to work.

            News flash: Cattle is not natural, nor are “cattle dogs”.

          • sueb30

            You are correct Catlle dogs were developed (genetically selected) by humans. They are not “natural” in the sense of wild animals. Wild “natural” cattle do exist in many forms around the world.

        • sueb30

          Dog “breeds” are/were developed by humans using selectivebreeding . They were “developed” from a generic dog. This is done by genetically concentrating (selection) natural dog behavior/traits that humans found useful. Before man ever got the idea to domesticate and use dogs, they were living off our waste. Dogs domesticated themselves because
          scavenging off of humans was easier than hunting for food. Try reading Ray Coppenger PhD and others who are experts in Canine Evolution. You might find it fascinating.

          Without humans, dogs would not exist. They wiould not have evolved beyond their wild wolf-like ancestors.

      • Devlan Harmon


    • Devlan Harmon

      Uuuuuuuuuuuggggg! Damn dude you really don’t know what your talking about do you. Poor thing! Have you ever even had a dog? if so I feel sorry for it!

      • Carlos Umaña Silesky

        …Enlighten me.
        Otherwise I’ll just be under the impression that you believe a dog’s “happiness” lies in pleasing their “master”, regardless of what that entails.

    • k9sue

      You have not a clue to dog body language. This is a dog enjoying every minute of his time interacting with his owner. The dog is not controled by voice anyway, dogs don’t understand English. He has been trained to follow hand and body signal. I am a trainer and you don’t get this type of performance from a dog who is “forced’ to work.

  • hellonj973

    I own 2 working class dogs. French mastiff n a rottweiler. They been doin certain jobs for hundreds of years. Mine have 1 job and thats to gaurd the house. They love to do so. Working is in their genetics !!

  • Faris Kashif Lyle

    A lot of the comments show jealous idiots that probably couldn’t get a dog to walk with them without a leash. Hahahahaha! Give me a break. That was impressive. He obviously put in more work then you guys ever could, but I’m wasting my breath because it would be foolish of me to expect idiots to understand. Good day clowns! Responses will be ignored!

  • nels70

    We teach our children how to do things so that they learn & grow, this is called being a responsible parent why is it considered abuse if u do it for your dog after all they’re part of the family too & need to be taught how to behave in order to ensure not only their & the other members of the households safety but to co exist with everyone they come into contact with.

  • Mike Van Haaren

    doesn’t the government give us commands and rules to live by and torture us and harass us and make us homeless and jobless, get a life and see the joy in this video. any one against this video should go eat sh*t cuz that’s all I am hearing.

  • Gwevt

    Wow, such polar opposite opinions! All based on the love of their dogs (for the most part) but attacking others beliefs only overshadows your point. As a few point out dogs are individuals, just like people are and different breeds (as well as different dogs) need and respond to different things. This happens to be a breed and likely individual dog, that needs the stimulation of this type of training and thrives on the “work” as well as pleasing his or her human companion, as all dogs do. Not all breeds would get as much positive enjoyment out of this type of training and those of you who feel it would be “torture” for the dog you love are probably right but the blanket statement just doesn’t apply across the board. Olympic level athletes endure torturous activities on a regular basis and get enjoyment out of it that many of us just don’t and simply consider “torture”. Doesn’t mean we aren’t active or fit enough just means we are driven by different things, same idea. Everyone here cares enough about our dogs to comment, give everyone credit for knowing their dogs individual needs. I don’t think this trainer/owner would be able to get this dog to do this so well if the dog weren’t getting enjoyment out of it. In fact this dog would probably not be as life happy without the time/training/activity, it’s just the way he’s wired.

    • Justin Peters

      “This happens to be a breed and likely individual dog, that needs the stimulation of this type of training and thrives on the “work” as well as pleasing his or her human companion, as all dogs do.” This is a huge assumption and is not grounded in anything but what the dog was designed for, as you have no understanding of it’s happiness and to claim to is to claim an understanding of dogs we don’t have, period.

      • k9sue

        Actually, if you undertstand dog facial expression and body language you can tell what a dog is “feeling’. Dogs don’t lie. We know such dogsd thirive on work becasue they develop nuerosis and destructive probelms when they are not active. It is also instictive. Just like a wolf is driven to hunt, a dog is driven to the actrivities he was selectivly bred for be it hunt, track, herd or retrieve. .

      • Gwevt

        Exactly my point really. I believe I went on to say that no one knows this dog the way it’s owner does…but I do happen to know dogs that “thrive” on this kind of work and training and happen to own a Australian Shepherd (bred for herding)/Beagle mix myself so I am in fact familiar with the energy and drive. You are correct, however and thank you for clarifying my point I don’t know this dog personally any more than you or the other commenters here do and given that his human companion knows him better than anyone and the dogs looks happy and willing, Who’s jumping to unfair conclusions?…”not grounded in anything but what the dog was designed for” exactly!

  • Cindy Laduke

    love the dont look at it, so cute

  • bltreagan@yahoo.com

    My neighbor has a cattle dog but hers is this side of stupid. Doesn’t listen and tears everything up. It has dug a hole half way to China on the side of my porch. Now I have a chihuahua mixed with a wiener dog that is awesome trained. It can open latch type doors by pulling on a shoelace, run into the kitchen, open the cupboard and get his own treats. He rarely barks, loves everyone and even saved me from plugging in a cord to a wall that had a pipe burst in it. The power had not yet cutoff but there was water leaking from the plug, which I did not notice till after he barked to let me know.

  • Legolas

    Seeing a lot of hate over how this dog might supposedly be ‘tortured’ to get him to obey tricks. At the end of the video, listen to how the owner says “Good boy!” Listen to all the commands he gives him. Did any of them have the slightest note of someone ordering around a slave, or a robot? They were gentle instructions which the dog followed out of love for his human. I don’t own a dog, and I’m no expert, but I think this dog is loved and happy.

  • Amber Lynn Partridge

    It is good to give your dog a “job” They like feeling like they have something to do, so this is awesome! The dog is so cute and happy with his squeaky ball! My dog knows some tricks, but she has decided that her official “job” is to chase bunnies!

  • Maurice E. Gilbert Sr.

    Although the dog “Skidboot” was the first with this routine, I’m glad the fellow gives “credit” to him! This is the ‘reincarnation’ of Skidboot!!

  • Kelly B

    As the owner of a Cattledog/Shepherd mix, I assure you, that dog is happy. Cattledogs are an extremely intelligent working breed, and they ADORE training. In fact, we were warned of that before adopting ours from a rescue – it is a lot of work to have an intelligent dog in the family. My dog knows about 15-20 tricks, and we even have him trained to wait for the command to eat his food (which keeps us and our future children from getting rushed by a 50 pound dog ready to eat). Not only does he have fun doing tricks and following commands, but he is safer because he does not get himself into situations that are life-threatening. He asks us every evening to run through his tricks, gets very excited to learn new ones, and he is constantly rewarded with treats, praise, and a happy family. We rescued an amazing puppy, and training has helped him become an amazing dog who is gentle, polite, very fit, and very, very happy.

    Training is not abuse. It is teaching and helping your dog to live in your world. That dog doesn’t view the commands as orders to stay away from his favorite toy… he views them as his job and the toy is his paycheck.

    • Gidget Church

      And I vote your comment if not THE best, certainly one of the top two!!!! Your neighbors and the people who come into contact with your dog and your future children will be delighted!!

  • Angel

    In this thread, every dog owner is a dog expert and jumps to conclusions.

  • Sachanikoll

    This dog is smarter than some people I know.

    • Ryan N

      As well as many of the people commenting!

  • Frank Palmer

    I wish I could train this website to have the pop up advertising BEFORE the video so it doesn’t come on while it’s playing.

  • EC

    Undeniable proof that dogs are made of awesomeness.

  • JonesRobynj

    I saw another guy I believe was from Texas that was played a lot on TV. The dog that the other guy had. But it’s so cool to see these guys do so much with a dog.

  • NoMoreLies4US

    I live in rattlesnake country. Training a dog like this, could some day save their life.

    • Gidget Church

      They hold rattlesnake clinics almost everywhere…my vet is doing a clinic this weekend…I have not taken it with my dog because we are normally nowhere in their terrain…although I know that is becoming less defined…my CAT is the one who needs the aversion training!

      • NoMoreLies4US

        Yes, I have been doing the live snake clinics now for about 5 years. The wranglers actually come to our neighborhood so the snakes are in areas familiar to the dogs. I also for the 2nd year given the live vaccine. I know that helps as it has saved two separate neighbor’s bitten dogs.

  • John W. Martin Jr

    That is amazing! What is wrong with people like DavH? Moron. It looks like the dog was having fun showing off for his owner.. Why dont you really let a dog be a dog and dont even bother potty training then you idiot! Its sooo tyrannical of you to make the dog go outside every time it craps! Again the stupidity of some people knows no bounds… If anything this helps prove that dogs are highly intelligent and deserve to be loved and respected… Good job to the trainer!

  • Andy

    DID YOU KNOW ?? The Smartest human in the world is dumber than the dumbest dog (pet) in the world…. My point …… We expect our dogs to understand our language and get frustrated when they don’t listen BUT yet no Human can talk dog language …. FOOD FOR THOUGHT

    • Just4fun

      Hey Andy, my dog read your comment and said that’s the dumbest thing he’s ever heard.

      • k9sue

        It is true. Humans somehow think dogs will understand human language. Yet they make no attempt to understand how a dog communicates or how to help them understand us. Then they call the dog stupid, when the human is the idiot.

  • Anita Wilcher Watson

    this is an awesome dog and trainer! I have an 8 mo old rott that sure does need some serious training. She is very smart, house breaking was a breeze. But she thinks she is the boss most of the time. I know a dog this big needs to be controlled. Stressed in Arkansas

  • Beverly Strabley

    My dog will NOT do anything I ask her to AND I know she darned well knows what I am saying! She just chooses to do as she wants as do. My grandboys and their mama (my daughter). Must be me!!! lol

    • k9sue

      Dogs don’t understand human language. you need to learn how to communicate with her and teach her with patience and reward.

  • Peter Liemberg

    “Klúger Hans” to the max! Impressive though…

  • http://www.milliondollarmindset.net/ metallive

    Just amazing!

  • Ronni Grisanti Merwede

    Cant people watch something and just be happy with what they see, everything has to be analyzed and ripped apart!!! This dog is amazing and just wants to make his owner happy. Do you not teach your children and expect them to learn and LISTEN??????? Get a grip people and lighten up a bit!!!!!

  • Dani

    The comments here leave me in disbelief.. Please start learning about dogs, how to entertain them, how to make their life exciting. Start with the clicker, another very evil tool for controlling owners ;) seriously… I can’t believe it…

  • Wayne Harasym

    Not everyone will torture their dog to train them. A lot of dogs learn things out of loving them. This is a fact.

  • David

    I have a cat that does all these things.

  • jed_hoyer

    where’s the world smartest dog?

  • Wearemany

    How adorable!

  • patrick quinn

    Somewhat impressive but smartest dog? I think not…my dog does my taxes every April 15th…

  • Louisiana Lady

    Having owned, trained and loved a series of bird dogs, I can tell you that they will do whatever you can convey to them that you want them to do. And they clearly enjoy it. They become very excited about their ‘play’. Dogs are domesticated animals that live to interact with their owners. I do not abuse my pets, but learning to control them is an important and responsible thing to do.

  • Simon M

    Doesn’t anybody realise this is fake? Obviously it’s a smart dog and someone’s controlling it. But the guy’s voice was recorded indoors – you can clearly hear the room atmos – and the squeaking toy is incredibly badly dubbed. Jesus christ people, wake up.

