10 Dog Breeds With The Least Health Problems

English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels are believed to be rarely affected by hereditary diseases, although when they do have problems they tend to be eye related.



  • Erika McCown

    It’s estimated that 25% have IVDD, a debilitating disease that often leads to paralysis of the hind quarters. When that happens, they can’t go to the bathroom on their own and are bound to a cart or if an owner can’t manage to deal with expressing the bladder manually 4 times a day they are often euthanized. Even with surgery (upward of $8,000) recurrences are likely because other discs can have the same issue. The most common advice to avoid IVDD is preventing your dog from any jumping, using stairs, running, or climbing. So it’s a healthy dog if it sits around on the floor its entire life. Yeah they are cute, but they are not a healthy breed.

    • DagGummit

      What breed are you talking about? You don’t say during the entirety of this post.

      • Erika McCown

        Looks like they removed them from the list…Daschunds.

  • Rick Charity

    This site has no clue what it’s talking about. Greyhounds have no major health issues?? Are you kidding?? How about the statistic that 80% of greyhounds over 8 die of osteosarcoma…aka bone cancer. If you adopt a retired racing greyhound, it will change your life. But it will also most likely get cancer, and it’s heart breaking.

  • TXDenise

    I agree. The number of beagles that have kidney, bladder, stomach, etc. cancers is alarming!

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  • Lisa Steggall

    Border collies are awesome dogs. So are doxies. Got one of each.

  • albion

    If you want a dog with little to no health problems, get a mutt. Better immune systems, less problems associated with a specific breed, and all around (IMHOaE) smarter dogs.

    • Lee-Anne Symonds

      Totally incorrect !! Mutts can and will inherit any problems the parents have. Do some research LOL

  • Tracy Kriss Stratton

    Springer Spaniels?? Ours had skin problems, ear problems, eye problems, and stomach issues, not