    • k9sue

      Wake up. This dog is not trained with words. He is following signals and body cues given by the trainer. It doesn’t matter what he says. Dogs don’t communicate by language, only humans do. Humans are so stuck on words that is all they can notice.

  • z–man

    My dog takes over driving the car when I get tired.

  • Enrico

    This is just sad. How possibly the life of this dog is improved learning to perform all this useless actions? Let him free, and give him a break, at the count of three…

    • thomaspainelives

      A dog likes attention, it likes tasks. Shepards naturally herd animals, even children. The dog in this video is probably one of the most well adjusted dogs in the world because he’s been given tasks and attention.

      • Enrico

        I see, but still all these tasks make no sense to me. And we human are so sure to understand everything about animal psychology that we do not even want to raise a doubt about what is the best for them.

        • Gidget Church

          Enrich, it is an activity, like teaching your child to bake cookies or make a sailboat, that kind of things…an activity that takes time, they work together and both are quite happy

        • k9sue

          They don’t care what they do. They just want to do something with their owner. This is instict for a working dog. They are unhappy without a “job”.

    • lucyricardanon

      If you break it down, most of those cues/actions are actually quite useful. Sit, down, wait, back up – all good things for a dog to know how to do on cue, for convenience and sometimes their own safety.

      • Gidget Church

        You are absolutely right, my dog can do each of those…not the counting, but I will fool him when he is waiting for a command, I’ll say other stuff and he waits til he hears that command…but this is a wonderful routine…it takes time to shape those all together…wonderful

    • k9sue

      Dogs like this don’t want to be ‘free’. They want to work, especially with their owners. This dog obvioulsy enjoys the time he spends with his owner. Unlike people with nuerotic,spoiled untrained dogs treated like human babies. Or dog locked up 9 hours a day while their owners are at work.

  • Eddie

    I will not own a dog that’s smarter than me.

  • Athena007

    If that dog was abused into submission, he wouldn’t be enjoying the toy so much. He would be too afraid. That said, this is why I prefer cats. I like a partnership, not a Dom/sub relationship. No hate at all, though. It’s an adorable video and the trainer is an exceptional man, obviously. The dog wouldn’t listen if he wasn’t.

    • Gidget Church

      There is a guy who rescues shelter cats, trains them using a clicker and I swear they are unreal in their abilities since they are so much more agile than their canine friends

      • Athena007

        I’ll have to look for that! Thanks for the info! It’s good he’s saving the animals, too.

  • Wybe Rood

    Dog is humans creation. If it weren’t for humans, there would just be wolves. Agree? So dog is humans little slave play thing. Everyone involved with dog is perpetuating this relationship. (anyone with pets really) That’s ALL there is to it.
    Now. Go see your shrink. Come on Go! No wait. Sit! Crawl. obey. Go.

    • Athena007

      A lot of people don’t know that about dogs. I believe it was the Inuit who first “created” the husky. All dogs are created, and it is their deformities that were bred to create new breeds. I’ve had wolves, huskies, German Shepherds, and mixes of all three. There is a difference in personalities, but they all will defend their human to the death if they are loved.

      • Gidget Church

        Then you haven’t had a wolf. Geeze

        • Athena007

          Are you mentally challenged? Yes, dear, I’ve cared for full blood greys as well as hybrids. Wolves do still exist. “Geeze”

    • k9sue

      Sorry your information is incorrext. it is well researched and known that dogs tamed themselves. Their ancestors began hanging around humans to eat their garbage. It was a steady diet, easier than hunting. Dogs were never wolves, they share a common ancestor. Eventually humans strarted feeding them, using them as watchdogs and to guard iivestock. Breeds came about much later when humans bred them for a specific job.

  • Joyce Riebe

    Awesome! He’s as good as Skidboot was at this routine!

  • DAN

    Is this crule,or is this dog enjoying the dance to?

  • Aneesah Cooper

    Not surprised to see it is a cattle dog, aren’t they supposed to be one of the smartest breeds of dog? Very cute video, such a good pup!

  • Crystal Thomas

    we trained our retriever/lab similar but with her food bowl she eats when i say ok and if i say stop she moves away …same with her squeaker and in result she is more layed back with the kids even at a young age

  • Doris Bedoya

    hey are so smart and special, I love you

  • LeRoy Rowland

    What a dumb dog ;)


  • Shilo Evans

    People can never just watch something and if they hate it say NOTHING…and if they like it say BIG UP and let it rest. Damn! Why did I scroll down? Now I have to re watch so I can log off with the memory of the cute obedient doggy to make me smile

  • Kristi Renee Williams

    Reminds me of Skidboot who was on Pet Star years ago. Same kind of dog and routine. Love it!!! Pretty sure not the same owner though.

  • JC

    What wonderful training and what a great dog! Congrats for the excellent relationship

  • Amy

    What makes me laugh is that people are getting defensive about dog-controlling, but why is it any different to teaching children how to behave?

    • Frank

      Because dogs are better in every conceivable way.

    • Gidget Church

      Because most likely those people objecting are the ones who don’t even teach their pets the most basic of manners and their offspring tend to be just as bad…menaces to all of us

    • Devlan Harmon


  • dennyofoz

    Being well trained is different than being smart. Having said that smarter dogs are usually easier to train and get to do complex routines

  • Purrasic Jark

    Showing off how ‘dominant’ you are makes you a cunt.

    • gatorgirl59

      And you making a statement like you did, made you one as well!! That is a very well trained dog that I personally would love to have 1 just like it!! Go to bed moron!

    • http://yahoo.com/ peter kirk

      and you, are a perfect azzhole!! azzhole!

  • Gwen Farr

    This is terrific, and the dog loves his work, but the original routine, as the trainer says- was done by “Skid Boot” The most amazing and most loved dog. He is gone now, but you ought to look him and his owner up on youtube. Skid Boot’s owner was a simple farrier with an incredible bond with his dog. <3

  • Anne Milligan

    I think it’s weird. I don’t like it.

  • Elizabeth

    Actually the trainer is the amazing one!

  • AlaskanGirls

    I hate sites that embed YouTube videos to get clicks… it sucks… it’s already on YouTube…

  • Barbara Stevens

    I read once that dogs understand tone of voice (not the language itself). Animals are intelligent beings as are all animals. Some like to please the leader of the pack (like canines) and no doubt the dog was conditioned with food rewards to do this routine.

    • k9sue

      Dogs are trained to visual cues as well. I communicate to my dog via hand signals. They understand visual cues better than language.

  • lah122

    @Stacey — Cattle Dogs are primarily bred to herd cattle, not sheep (although they can herd sheep). Very different, actually. I do agree that this is a happy dog. Many don’t understand the drive and satisfaction working dogs get from doing “work” given to them by their handlers. I had a red heeler/husky mix and he bugged me like crazy until I set up challenges for him. The “freezing” in place, backing up, “slinking” up on an object, hunkering down and waiting are all natural behaviors for herding dogs. The dog is enjoying it and shows no signs of distress.

  • pen44

    WOW!!! Great dog!!! Great dog trainer!!

    Yes, Stacey Gardner, “working” breeds LOVE to work. Just as hunting dogs, the setters, pointers & retrievers love to do their “jobs”…herders love to herd. Sheep dogs love to herd & guard.

    We had a English setter/Welsh setter/black Lab mix who would retrieve until you couldn’t throw anymore….and retrieving from water, ocean, pond, creek, lake, river, was even more fun. Of course, we were always careful about tides & currents. Mandy was also a very quick learner because she loved my husband and wanted to please him. They were a team for 14 years…he’s never really gotten over losing her.

  • annallyson

    For people who believe only oppressive or cruel training methods can produce this kind of training, you should watch the dog that inspired this video. His name is Skidboot. The video shows the backstory of how he and his owner came to be a team. It’s the sweetest thing, and there is obviously an incredible amount of love there. Here’s the video:


    For the record, I have four dogs and not one of them can do a single trick other than sit, stay and come. I’m a big believer in treating your dog like a member of the family and letting them learn the family rules just like a kid would. However, I also don’t think that my way is the only way. A dog that knows tricks can be just as respected as one that does not. Watch Skidboot and see.

  • Roxene Kimes

    oh my… this makes me miss my auzie. Border collies and Auzies are The smartest most loving pooches period..

  • dukki


    • Satan’s Taint

      I’m sure even the dog would know not to type in all caps.

  • Dog is great, cats are awesome

    Amazing..!! This dog is very very smart, AND LOVE TO BE IT..
    You have trained him very well..

    He want to listen, and shows he think its fun too..

    Be good to him and give him lots of love.. he deserve a lot of attention with he´s smart brain

  • Tina Berry

    thats realy needt

  • jbizzle

    this is fake. you can hear the audio cut in and out. he was simply adding his voice after the video was shot.

    • jbizzle

      i love collies, terriers and labs BTW

  • Tony McGrath

    Ever wondered why dogs love squeaky toys so much? Because they sound just like a dying animal. That’s why deep down we adore and respect dogs so much. They are just like us. Born to kill.

  • craigDBN

    I can also film a dog doing random stuff, then do a voice-over.

  • Gav

    As dogs don’t speak English and can only comprehend basic audio or visual cues it is obvious the audio of this video was recorded retrospectively

    • k9sue

      Wrong. Dogs undertand many visual cues made up of varrious hand and body signals. Dogs like this are trained to respond to visual cues, not works. My dog do many “tricks” based on hand signals and I can “say” whatever I want,it doesn’t matter. It’s only humans that think talking is the only way to communictae.

  • alpest

    It is absolutely pathetic. Fake or not. Either this guy spent hours training his dog or editing this video. It seems he has too much time left to spent on pointless activities…

  • Gil Joe


    • k9sue

      The words are irrlevant. the dog is trained to respond to hand signals and body cues. Humans are so easy to fool.

  • Anon

    I do not own a dog, I own cats. Cats (my cats) generally do what they want. They are happy. As a by-stander who knows nothing about dogs, I see the benefit in good training. This dog looks focused. This dog can understand / recognise a voice that indicates it’s ok to do something. If a theoretical dog is generally understood to be happy under the instruction and command of a pack leader, then giving commands to instruct the dog would make it happy. Given the perceived intelligence of a dog, humans (generally) treat these animals with respect. In the same manner we command our children to follow a particular behaviour, we do not torture them nor do we treat them as slaves. We lay a foundation for good behaviour that is acceptable as part of the communities we live in. These, however, can be extremely varied. What I see here is an excellent trained dog who loves what he is doing in his particular situation. I do not know the nature of the dog, it’s breed, or it’s history. However, from previous comments I understand that it is a “sheep herder”. This requires strict control control. This dog has the skills and talent to perform at his best, whilst enjoying it. I do not know what goes on behind closed doors, however, if someone is to “abuse” or “torture” their dog, I don’t think they would post it publicly on the internet, for all to see and comment. This thread is amusing because; a lot of people attack the character of the commentee (I think that’s a word). If one is so sensitive and insecure about their belief that they have to convince others to believe it, perhaps it’s not a strong belief. A belief doesn’t require a following, it is either faith or fact. Personally, I like this video and think the dog has been trained well and is extremely clever. For those who want to comment just for the sake of commenting, good for you, it’s exactly what I have done. If you want to attack other’s personalities because they disagree, it speaks volumes about your own personality. If you are trying to convince others that they are wrong and that your opinion and belief is correct, start another religion.

    Thank you for the amusing thread. But largely thank you for the video, that also cheered up my wife on a bad day at work.

    • Gidget Church

      I have also seen cats trained to do various things…my cats will fetch, but it is more on their play schedule, where the dog is always ready to do and learn…lots of cats do well with clicker training, but I haven’t tried that with ours….

  • ciobanucezar18@gmail.com


  • Barb Searle

    I find this ‘annoying’ for some reason.. Sure it’s ok to train your dog
    to do everyday tasks but prolonged continuous orders like this would
    pizz me off big time if I were that dog or failing that, drive it to
    madness in a few years.. and sure, dogs will ‘thrive’ on commands but they
    are not machines! Relax your glutes human owner! The dog already
    does your work for you when commanded and is a true and loyal friend –
    just give it some respect and stop driving it nuts with your stupid
    backwards and forwards circus act!

    • Werner Blazejewski

      Get a life! Nothing looks stupid to a dog! Grrrr Woman!

    • Gidget Church

      Either you have no dog, you have an untrained dog miserable to be around or you know enough about the nature of dogs to fill a thimble…too bad. Dogs love to learn…this is all about time spent rewards given, whether a toy or a treat, and the excitement of a jub well done. Shaping a behavior is fun for dog and master…dogs don’t particularly like being a couch potato…if that’s what you want, get a stuffie

    • k9sue

      So you think because you see a video of a couple of mintues, that means the dog is doing this routine 24/7? You obviolusly know little about dogs or how they are trained.

  • Ken Sundwall

    @Stacey Gardner:disqus ‘s comments about well trained dogs falls slightly short of the full explanation of having a well trained working dog. I was watching a recent reality show that stated it perfectly. This woman sells exotic wools and had recently purchased a rather expensive sheep dog from England. Although it seemed to be trained, somewhat, it wouldn’t follow her commands. As she stated in her narrative, this is not acceptable and she needed to get this dog under “her” control because if she didn’t the dog and/or she could get seriously hurt or even killed. This is the reason a dog must stand perfectly still when it’s “master” orders it. If it is facing down a bull or ram, that dog doesn’t stand a chance. Even worse, if out on the range or even in a pen, if a rattlesnake or other poisonous snake or dangerous varmint is poised to attack, the immediate control of the dog may be the only thing that saves it’s life. So if you are against this type of training, then you obviously are against the safety of these dogs, because without this type of training, they couldn’t effectively do their job safely.

    • Peter Meehan

      @ Ken Sundwall *slow clap* Well, looks like someone just got schooled. Nice.

  • Dave

    Everyone realises that this guy videoed a dog’s random actions and then just voiced it back to make it look like he was directing it right?

    • Constantinos

      The dog is smarter than you bro!

    • Rdhdkid

      And the moon landing was filmed in a closed hangar at Area 51?

    • k9sue

      Fooled you. The dog is not paying attention to the “words” at all. Dogs like this are trained using hand signals and body cues.

  • Felicity Gay Moore

    I am Australian, the Australian Cattle dog, Kelpie, Border Collie and Blue/Red Heeler etc. Are the most amazing dogs. On Cattle/ Sheep Stations here, these dogs are used for herding. They need hardly any training and they are very much loved animals. They cost a fortune to breed and are very valuable dogs. They are not tortured in any way and enjoy their working days. They are very close to their owners and thrive on working the sheep and cattle. Most of the Cattlemen & Women train the dogs to respond to whistles only. They are fascinating to watch when they are working. If the owner is on a quad bike and it’s time to go back to the house or camp, the dog leaps up onto the quad bike and hitches a ride home with his much loved owner/trainer. They just love to work and having owned a Kelpie and also a Queensland heeler, Dingo cross, you don’t have to train them much at all. In fact, when they are very young, if you put them in with say the chooks or calves and lambs, on instinct they will start to try and herd them without any training. Very smart dogs. We have competitions over in Australia, called Sheep Dog Trials. Where the farmers bring their dogs for competitions. Go on to YouTube, you’ll find the most incredible posts of these trials.

    • Gidget Church

      Often in this county they hold sheepdog trials…I swear they are little people in dog outfits…no, wait, people aren’t that smart…..joking aside, the rhythm and partnership between the human and the sheepdog is almost like magic…some work with hand signals, some with whistles or a combo of same (most likely whichever is necessary for the terrain is what is used). The dog is the herder’s most valuable asset…do not do not get one of these dogs unless you are prepared to give it a job!! Great video….you idiots talking about torture need to go get a life..

  • Rebamjr

    He is similar to ‘Skidboot’, also a cattle dog, who lived in East Texas. Skidboot was on Jay Leno, Oprah, state fairs, a gazillion book signings all over the country and various local TV shows. Skidboot was an exceptionally smart dog and gained worldwide fame. Skidboot, RIP 2007.

  • Robert

    My pitbull can do anything that dog can do then kick its butt afterwards.

    • k9sue

      Owners like you give Pit Bulls a bad reputation.

  • Bobby Richardson

    I have the nephew to skidboot which does the routine mentioned in this video and can tell you a cattle dog is very unhappy if he doesn’t have a task or job to do. they love to perform so to speak. the dog in this video is very smart and very well trained. they come by it naturally.

  • Zeldapie

    As Omar says at the start of the video, this routine is based on the great Skidboot, the smartest dog ever! I remember watching Skidboot’s routine on an Animal Planet show (I think in the late 1990s) and was AMAZED at his skill and intelligence.

  • Sandy Shell

    My guess is this dog was trained like Lassie dogs were trained. (I don’t know the name of the type of training) I trained my dog like that thirty years ago. They learn tricks in like 5 minutes at this point > and without treats… However the first 6 months of being trained they are “yelled at” a lot. Hard to explain, but the training works and after the first six months you never have to yell at them ever again and they will always obey. Problem is they never think for themselves, they always need someone to tell them what to do. For example, my dog would lay in the rain unless you told him to go into the dog house. I have learned the error of my ways ~but I did have one of the most awesome dogs. They called him a wonder dog, and I called him my friend > but would hope that now days their are plenty of awesome ways to train a dog besides this way.

  • erin

    Everyone should google Skidboot…because he is not even as good as skidboot and that video is like a decade old. plus this sounds voiced over.

  • http://janolaf.wordpress.com/ Jan Olaf Ellefsen

    The relation between emotions and sense is understood deep enough, but the relation between emotions and will is almost not at all understood.

  • Mary Rose-Smith

    and I thought to myself – I’m going to read the comments this time because how in the world can people find the negative in this? Well…I guess jumped the gun on this a little eh? Yes – I can see how neglected and abuse this dog is. You know what? This dog really isn’t being controlled. At any point in time he can decide he wants to grab the squeaky ball and run around. This is no more cruel than sending your kids to school. A bored dog is an unhappy dog.I took my treeing walker coonhound for a walk in the country the other day. (we have 40 acres in the middle of nowhere) Just as 8 deer bounded across the road I thought to myself , “Crap, I didn’t bring the leash.” She took about 5 steps up. I told her not to even think about it. She stopped and trotted back to me. Training is an amazing thing. Keeps them safe sometimes.

    • Destiney Marsh Fischer

      how dare you keep your dog safe you tyrant lol jk

  • Allison Cox

    I can’t even get my dog to stop biting my toes.

  • Jerel Young

    That’s a very smart dog. I wonder how long it took to train him.

  • donschneider

    Bite the damned trainer !

  • Keith Descoteaux

    Those of you who think this is inhumane or “torture”… Do you know what you have to do to get a dog to behave like that and memorize so many commands? Can you guess? You have to spend an obscene amount of time with it. You have to form a bond with the dog. The dog has to WANT to make you happy by completing these tasks. Is this guy making the dog drag patio stones across a field? No he is simply teaching the dog tricks and the dog is clearly enjoying every minute of it. There is NOTHING a dog appreciates and enjoys more than the company of it’s master. The FIRST thing you learn about dogs is that they wave their tails when they are happy, guess what this dog was doing the ENTIRE video? If everyone trained their dogs with this much effort you’d have zero dog attacks, you wouldn’t have entire breeds of dogs being banned, and at the end of the day you’d have fewer dogs being put down just because their owners didn’t know how to care for them.

  • snowstormsef

    That was incredible

  • Michael Osterfeld

    Who is “they”

    • k9sue

      Who are you asking?

  • Ronnie MayMagic

    I have performing dogs. They love an audience, the bigger the better. They just love to show off what they can do and love the applause and the fuss after the show. They come to my day job with me most days, but for about 2 weeks when I didn’t take them, I came home to find them on their props wanting to “work”. Dogs love to be kept active and challenged, with new “tricks”.
    Omar your training is fantastic.

  • Gordie Hordie

    Big deal. I can do most of those tricks

  • Destiny

    Are our “smartest” humans the ones that take orders best? By what criteria do we determine “intelligence”?

    • k9sue

      Who says he is “taking orders”. Modern dog trainers use postive motivation so the dogs enjoy their training. It is all ganes to them. My dogs get excited when they see me getting ready for a training session. They love to play the games.

  • jessbrown0802

    Since people clearly think this is “abusing” the dog.. by giving the dog commands and a job to perform.. I would love to know what people think about seeing eye dogs and other disability dogs? Are we “abusing” these dogs as well? These dogs are working breeds, they need a task and love pleasing their owner. Teaching them commands is a way to challenge their minds and help them be a happier animal.

  • Rene Avenant

    All that effort for a squeaky toy ! You call that smart ? The most dumb-ass dog I’ve ever did see.

  • Kathrin

    I found this kind of mean.

  • Jo Ann Haglund

    okay, this is a video about a very well loved and well trained dog. how’d the rest of your comments come into play here?

  • starberry queen

    I own a red heeler if he would come out of his shell,he might be good dog. He annoys me,because he licks his nose all the time. Trainers can do one training yet there are things about dogs that THEY can’t untrain out of the dog.

    • Gidget Church

      If you are serious, it may be like a nervous habit people get. First be sure (sorry) the nose isn’t leaking something and that’s why he is licking; then distract him when he starts….dogs do lots of things like that when they are bored…mine will sometimes bite his nails…good luck

      • starberry queen

        yes, Gidget, I would agree with. you. I also noticed,he doesn’t do this inside as much,but does lick. ty for your comment. I am now carrying a squicky toy BULB to distract him,since I have no clicker. have good day.

    • k9sue

      A dog licking his nose repeatedly is a sign of fear or stress. You can solve the problem buy trying to address his fear. When he is no longer afraid, he will stop licking.

      • starberry queen

        ty for that k9sue. He is doing it less,since I took notice of it

        another issue he has is run off on me,(to van) when he feels uncomfortable,which is daily… kennel dog has issues.unleashed. that’s issue as well. Dogs are big commitments… oh does it give me headache.

      • Guest

        I solved the problem,SOLD him. bye bye doggy.

        • k9sue

          Took the easy way out. If you were too lazy to help train him to overcome his fears, doesn’t say much about you. I hope the dog gets a better owner and you don’t get another dog.

  • Candy

    I watched a show about border collies, and how they’re trained to help herd. It was amazing. They even understood whistles when they couldn’t see their owners. They knew when to “not obey” when it would lead to herding sheep off a cliff. This dog has obviously had a lot of human contact. He is a working dog, a herding dog. They love jobs and mental stimulation. It was bred into them by US. This a dog who is treated well. For those saying this dog is mistreated, please put your time and effort and “worries” into actual mistreatment, such as dog fighting and puppy mills.

  • Candy
  • Beetit

    Yes it’s a smart dog, but it’s not exactly surprising or out of this world special especially for this type of breed. I am glad that the owner has taken time with the dog to build this relationship, but that was about 1min 30 sec too long for me.

  • rebecca

    He is BRILLIANT!

  • Andy Darby

    Wow – I see a post about amazingly well trained dog who wants to please his master…Below I see comments highlighting the tinderbox of human hatred that can so easily be ignited between each other…No wonder we are surrounded by warring countries and atrocities everywhere..”Civilisation” seems such a thin veneer these days…If only we were as civilised as dogs.

    • iamnotroysten

      Some people are just dick noses.

      • Devlan Harmon

        Ha Ha!

      • Ali Shaheed

        Indeed. There are way to many Jewish rats around.

    • Devlan Harmon

      If only indeed! :)

  • kmac

    Reminds me of Skidboot…

    • Rdhdkid

      I think Skidboot was better.

  • Linda Holt

    I cant believe all this flack over a real smart and cute dog video

  • Rocska Adrian

    OMG the dog can count . whatc haw he flinches after 2 .

  • Stephane

    I had a Golden Retreiver, not as good as this dog, but pretty close !!! You get to love them so much when they are well trained.

  • patrick

    i’m pretty sure the guys just narrated the video with his voice to match what the dog was doing on his own. there are plenty of videos the same as this one done for the purpose of being funny, but not to premote themselves as an “amazing dog trainer” like this guy.

  • Liadan

    Actually, I do now of a dog that’s better trained than this. Not to take away from this amazing dog. Same breed too.

  • Lucas O’Dell

    Omg.. I think I just read the “special people” comments, where are the normal comments.. Like simply, “oh man thats cool” or “I wish my dog would do that” Look bitch everyone knows with enough training, a dog can do amazing things. Don’t give the power to the dog, who trained it. That’s right, a human. And no, the dog obviously is not tortured, I sure as hell didnt see any signs of abuse. Seriously people this is why are country is shit. Stop worrying dog videos and live your life. Most of you could go back to school from what I can see. So on that note, please dont breed either, we don’t need any more dumbasses here in the states. We already have one that’s running the country straight into the ground. Oh yea, for those that are going to talk shit, I don’t care lol My name is Lucas O’Dell and I for one am not a coward and if you wanna see my pic, I’m on facebook. I’m also lurking in your shadows, waiting for my chance to put it in your butt;)

  • Gregg Miller

    unfortunately dog trainers torture the dog into
    doing as they say.

    • Lynnette Shuster

      ::cough:: bullshit ::cough::

    • Gidget Church

      Gosh Gregg, I wish that were true, I would pay for you to go away to dog training camp

  • Centerfold Skye

    That is insane word recognition.

  • Detroiter51_01

    He’s mentally torturing that dog.

  • Matt Vaughn

    If anyone honestly saw this as mistreatment of the animal, you are what’s wrong with the world. Congratulations.

  • Lucas O’Dell

    Are you serious? Do you not know what goes into training a dog to get results like that? Lots of treats, lots of good attention, you don’t get results like that from torturing. Pull your fuckin head out of your ass Gregg Miller. Or stop talking out of it. Your fit right in with the special people I was talking about.

  • Lucas O’Dell

    You can tell in the trainers voice that he is doing NOTHING to torture that dog. That’s a happy dog. You wouldn’t be able to get an unhappy dog to do that.

  • gunul
  • http://www.masterdevcenter.com/ Dan Beaulieu

    reading some dumb comments so I had to comment. There’s no debate on ethics, the dog enjoys this greatly. Dogs love to work or they wouldn’t embrace the training in the first place.

  • Jack Splat

    Looks like a hoax to me. He taped the dog then added the sound later. Otherwise he would be on camera.

  • Marie

    That was cute…..

  • suzanne

    How does this go from an intelligent and beautiful canine and it’s loving owner to a religious debate and insults going back & forth . You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Can’t you all just enjoy a video for what it is and nothing more. Goodness gracious.

  • Victoria

    This routine you’ve “never seen before is based off of Skidboot the dog featured on animal planets Pet Star. http://youtu.be/hYczb_I7QKk

    • heather

      They said ti was in the begining

  • Chell Price

    This conversation is pretty intense. It’s also based on quite a lot of speculation. The only things we actually know for sure are 1) it’s a highly trained dog and 2) it has a heightened understanding of linguistic cues. The rest (e.g. whether it’s happy or sad) is based purely on opinion, and everyone is allowed one of those. Irrespective of the video clip, I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the presence of ‘Penis’ and ‘Poop’ tonight. I’m sure molecular scientists will be thrilled to have proof that the wanker gene exists.

  • Catalacjack

    I had a Brittany that would “hunt” a whole field while I stood on the edge and directed her with whistles and hand signals. If she would point up I would walk out and flush whatever she pointed.

  • Robert Paul Hudson

    Obviously this web site pays no attention to the web site comments at all. What a shame.

  • mohammed

    evil dog.. training it to kill things, fuck these people!

    • Athena007

      Go strap on some “sparkling candles” and visit your family. Thanks!

      • mohammed

        Where you live?

        • Athena007

          None of your mf’ing business but if that’s a veiled threat, I can find out where you live.

          • mohammed

            Ha ha ha! Allah will have this vengeance!

          • Athena007

            What of his daughters? They’re pretty ticked off at your pedo prophet for destroying their good name. You do realize that the 72 virgins are men, right?

        • Athena007

          I’ve been threatened by pedo muslims quite a bit. Nothing you say bothers me. All your threats prove is that you’re scared. Don’t worry. I’m sure they have female goats.

          • mohammed

            hahaha! little child is getting scared, I bet your crying to your mother about this and cuddling your blanket begging for it to be over hahaha!

          • Athena007

            Let’s not talk about mothers. I would have to bring up muslim mothers who strap bombs to their children’s chests and blow them up to kill innocent people. You really should put down the hookah pipe, dear. You’re projecting your childhood again.

          • Ali Shaheed


            I will have to ask you to stop insulting brother Mohammed, for he is a powerful and pious Muslim. You have been issued a fatwa and we will give you a good stoning for your insolent behavior.

          • Athena007

            AliBabaSuckMoohamad SEAL Team 6 is on the way to your hovel. Prepare to meet your 72 virgin goats like Bin Lying. Have a nice (and short) day!

        • Athena007

          Oh, look! Now you’re talking like the pedo you are. That’s what you get for worshiping a child raping prophet .. you start wishing to sexually abuse your own child.

  • mohammed

    If Allah was here would would cut off the owners head for making the dog do such evil things!

  • Courtney

    My pitbull loves doing things like this, being tested. She lives for it!

  • Larry Merryfield

    Lets see here, What was the dog exactly trained to do? This is not brain surgery, My 3 month old puppy does the same thing.

  • Carole

    Love your dog!

  • Cheesetits

    You can hear the audio edits. Still cool but a cheat.

  • Dwayne Gresham

    These are basic water dog techniques.

  • Massa

    The negroes I keep as slaves thrive on doing farm work. Seriously, it is not unnatural. They love the sun and love the work they do under it.

  • Colin Spencer

    You can always judge a man by his dog. Intelligent dog, intelligent owner. The never fails. Obviously, there are people putting insulting and hateful remarks about this posting who have stupid dogs with bad attitudes. Working dogs love the word “work”. They just love to be busy and involved with their owners. Not just ornaments.

  • Dru-ellen Riggs

    Many of you people are just too sad and act like your in grade school. it’s a shame to waste this forum on garbage. the dog seems to like it’s job, can you say that?

  • Chris OSullivan

    If you cant modestly yet perfectly weave the understanding of human emotion and ‘choice’ with canine perception and ‘choice’ and in turn project your emotion on canines and project canines perception on your emotion, and collapse all your thought as a prism inside a prism and havent owned a canine for atleast 15 months, and havent been owned by a canine for atleast 15 minutes, if you havent often minced the words tanline with canine and gotten outdoors with your pup, if you havent dreamt that you in fact were a dog at one point, if you havent seen My Life As A Dog, if you havent been curious to find the words ‘yeah dog’ slipping from your lips after a game winning shot on the blacktop, if you havent seen the meme with Sean Connery repeating “You the Man now Dog”, if you havent read comments where everyone in the whole comment section wants to train their chatroom courts and urge them to take a step back or go more slowly, reinforcing their stupidity or ‘social dependence’ lol, if you havent wondered whether it IS racist to think all collies might feel the same way about this relationship (kidding), if you feel guilty for secretly knowing its only a matter of time before all the arguing over dog training and treatment happens, before someone suddenly gets angry about cat treatment, particularly tabbies, for not training them and occupying–motherfuckers used to chase sheep for days before the Ottoman empire, we been coddling those felines for 2 T H O U S A N D years son! If you havent watched Dances with Wolves and felt giddy that you could actually straddle the fence of disbelief, suspended by Costner really convincing himself of the role and his “dumber and dumber” relationship with Two Toes, if you cant sum this up into one kneejerk response, then …. you dont even deserve to be in this conversation. < 3

    • Chris OSullivan

      So awesome!

      • Chris OSullivan

        But I hope the dog is still feeling good!

        • Chris OSullivan

          I wonder if the trainer is a nice man!

          • Chris OSullivan

            Did you hear that both scientists and theologists are actively working on this case!

          • Chris OSullivan

            Did anyone stop to think that it is really the sheep that are suffering in this video, or rather the lack of sheep to be trained by the dog that was trained by the human that was trained by god who was trained by the sheep.

  • Dana Cooke

    Haha, is there something wrong with you people??? Anyway.. Nice video

    • Dru-ellen Riggs


  • asdf

    Now my pit is trying to get the squeaky toy in the computer… thanks.

  • FallenHeros

    Cool tricks, the time and effort each day to train this dog to do these things I come to two conclusions. (A) Use this dog to pick up random girls would be too easy e or (B) Never get laid because you spend all your free time training a dog.

  • Venita Bradley

    does he do children???

  • pixeloid

    1, 2, 2 1/2… What a jerk!

  • Franky Musky

    Maybe you just need a life man. A years blasting people on this thread ? Really ? Man ..

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    The fact that 44 people thumbed up such a shitty comment shows the level of stupidity of dog owners today. She obviously knows what she’s talking about and you didn’t prove in any way she didn’t from what you said. She gave an opinion and explained why, your entire comment is nothing but an insult. Like I said the fact this comment is well received says something about the trash on this thread.

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    “This happens to be a breed and likely individual dog, that needs the stimulation of this type of training and thrives on the “work” as well as pleasing his or her human companion, as all dogs do.” This is a huge assumption and is not grounded in anything but what the dog was designed for, as you have no understanding of it’s happiness and to claim to is to claim an understanding of dogs we don’t have, period.

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    Oh hey guess what, you thought wagging meant a dog was happy, but you are an ignorant fucking fool because all that means is excitement it would do that if it was about to fucking die too is it suicidal then? See you haughtily, arrogantly talk some shit when you are talking Right out of your ass, and now that I called you on it you probably won’t do a damn thing but get your ego up or say nothing. Nah you couldn’t just admit you are a complete ignorant fucking fool who doesn’t know anything about nature beyond what the T.V tells you. Enjoy living in ignorance dumbass.

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    What you mean is you are a complete asshat, and you are mad about it, but you’ve got too big of an ego to admit it. It’s ok we see clowns like you all the time.

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    Lmao humans help keep animals from going extinct? Explain that to the millions of species we send packing to extinction since we came to this planet.

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    Wait so what if the dog doesn’t act exactly like I want it to at all times? I deal with it and move on there’s a difference between teaching your dog to avoid danger and to not jump on people and this, the fact that your side can’t see that, and to you it’s the ole “Republican” black and white, this or that, shows how fucking stupid you people are. There was a time when I thought it was simple ignorance, but I’ve decided that sadly is not the case, it’s raw stupidity that makes you think the way you do. You know what my dog does when she sees someone new? Runs up to them and lays her head on the ground, no training required. She only jumps on people if they are playing with her. She never bites anyone or any other dog, NO TRAINING, just actual nurturing, actually treating my dog like a sentient being, it’s very easy. She peed in the house Once, I told her no and took her outside the next time I thought she had to pee and from then on she comes and tells me when she needs to go. How? Hard training? Long hours? Fuck no. You talk about all these wild scenarios where your dog attacks someone it’s fucking comical really.

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    You obviously literally have no understanding of nature at all. The only dogs that enjoy pleasing their masters more than “being themselves” are that way through selective evolutionary breeding. It has nothing the fuck to do with nature, and if you think it does go pet a grey wolf.

    Justin Peters • a day ago

    They prefer to work as a result of Specifically Nurture actually sir, unless you don’t understand dog breeding at all. By nature they are gray wolves that are not tame in any respect and most certainly would not want to “work”. That’s like saying cows are the way they are by nature or bananas are the way they are naturally.

    Discussion on Forward Progressives

    The Truth About Republican Racism and the “Southern Strategy”

    Justin Peters • 9 months ago

    Everyone is racist on the basis of skin color. It’s not a choice it’s a fact and if you went through the trouble of looking into tests done about this you would know this. Not saying racism is good, or right, but it’s a fact that practically every person, no matter how “non racist” they are, when tested tests as being at least somewhat racist against other races than theirs. This is important to Know, not to Deny, because it allows you to fight a natural bias that your brain has, to realize that bias is unjustified, and to counter it.

    Justin Peters • 9 months ago

    Some are, but this mass classification into sides is foolish IMO. They are ignorant of the realities of the world and they are irrational and indoctrinated to believe stupid things, almost always by religion. If you want to be part of the solution don’t stereotype all Republicans into a single mindset. It’s simply not true that they are all about hate, in fact many of them probably believe with everything they are that they are doing what is right and just. Doesn’t make them right, but it does mean they are not to be “blamed” for being them, though they still must be fought.

    Discussion on YouGov UK

    British Youth reject Religion

    Justin Peters • 9 months ago

    So what created God? If everything has to be created you can’t magically make up an entity that doesn’t have to be created, the foolishness of this argument is hilarious really. If you can say God always existed I can say the universe, or the physics that led to the creation of the universe always existed. There is no difference. Using your imagination to dream up a super being that doesn’t need to have a beginning just allows you to embrace ignorance, nothing more.

    The big bang did not come from celestial dust, and the fact you think it did shows your horrifyingly shallow understanding of the big bang theory.

    Discussion on Friendly Atheist

    Prayer at a Preschool Graduation

    Justin Peters • 10 months ago

    It’s weird, but the way Jews work I think there actually exists room in their religion somehow for athiesm… It’s really complicated though I don’t know enough to know for sure.

    Justin Peters • 10 months ago

    Just goes to show what your religion really promotes (though obviously I don’t mean you specifically (-=). It’s impressive for you to have escaped it to the degree you have and still be a believer. I suggest educating yourself on the true ridiculousness of Christian doctrine sometime you seem quite intelligent and well reasoned. There is no more reason to be a Christian than any other religion, really there is no good reason to be of a specific religion at all. If you feel like there is a supernatural force acting in your life for your good, I don’t find it likely But it’s not as ridiculous, or as abrasive as Christianity. I know right now you probably don’t see how casting off religion in favor of a naturalist view would improve your life, but I promise that it would for what a random promise of a stranger on the interwebs is worth. Check out “Richard Feynman” on youtube sometime. He was a scientist more than an atheist, but he had one of the best perspectives on the world of anyone I have heard speak.

    Discussion on CNN

    Oklahoma City tornado: What we know

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Ok so you don’t acknowledge this? Explain yourself then instead of insulting, or not.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Haha, I promise you I know a hell of a lot more about it than you, with your ignorant claims that are absolutely false I am quite confident in that. Unlike you I actually do research things every single day and study science constantly. As someone already stated it Has changed in a human lifetime, and that’s the problem. It never had before due to human activity because the populationw as too small and pollution too low overall. It’s not my fault you are blatantly ignorant about all this, go educate yourself.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    If you think that truth is hateful that’s your problem. Come back and show the lives God saved and how and I will show you the ones science and medicine and human beings saved. Sorry but shut up if you don’t agree is not an attitude that I am tolerant of. Why don’t you shut up if you don’t agree with me then?

    In fact I find it comically hypocritical you are calling me hateful when people are insulting me for giving my views constantly. Since they are fellow Christians you skip over all their Actual hate and call me out for giving my opinion.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Offer the proof it works for more than delusional purposes. You can delude yourself into surviving with critical injuries by having an irrational belief you will live no matter what, and it doesn’t require belief in God to do so there are physical reasons for it. Saying there is plenty of proof prayer works isn’t proof.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Oooo, very tolerant. I like how you expounded on the why of trying to insult someone into silence. Something about how concise your argument is really hits me in my core being. I now feel terribly stupid perhaps I should stop typing, talking, and thinking all together. Wait let me guess your suggestion being a tolerant loving compassionate Christian follower of the all loving all benevolent God of the Bible for me to shut up because I am stupid is perfectly justified and moral in your mind? Ah, the power of religion.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Ok so lemme get this straight. You are saying “My opinion is that you should keep your opinion about other people’s religion to yourself”. You base the validity of stating your opinion on the fact that you are entitled to have and state an opinion, and then tell me I shouldn’t state mine? Wow… Are you Hitler?

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    … I was not being hostile but you certainly seem to be. I don’t care if someone wants to pray pray it up but when you start making claims that praying is what is saving lives we have a problem. I won’t stand by while people steal away all the gratitude people should have for science medicine and other people’s compassion and willingness to risk themselves for their fellow human beings and give it all to a supernatural supervisor that sent the tornado in the first place! If people did more science and learned more about the real world instead of spending time praying and going to church this tornado may have not killed anyone at all. That’s what I believe, and I have the right to say so. You can disagree and that’s fine. But getting hostile and calling someone hostile isn’t looking very logical from my perspective.

    Hell, that’s like going into someone’s house and breaking everything and then giving them some money to help fix it! Sounds really benevolent and all loving to me.

    Discussion on CNN

    Oklahoma City tornado: What we know

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Frank, as long as you fully acknowledge what is really saving lives here is human beings, science and medicine you can pray for anything you want. If you don’t want to acknowledge this, I think that attitude is detrimental to society and the future of it’s prosperity, and so because I care about those things I am obligated to oppose such a view.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Very compassionate and understanding of you. Your religious ethics and morality are shining like a beacon in the night, their luminosity is truly overwhelming.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    …. Answer a question. As far as we can tell if a man is in need of a heart transplant what should we do. Have a doctor perform it, or a priest pray over it? One or the other make a decision and move on. I don’t believe in doing something useless and pretending it’s the reason why someone is alive the next day, no. I believe in encouraging other people to also think this way because far too many people do not think this way. I am not belittling anyone they belittle themselves by not taking reality for what it is and they Diminish what science and technology and human beings Are doing. I didn’t say I was doing any more than them, but I damn well won’t stand by idly while the credit for the people who will be alive tomorrow is stolen by people who want to chant to JuJu up the mountain from the people and inventions who are truly responsible for human survival and flourishing.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    What about all the prayers for all the children that die today? Guess God wasn’t in an answering mood maybe he had a hot pocket to grab outta the microwave. Oh and by ordered you mean like giant tornado slaughtering people and destroying their things? Very orderly indeed!

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    No, and if you suggest that you will be blasted for being hostile toward religion :P

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    …. My original point, my original post was not hostile. It was to point out that what you AGREE is irrational will not help the people in OK. If everyone embraced that irrational thinking nothing would get done people would just pray for everything. The fact is people don’t believe the BS they are spouting on here about prayers helping or when they were in trouble or danger in life they would just pray and wouldn’t act at all. If you are hundreds of miles away you pray for the tornado victims to survive, if you are the victim you pray to God to save you, and all that while what really happens is someone else, someone who is way too busy to pray because they are saving your life, is doing the saving. That’s all my point was. I am extremely hostile toward all religion I am confident it will lead to horrific worldwide atrocities and potentially to the end of our human race or of society as we know it, but that post was Not. That post was simply pointing out a fact about the real world. Accept it, or don’t.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Ugh… The pathetic level of understanding human beings have between the difference between scientific thinking and religious is comical honestly. Science is the study of the real world, why are we confident in this? It gives predictive results about the real world. When we experiment in science the “man made” stuff actually produces things like airplanes cars, medical equipment for this tornado, sirens, on and on and on. Your entire LIFE, every second of your day practically, you are interacting with science in some way. Religion provides NO predictive capability. So in the real world what matters is what actually makes things happen in the real world, if you disagree that’s fine, but IMO that makes you mentally unstable. I find it comical that I have done nothing more than point out actual issues and points and the “religious” side are throwing out insults and calling me a terrible person, that’s some real comedy yall are obviously extremely moral people due to God’s love eh?

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    spirituality does not entail belief in God. God is a supernatural being, if you don’t understand the definition of supernatural that’s Not My Bad, that’s your fault for living in ignorance and failing to educate yourself properly. Next time you tell someone to study you might want to try to avoid looking like an ignorant fool.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    So? The Bible isn’t true so no, prayer can’t have powerful actions besides inspiration through delusion. Sometimes that has a positive effect, sometimes people fly planes into buildings because of it. Where faith is concerned what you Believe is all that matters.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    What? my post was a response to someone saying “pray” keep all the other BS to yourself. I pointed out the Truth, and you go off getting defensive? I can state my opinion’s about other’s people obsession with eternal life and eternal bliss and magical bs all I want. That’s one of the redeeming qualities of living in America. Deal with it.

    Discussion on CNN

    Oklahoma City tornado: What we know

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    What? My response was to someone saying “pray” keep all the other bs to your darn self. That’s call hypocrisy you are telling people do this but don’t say or do anything else. Prayer is not going to save people’s lives in this situation. If praying gives someone the peace to stand still and pray for someone not to be hit by a train when they can simply save the person themselves, then no, it’s not ok. No, it’s not compassion, it’s stupidity. Deal with it.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    The research is quite conclusive. It has nothing to do with that. The real problem, a problem people simply refuse to admit because it seems “rude” is that people believe in fairy tale nonsense out of the Bible. Why does that matter in this situation? Because whatever nature does is what God wants nature to do. If the climate is changing people who believe the Word of the Bible will assume it’s God doing it and it can’t be prevented or helped. If you admit climate change is due to human activity you are saying, to MANY Christians especailly where I live in Texas, that humans are more powerful than God in a way. It’s just how the world works, sadly.

    Justin Peters • 11 months ago

    Pray? Sorry prayer isn’t going to be saving anyone’s life today. What will, and there is PROOF of this, is human beings striving to help each other. Science, modern medicine, and human compassion are the only forces of good at work here sir. Keep all the other BS supernatural crap to your darn self!

    • Anne Wellington

      Why did you post a wall of text involving discussions about religion and tornados? What was the point of that?

  • Franky Musky

    Spare us your writing and smash your keyboard please.

  • reddonnaann

    Omar’s an asshole. It’s 1, 2, 3, dude.

  • Resa Sharit

    I have a boxer I rescued that I have to take to Animal Control next Wed. because who ever raised him didn’t train him. He will not mind unless he is next to me. I now cannot afford him anymore. He will not stay in a fence and has a taste for chickens. So this dog training on this video is outstanding. Quit calling each other names and grow up.

  • Jane Key

    fabulous comments particularly those in need of remedial treatment

  • Jhallett

    Pussy hating Faggots or Dog munching Growlers, whats it going to be? Vote now! Lol

  • Kathy Hughes Crawford

    As long as you can accept that the dog was/is being controlled by shock collar training, then the dogs behaviors are amazing. I have seen this type of demonstration before. I have an almost 2-year old lab/German Shepherd mix and I had a local dog trainer using these same methods give me a sales pitch when my dog was 6 mos old. When I saw her throw her head and shoulders underneath the chair at the dining room table did I realize the level of pain/discomfort she was being subjected to. Never again. I, on my untrained own, have my dog listening to me, stopping when I say “stay” and sitting, laying etc on command. All without hurting her.

    • sueb30

      It is vry unlikely this dog is trained iwth a shock collar. Dogs trained with force and pain show it in theiir body language. This dog is happy, not showing stress.
      That is too bad you only met a shock collar trainer. There are thousands of good positive trainers out there who teach dogs with reward and fun. It makes it all games to the dog. For me, traiing is about our relationship. We value each other and have fun together. No force is involved at all.

  • Albie Weiss

    This dog is well trained and maybe there are benefits to keeping a dog busy with mind activities. However, training like this seems to be more for the benefit of entertaining people. I believe dogs should be free to be their doggie selves (of course that doesn’t mean that that aggressive behavior or disregard for boundaries are okay). There is plenty of healthy mental activity and stimulating busyness in a good off leash walk in nature. I prefer a dog to come to me because there is a rapport and desire to do so than to get a treat or avoid a punishment.

    • sueb30

      Working dogs LIKE to do things with their owners. This dog is enjoying time with his.

  • MrC

    I will never understand what compels a person to “train” an animal like this. Just plain strange. I am sure this dog is loved and happy, but come on. A slave could be loved and happy. Why do some humans (mostly men) get off watching something obey them? Just plain strange. To each their own. At least the dog is loved.

  • Guest

    Wow, never going on this site again. Or recommending it. There is way to many fights happening on here, and so much name calling.

  • Andrea Sparkles Simpson Thomas

    Wow, never coming on this site again or recommending it. There is way too much fighting and name calling. I’m sorry but grow up, really. Look at what you’re saying, and telling people. You’re not any better than the person you’re yelling to.

  • randall hagewood

    That was Well done…wow!

  • maggie Lin

    Don’t know why there are so many crazy comments here. It’s about the dog and the human connection. Either trained or not, the connection here between the dog and the human is so much better than what you humans here can understand.

  • Laurence Gray

    So many haters on the internet these days, such jealousy. That dog is or at least part mixed with a border collie. Arguably the most intelligent breed. My mix collie without any training sat, lay down, gave both paws, rolled over, opened doors, only eat bones outside, took herself for walks, stole food like a ninja and could sense bath time in my eyes. All with no training. Collies are working dogs and its in there nature to please. Anyone who thinks that dog has suffered or has a shock collar on must admit to themselves that there jealous and narrow minded. Fair play to the guy for putting the effort in where I simply couldn’t be bothered. To the moral high ground.

  • Susan Ruffaner Gahagan

    Amazing! And it is obvious this dog spends a lot of time with her owner.

  • http://batman-news.com Mentally Challenged

    You guys can all fuck On…

  • randy anderson

    a good case for why you might not want to have your dog Spay/neutered

  • Sarah Fairbrass

    Does no one monitor the comments on this site?

    • Ali Shaheed

      Us powerful muslims are monitoring these comments. I want to invite you to join my harem and clean my palace daily.

  • Terry Ford

    What a bunch of juveniles.

  • Muffie Freas

    Does anyone remember Bootjack? He appeared on late night shows and was adorable. Just as smart as this dog and I believe he was a border collie as well. These owners spend a lot of time and love with their dogs to train them like this. So cute!

    • sueb30

      Skidboot was also a Cattle dog, just like this dog.

  • Gustavo

    Hey! This is great! I’m going to try the same thing with my dog. I’ll just record him doing whatever he wants and then I’ll apply a spoken description! I know it may be cheating but my dog only does what he wants….

  • Anja Jespersen

    so you film a dog for 5 minutes – and afterwards you observe what it does – and then you put a voiceover to the film pretending that the dog does what you say……..so fake…..

    • Isaac Drum

      Be quiet you moron. Unless you have proof go back to your basement.

    • sueb30

      NO, he is trained to follow cues for simple behaviors – like back up, turn your head, circle, stop. It has nothing to do with the words, the handler is giving him signals off camera that you can’t see.

  • supoman

    He’s well trained. I think smart would be measured by what he does when you’re NOT telling him what to do.

  • Deana Royer Horgan
  • Jose CUnha

    …can’t get most kids to listen that well. Amazing.

  • C Clarke

    just a skidboot copy cat. she was amazing and became famous for this routine. Was on Oprah 10 years ago and won animal planet top dog award…skid boot was amazing. This dog is just doing some of what she did. You can train most any cattle dog to do this. It is their nature

    • sueb30

      Skidboot was a He. He passed away a few years ago., He was amaizing. These dogs do not “understand” English, they are trained to perform tricks on cue, usually subtle hand signals. My Border Collie did much the same as this dog. He was trained to respond to subtle hand movements. He couid also “count”,note when he says “three” there is a different tone and inflection. Humans are so easy to fool. ;-)

  • dermie

    so the dog understands english and can count walk backwards ect but dose he know where the aeroplane is??

  • Tillmann Puschka

    wow! smart pooch. if i’m not mistaken, border collies have similar capabilities.

  • doroteoarangoaramburu

    I can do that, but not as well, …but I can

    • FrankTucson

      Wow, but you have Jumpy beat, being able to post online. lol Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • Beekie Beekman

      Do you enjoy the squeaky toy at the end as much as Jumpy does??? Isn’t is slimy, tho? Good Boy!! Now SIT!

      • doroteoarangoaramburu

        I can roll over, too, …if I get a cookie…yes, I can…or at least try…

  • Sojourner Hazelwood-Connell

    That is pretty impressive training right there!!!

  • Tom De Lima

    Wow, this is amazing!

  • gavin Roy Kimpton


  • sueb30

    I would like to see what hand signals the handler is using. Never the less, it is a well trained dog. I also have a Border Colie that does most of those tricks, including the counting tto three. Most of his cues are very subtle hand signals and it doesn’t matter what I “say”, he is following the signal not the words.

  • Elizabeth Barnes Glantz

    There once was a dog named “Skidboot” who did the exact same things. He has since passed. He was on “Pet Star Search” I wonder if this is one of his pups. Skidboot was a cattle dog mix.

  • Hue Collins

    It’s pretty sad that one can’t view a post of any kind these days and not be subjected to garbage-mouthed people. You pitiful people need to do something with your lives.

  • SpilledTheBeans

    Reading this thread… I no longer have any hope in humanity.

  • Charlotte Apperloo

    dog loves the attention and who says dumb animals . just havae to train it to clean the house lol

  • regie

    what is so amazing with what he did?

  • sam

    Watch that tail wag, that’s one happy working dog.

  • wrandom1

    You people are all crazy children arguing and abusing each other. Just step away from the screens and go outside and enjoy life. Don’t worry about petty people keyboard warriors, not everyone is going to agree with you in life so who cares. On the actual topic that dog was well trained well done Omar

  • Imen

    Do you know how much training and conditioning goes into that routine? This dog has gone through a torturous time of his life. You want to keep him busy, let him play with his toys all day long. Now in the words of Penis, one two, two and half ,,, wait for it; three, Fuck off.

    • Poindexter718

      You clearly know nothing about dogs and the extent that nothing makes them happier than to please their humans.

  • John applegate

    I had a dog that was trained to crap on the neighbors porch :)

  • StrangerThingsHappen



  • Steve Dwyer

    people who make rude comments are desperate for attention. funny how the dog in this clip is 10x smarter than the people making such rude comments.

  • Marion Nel McCallum

    I am amazed at the response to an innocent video of a beautiful dog and friend…Humans are so very quick to “attack” each other…and this video has nothing to do with US!!! Unbelievable!

  • Krystal McIntire

    love it :) great dog! can you come train my dog omar!!??? thats just awesome!!!

  • http://www.purplecloudzlifestyle.com/ Mz. 420

    That was awesome.

  • Chuck Brauer

    Oh Boy………Here we go! Post something cool online for people to enjoy and the Fun Nazi’s come out to ruin it. Where are your videos of your dogs? Where are your kids Olympic moment videos? Where is the commercial for the company your started? Where is your cool video from the vacation you took your wife on? Where is the video of you being a great Dad? Where is the video of you doing anything? Oh, you don’t have any cool videos? Ok, that’s cool, just go back to your boring life talking trash to others. Don’t worry, the rest of us will advance the Human race without you.

  • jo

    you can see this dog is looked after and loved, he has is tail wagging the whole time this is a dog that is happy and obviously loves this,because he is mentally challenged and learning, he is not being abused or caged up or left in a hot car or chained up he is not being abused in any way, you can tell by the gentle way the man speaks to his dog, that he is totally loved and respected , i think this dog and all animals are amazing

  • Vince

    this dog is well cared for because you can tell by each command’s given. I had a dog that I trained myself and she obeyed all my commands with out hesitation. A dog will only learn the commands give if it is repetitive every day. She loved going for walks and running around. People would stop and watch her do her routine every day.
    if one had a dog and know their dog, they will bond as one. A dog does not know right from wrong because they only respond to the commands of the person it bonds too.
    its not torture for the owner and the dog.
    For someone to say the owner is torturing the dog by training it to obey his or her command’s is dead wrong and that person probably does not know how to walk his or her dog.
    when a person bonds with his or her dog they become best of friends and you can see in the video the dog just loves the person giving the command’s. Lastly, there are no bad dogs just bad owners.
    Have a good day. thank you for sharing that video.

  • Michelle Marolda-Parvana

    That was fantastic! :)

  • Chris Oliver

    “Skidboot”was better, this dog is just trained to copy his tricks…

  • Steve Urkel

    It’s fake. The guy added his voice to a video so it looks like the dog is following commands. You can hear it if you listen carefully, or like me, use headphones.

    • k9sue

      Fooled you. Dogs like this are trained with hand and body signals and not words at all. The trainer is off camera giving the dog his “cues”and saying whatever he wants to fool the humans who are so language focused.

  • Shannon Adams

    I have a question I have a Dachshund she is very old and sometimes very ill. As soon as the vet and I start taking about putting her down she gets better right away like she understands what we are talking about. Any way this could be try. Help not sure what to do. The best dog I have ever had and she was rescue 18 years ago.

  • Barbara

    You area 10000% right Stacey.. This dog LOVES what he is doing. His tail is going all the time. They love to work. That is what they are bred for. They are very intelligent and are not the dog for anyone who can not provide them with a real job to do. There was another dog whose name was “Skidboot” that was also fabulous.. I loved him. But he is gone now… It is great to see that someone understand these dogs and has spent the time to train this dog to do these things.

  • Barbara

    Just for a true fact about this dog!!! It is smarter than most of the people who have made such ignorant and mean comments with each other… It is hard to believe that even with a dog video there has to be such ripping of each other back and forth…. Hard to understand…

    • Ali Shaheed


      I’m not surprised that most infidels are dumber than dogs.

  • dangermouse

    I just find this sad… All I see is a broken spirit.

    • Ali Shaheed

      When Islam takes over and installs the American Caliphate, you infidels will look just as broken.

    • k9sue

      If that is what you see, you have no clue how to read dog language. This is a happy dog playing with an owner who spends much time giving him the attention and activity he craves. I hope you don’t own dogs, you do not understand their needs or desires.

  • Rick Griffin

    I would like to be able to understand how so many of the comments on here are so far off the subject that it is ridiculous. The personal attacks are really childish and as my beloved Mother would say “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.”

    • Ali Shaheed

      Your beloved mother would was a wench and I’m sure you don’t even know who your father is.

  • Matthew Clifton

    dogs are smarter than people

  • Vickie Mooney

    I only briefly glanced at comments made and that was even too much. I don’t know what got everyone stirred and UGLY with one another but it’s just an example of people doing what they seem to do best, “being hateful.” That’s what I find to be disturbing. As far as the dog is concerned, animals want to please, be loved and just want our attention. This lucky dog has all of that, I’m sure. Could you say that the dog is performiing? Well, yes but that’s if you’re not looking at the BIG picture. If you can’t see a happy doggie then you just don’t know what you’re looking at. So, change the mood and focus on what matters and that’s the wonderful happy doggie who’s sharing her happiness with us. ;-)

  • Mike Denham

    I had a border collie this smart. He learned what to do when I looked at him certain ways. They are extremely intelligent dogs and some are even more exceptional. This make me miss him so badly. Thanks for sharing it.

  • MylesMija Prevost

    At the end of the day that is an awesome video of a crazy good trainer and one super smart dog who both seem to enjoy their time together … The end!

  • TripsiteViajes


  • Donna Nuger

    What a great job of training. It takes a lot of patience and love to get results like this. My Beagle loves training, especially obedience. Just keep the treats coming. The more we train, the more he wants to snuggle with me. This trainer and dog must have a wonderful relationship.

  • opoeian

    How is this dog considered smart, if it is only doing what it is told? That is the opposite of smart.

    • gingerland62

      The opposite of smart is not obedient. The opposite of smart is (see above comment)

  • Jim Painters

    I can never get the wife to do anything like that, must be something wrong, lol!

    • gingerland62

      That dog likes his trainer.

    • Ali Shaheed

      You must be a homoqueer if you can’t get your fat cow of a wife to listen to you.

  • Kendall

    Memories of Skipboo or whatever his name was. Awesome to watch. And he (she?) seems to enjoy it, too. Particularly when the mAgic “3″ is heard!

  • Kendall

    So much for my memory. It was Skidboot.

  • LadyScot

    No matter how good you train a dog, the dog will ONLY obey if he WANTS to. This sweet dog obviously wants to please his master. He is not being tortured. Jesus..people. get a grip on your stupidity. This dog behaves better than most kids I see in a grocery store.

    • gingerland62

      I had a female German Shepherd, the smartest dog I’ve ever known. She would literally decide whether to obey or not. You could see it in her eyes. She would consider it, definitely. Mostly she was compliant, but she felt she had a choice.

  • Frank Hajek

    Are intelligence and obedience the same thing?

    • John Dorrington

      I dunno. And wouldn’t tell you if I did!

    • Enthusiast

      Intelligence can be defined as the ability to learn… There is another video floating around out there where a dog is shown to be able to differentiate between different objects by shape and color. For the most part, the number of commands a dog can learn is used as a good measure of intelligence. My dogs understand, they just don’t care ;)

      • k9sue

        <Most dogs can undrstand a few words. People just don't knowhow to communicate with their dogs. Dogs learn very complicated tricks and skills based on visual cues better than words.. I had a Border Collie trained to much of what this dog is doing. It was all by hand and body cues. I could "say" anything, the dog did what I signaled. Yes, everyone thought he coudl understand everything I was saying.

  • John Dorrington

    I’m with Emily/Stacey and, as an owner of an active and well-trained border collie, I agree that dogs need plenty of mental stimulation, but this has a disturbing whiff of a control freak. The DOG probably is happy.

  • http://www.KarenGoeller.com/ Karen Goeller

    Amazing dog!

  • MeeowMeeow

    What’s the point??????

    • Frankie

      Should there be a point

  • angelamine1

    Fantastic communication with the dog. Congratulations on doing such a fine job. Must have needed much patience and understanding.

  • Gregory Gaylen

    Impressive! Small, yet very powerful brain!

  • Ralph May


  • Ralph May

    That chick is one raving idiot! Wow

  • http://www.dogpatchphoto.com Mary Jo

    Well trained dog, but a total rip-off of Skidboot’s (and trainer David Hartnell) famous routine.

  • BullShite

    Hopefully people don’t look at this and then go out and get cattle dogs like a bunch of idiots. YES these dogs are VERY smart, but they need training, herding classes, and a LOT of your time. They are NOT dogs for people who are first time, or casual dog owners. If you can’t be involved in herding, or dock diving, or disc, or dance or something to give the dog an outlet, it’s going to be a disaster for the poor dog. Just like every damn fool out there getting a Jack Russell, another tough dog for the first timer, because they saw one on Fraiser, and they think it’s size makes it a fun “apartment dog”. (i.e. doesn’t get enough exercise, or stimulation, ever.)

    • bryn65

      Amen! That’s how these dogs wind up in the pound. People don’t give them the proper exercise and training and they get destructive. People see this video and think it’s great but fail to fully realize the amount of time and training this man has given to this dog. It’s not just this breed either – happens with breeds like (as you said) Jack Russells, Dobermans, and especially Pit Bulls. If you don’t have the time and training to put into your dog then please please please get an older lap dog. There are so many of them in the pound that need good mellow homes with owners that just want to come home and chill with them.

  • NonCompassionateLiberal

    I feel sorry for that dog being put through all those changes.

  • Emily Bell

    Thanks to the awesome folks who support my comment rather than say something ridiculous like “I LIKE SMELLY PENIS HOLES.”

    I really got some good laughs out of the OOO BURN! comments. So thank you all :)

    • Ali Shaheed

      Us powerful Muslims will be getting a good laugh out of stoning you. You should cooking your husbands goat or plowing the land, not wasting time writing articles about mutts.

      • Emily Bell

        I am taking this as a threat and have forwarded this and your other comment as well as many other threatening comments regarding killing Americans and planting bombs to my lawyer as well as the local police department which I have worked for (both as secretary and dog trainer as you know from my previous comments).

        One of my friends within the department is looking into your IP address as we speak and will be tracking down from where all of these threats are being typed.

        In America, we don’t take threats lightly.

        As a woman, neither do I personally.

        Once we know who is hiding behind that computer, you will be hearing from the police and my lawyer.

        This isn’t my first time.

        • http://www.celebjihad.com Ali Shaheed

          Heavy Ballsucker

          If you really wanted taste the large meat missle that Allah (SWT) has blessed me with, you could have just asked.

  • Mustang SVO Community

    Our dog Lucy looks EXACTLY like this dog!! We were told she was a mix of Blue Heeler and Border Collie maybe? We got her from some people in a nearby town for free. Can anyone tell me exactly what mix this dog is? Our’s is a great dog, very protective and can tell someone walking by the house 100 ft before they pass. She’s awesome!

  • Christopher Moritz

    I call BS! I think the video was made, then the voice was added to make it look like the dog was doing tricks on command.

    • k9sue

      Actually the dog is probably doing the tricks with hand signals from the trianer off camera.. Dogs learn signals more than words.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/toddmurphy Todd Murphy

    I grew up with border collies and can´t imagine life without one. They learn by themselves and are so sweet. They have a facility with language that is amazing. This is Rusty Buddy! I had his mother and grandmother too. He came out sable! My first male border collie! My best friend!

    • Frankie

      Beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing her photo. I now have my fourth Border Collie. Luna is very clever and one can really see her thinking. “Go and fetch your ball” I would say. You can see the expression in her eyes that she is thinking: “Where did I drop that bloody ball? Now I remember!” and off she’d go and bring it back to you. Her big friend is a huge German Shepherd who also likes balls but he forgets where he drops them. I’m sure she makes a mental note of the place and when you ask him she would run to the spot with her ball in the mouth and start scratching in the area. Her mouth can only handle one ball at a time :-)

  • Danielle

    He sounds like Hanny Manny!

  • Tracey Barry

    just clever and beautiful watch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://www.adventuregundogs.com Don Evanson

    That keeps these dogs from chasing cars they like and love commands there smart and give you there full attention thats why they train easy and are smart they pay attention where most breeds are more stubborn. In no way was he being cruel he was playing a game and the dog loves it give this a guy some credit for spending more one on one time in a month than most people spend with there dogs in a life time.. Very obedient because of hands on and gentle training at no time did that dog show signs of fear he show style and tense fun..

  • rose1957

    An amazing amount of restraint on the part of the dog–mine would just do the doggie equivalent of laughing at me.

    • Ali Shaheed


      I’ll bet it’s not just your dog that laughs at you.

  • mrac pantling

    we had a golden retriever that was well trained and loved to play ‘games’ with the commands i taught her, she was able to balance food on her nose and resit it until given the command and she loved it !!

  • Dee

    There was a dog named Skidboot his owner was David Hartwig. This dog could the same thing and a lot more.. He was a cattle dog. There is a book about this dog.

  • Jazz Goa



  • Emmalie Phillips

    Wow, i have just seen the vid and its amazing, shame about what ppl who cant see a good thing, i was brought up with dogs and it angers me that ppl think that all life should just be able to sit on theirs backsides all day and do nothing, dogs are a pack animal, they are social and need the stimulation or they will find something else to entertain them, dont own a dog if you can put the work in, you get out what you put in, my motto, x

  • Emmalie Phillips

    Everyone has a right to an opinion, what makes a good person is how they express it, xxxx

    • Ali Shaheed

      Everyone has a right to an opinion only as long as it isn’t a woman or an infidel homoqueer.

      • Athena007

        Muzzies are only entitled to a good flogging and as volunteer targets on a practice range.

  • Sandy Moran

    Children, children, settle down. The dog is much better behaved than most of you.

    • Crissty Hopkins


    • Ali Shaheed

      You don’t need to point out how much more behaved a mutt is than you, I can already see you’re not even wearing a burka.

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        Brother Ali

        If any infidel ever needed a burka…its sandy.

  • bryn65

    What an awesome dog! So smart. I would like to see the man though – I was sad that he was out of camera view. I have trained my dog to do mostly everything this dog does (except the count to 3 thing – that was crazy brilliant!) except I used hand commands along with verbal. I’m dying to know if he’s off screen using hand commands too. Cattle dogs are so so smart. My Pit is smart as well, but sadly, I admit, not as smart as my friend’s Cattle dogs.

    • k9sue

      My Border Colie was trained with most of these skills. I also used hand signals, not words as his cues. I could say anything,he was paying attention to my hands to tell him what to do. He did the “three” trick, the cue is to say “three” with a different tone than the other number words. . I used to make things up to say while I worked him with signals. Everyone thought he understood everything I said too.

  • Christopher Moritz

    I call BS on this! The video was made with the dog, then it was edited adding some dudes voice in the background giving commands. How about we actually see the trainer with the dog…..

  • Boston Mommy

    Dogs love to please, and if you’re not careful they become alpha. I have a boston who is well trained and very happy. So quit whining about torture, when your undisciplined dog runs outside and gets hit by a car because you failed to teach them manners, you will wish you had trained your dog to stay and come. In fact, not training is more of a bad thing in my eyes than training.

  • Sue Elliott

    I personally think the man is being cruel he’s teasing the poor dog.

    • MadMonkey

      It is a herding dog. They are smart, very high energy level and NEED to have mental challenges like this daily.

      • Sue Elliott

        I only said what I saw. I guess you know more about dog breeds than I do. Thanks for the insight.

        • Crissty Hopkins

          Geez, no need to be a facetious snob. Madmonkey obviously does know more about breeds than you, you can learn a little..

          • Sue Elliott

            Who are you calling s facetious snob. Get a life.

          • Crissty Hopkins

            Yeah this petty conversation ends now. Quit trolling, Stay Calm, Keep Positive.

  • http://www.mountaininsurance.com/ Kevin Krupka

    Wow! It’s an amazingly trained dog. Watching it perform at times was hilarious.


    Clever dog, stupid person. No big deal.

    • MadMonkey

      You do realize that the “stupid person” trained the dog.


        Piece of cake.

        • Ali Shaheed

          Brother Abdel

          These homoqueers probably couldn’t train a camel if they’re life depended on it.

  • BB

    Very smart. Makes me miss the original and all time smartest phenom Skidboot. RIP.

  • Kitty

    While this dog is impressively trained and it’s obvious that someone has spent a lot of time with him, it should be noted that most of these are pretty standard herding commands that most herding dogs would pick up pretty readily. Which isn’t to take anything away from this team, since it still takes time and effort. It’s nice to see some are still benefitting from hundreds of years of breeding. My own dog is a papillon, which is not considered a working dog but which are very trainable. People have a tendency to treat small dogs as if they don’t have brains. My dog is trained to wait for my permission to eat her food. It’s a good exercise to be able to hold them back from something they would like, since it could save their lives if something dangerous ends up in their reach.

  • DatBus

    So nice to see an obedient dog in this world full of out of control pitbulls mauling little kids. All dog owners should be regulated to have their dogs trained.

    • Crissty Hopkins

      How about out of control owners being irresponsible and not training their pit bulls to be the best that they can be. Hate the deed not the breed.

      • DatBus

        Did I not just say “All dog owners should be regulated to have their dogs trained”? Maybe try reading before you make a smartass remark Crissty Hopkins.

        • Crissty Hopkins

          How about not losing your temper. Take some antidepressants. Sounds like you need it.

          • Crissty Hopkins

            Over some.words, really? Lol. No one cares dude. Peace.

      • Ali Shaheed

        Speaking of owners, I hope you have a man’s permission to use a computer or else its the Justice Stones of Shariah Law for you.

        • Crissty Hopkins

          Lol, we’re in America, not the savage middle east. So get over your woman hating ways.

  • Kent Vivrette

    Wish I could do that:)

  • Jeffrey Lear

    Can this guy train my wife?

    • Ali Shaheed

      Jewfrey Lear
      If you can’t properly train your wife with a good beating to show her who the man is then you must be a homoqueer

  • Barney Spunner-White

    The usual rubbish spouted by imbeciles, these dogs are bred for performing, they like being ordered around. The same nutters that say race horses are bred to race and like breaking their legs and being shot! And Grouse love being blasted with a 12 bore! Idiot’s! I stopped watching this video, it was degrading, cruel and the person giving the orders is a cretin!

    • Marcy James

      Oh, shut up.

  • Crissty Hopkins

    Omg, this dog is sooooooo being tortured. NOT. He looks like he enjoys it. Leave the dog and his owner alone. Troll elsewhere, no one cares that you negative people hate yourselves.

  • Barbara Bortolazzo

    I have a cattle dog who herds my daughters’ chickens. Its in their DNA. VERY bright breed!

    • Crissty Hopkins

      Loove it!

  • Enonumus

    Amazing dog and excellent training. You can tell he absolutely loves this, and anybody who thinks otherwise either doesn’t own dogs or hasn’t owned any breeds similar to this. We used to have a Border Collie when I was a teenager, it was from the same litter as the Border Collie named Matisse that was in the movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills. He had been well trained before we got him, perhaps by the same trainer, and it was incredible to see the things he could do. When he was in his herding mentality (we had a lot of horses, but no livestock), he would flatten himself out on the ground like a pancake, and inch towards his target without raising up at all. A really fun and very high energy dog, but very obedient. We had a number of Queensland Heelers too, also very high energy, and when they weren’t annoying the horses they were heeling the rear tires of the cars pulling in and out of our long driveway. They hadn’t been trained unfortunately, and it was a very bad habit.

  • lombadesign

    so happy to hear the Skidboot reference!! I loved Skidboot and kept following his story after seeing him on Petstar! kudos!!

  • Rosa Morales

    Anyone remembers skid boot the one he refer to in the beginning. He was the same breed. I think an Australian collie and he did this flawlessly. I still remember him as a little girl

  • Fernando Borges

    Incrível!!! MUITO TOP!!!

  • Duante Amorculo

    amazing and adorable. if you found something wrong with this, you probably take life waaayyy too seriously

  • Joanie Davis

    I have a red heeler and I can tell you that unless Annie is given a “job” she isn’t happy. These dogs have amazing minds and if you don’t keep their minds active, they will find ways to do it themselves, and that isn’t at all pretty since most of that seems to be chewing legs off my furniture or the sills off my windows. This dog is amazing and a very happy happy cattle dog.

  • http://zenworthy.com zenworthy

    It’s Jumpy!! This pup is amazing.. http://zenworthy.com/have-you-met-jumpy/

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    When Islam takes over, us Muslims will have a big feast of roasted dog, and then put all you unruly females in a burka and then train you how to be obedient concubines.
    Those that are too ignorant to be trained will taste the Shariah Stones of Justice!.


    • Lerojist

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Muslim men are cowards.

      • Athena007

        They can’t help it. They are inflicted with micro-pen*ses. Hard to be a man when they can only abuse children.

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


          Your eyes would pop out of your skull and your cervix would sweat with desire if you ever laid eyes on a mighty Muslim “Trouser Snake.”

          • Athena007

            You haven’t strapped on that bomb yet? Geez! You should really invest in some velcro since tying a knot is so difficult to comprehend. Velcro, man, velcro!

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


            Now you have stooped to an ethnic stereotype. You are a shameless bigot.
            Us Muslims deserve respect…and you had best give it!

          • Athena007

            You get what you give, my darling troll. How about we go roast that pig you talked about at a luau and I’ll show you what a real woman is made of. You’d, of course, have to ask your goat boyfriend’s permission. I don’t want to brea-a-a-a-a-a-a-ak his hea-a-a-a-a-a-rt.

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


            You wont be giving me anything harlot…I’ll be wearing the “trouser burka”……. aka the con-dom, on my “pleasure pole”

            See you at the “ALLAH AKBAR LUAU”

          • Athena007

            Better do your suicide bombing first. You’ll never get those 72 virginal goats if you eat pig. Shame on you, naughty sheik!
            PS: I’ll be the one wearing the bacon hula skirt.

  • Crissty Hopkins

    Are you threatening me dude? Well you just got yourself flagged and reported. Sorry you got abused as a child. I think you are depressed self needs therapy. Calling me.a

  • tearsofjade

    That’s one happy happy dog! He’s not obedient cos he was “tortured”, nor is he a “robot”. I admire how well he’s trained. And that obedience to commands COULD save his or his human’s life one day. I have a Great Pyr mix who is also a “herder”-and she’s enjoying the heck out of her own flock of 3 other dogs, numerous cats & her 2 humans to herd!

  • Nancy van Dam

    I have three totally disobedient dogs. They are a pain in the a** to walk because of their over-excitement and pulling in different directions. They even make messes in the house. But I tolerate and love their anarchy. I would not be comfortable living with such a well-trained dog. Obedience in dogs and humans in overrated, in my opinion.

  • Van Hammersly

    These comments are funny. It went from this amazing dog, to harlots to qur’an. What’s wrong with this planet?

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      van hambone

      Too many infidels…..that’s the problem.

  • Diane Campbell

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

  • Dyna Packard

    That is a beautiful well trained happy dog

  • ♑ RebeccaLou✝

    Hahaha ooh you tease :D I love!!
    My Siberian Husky is a crafty sneak when we’re playing haha

  • Tim H.

    Worlds wussiest dog! If I tried that manipulative foolishness with Roxy The Wonder Dog, she would have had the guts & squeaker ripped outa that thing inside 60 seconds, and if I didn’t like it I could just go inside and fix her dinner!

  • linedancer2

    Like any good thing, we start off with fun talk about dogs and end up with a muslim harrassing us? They think they are Gods, while they are suicidal, homicidal, violent against their wives and citizens…won’t let their women drive, the women have to cover their faces I’d rather see the men covered? Are the women that ugly? They are still in the STONE AGE…I wouldn’t be surprise (when they butcher their wife and/or child) they don’t BBQ them….just thinking….

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


      Ha…that must be a pretty wide line if you can dance on it!

      And for your information, there is only one God–Allah. You will find out all about it once you have converted.
      I will tell my burka makers to start on yours right now….but it will take a few months to make. Until then, you can use an old army surplus tent.


      • DuckManson

        Only idiots believe in gods.

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


          Duh, you idiot. Us Muslims believe in only one God….Allah. Not “gods” as you so stupidly put it.

          Also, I bet 100 camels that you are a member of the “rainbow squad.”

  • Dylan Barber

    My dog knows how to sit, no biggie.

  • starberry queen

    I sold my red heeler on craiglist. 6 months of what is he tearing up NOW. I have a new life. NO DOGS PLEASE.

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  • king khaz

    not impressed, while he was talking a trainer with a whip and chain could be there for all I know

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  • Dominique Heffley

    My father had a poodle/sheepdog mix when I was a little baby. The darn beast would circle me as I tried to crawl around the living room, and the circle would get smaller and smaller until I couldn’t move. It drove me crazy!

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  • cathml

    Control freak owner …. couldn’t watch till the end since it appears that this poor dog just wants THE BALL!!

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  • Lolita

    I don’t understand why they call it : “They’re calling him the smartest dog ever”. Actually he’s a good dog and the owner did a great job training it, but there is plenty of dog as good as that on the internet. If you search well you’ll find them. Just think about war dogs, they are way beyond that level.

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  • Martin Sutherland

    I would hate to be that man’s wife…. that is such abuse.

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  • John

    Some well reasoned thought here.

  • Kathrin

    You’re as clever as your name.

  • Kimberly Spurgeon

    I think you just made Emily Bell’s point perfectly! She couldn’t have said it better!

  • RB

    Says the dick head with very little penis envy…why, because he has none.

  • Richard Verdejo

    Are you in need of a Service Dog?

  • Geoff OConnell


  • Devlan Harmon

    Dear Penis, you really are a dick.

  • Joan

    your sick

  • mhunter

    Profanity is the strongest expression of a weak mind.

  • Diane

    Kathrin, I think P is a mentally challenged individual, who has would benefit from some kind of training as well.

  • MZAZ86442i

    What I don’t understand is the 15 “LIKES” that idiot penis got.

  • Kannan Subramanian

    This post has failed its essential purpose

    And degenerated into a war zone

  • nick gurs

    They call me Kat because I smell like a dirty pussy

  • poop

    Your terrible grammar made me read that as “a mentally challenged individual who has wood.”

  • Devlan Harmon

    When you go by penis and the first comment is fuck off, yes I do believe

  • Devlan Harmon

    Penis is a asshole! Diane is bringing the mentally challenged into this!!! That’s an asshole thing to do! Be ashamed hypocrite!

  • linedancer2

    Aren’t we allowed to shoot those guys??? oh my….l0l

  • Bernie Wine Doyle

    hahahahahha well said !!!!!!!

  • Devlan Harmon

    Don’t talk about the mentally challenged that way!! That’s terrible. I know some mentally challenged people and right now they are giving you a run your money in the intellectual category.

  • deadpunk

    She forgot to delete a word, poop. She meant to say that penis would benefit from some training. I mean golly, we all know MINE sure wood.

  • Devlan Harmon

    I agree!

  • Devlan Harmon

    Right! Scary people like assholes so much!

  • just me

    He’s got 92 likes.

  • Jason

    Many people love even a stupid penis!

  • Brian Clark

    Thats because there are another 92 idiots of the same calibre as Penis

  • Nicky S


  • Nicky S

    Castle ones?

  • Geoff OConnell

    or tourrettes

  • Marie

    I truly agree with you Kannan….the whole point to this post was about the smart dog and it has turned into a bitch session….seriously guys why do you give so much attention to one ignorant person’s comment? that is what they want…that exact reaction and you are all just feeding it while they are probably just sitting back loving it….

  • Kannan Subramanian

    Oh well Marie each to his/her own I guess
    Jumpy was just amazing and what I found amazing was the focus on some guy with a funny name:)
    He virtually hijacked this page

    Amazing talent I guess:):)
    Thanks for your kind response. Nice talking to you

  • linedancer2

    I also noticed the change…but that’s what people do…ESPECIALLY THE POLITICIANS, TO SUCK US IN….

  • SloppyDick

    Bernie can suck my SloppyDick…..lol!

  • Ellen Elford

    so true!

  • mhunter

    Ellen, your words prove there may still be hope. Thank you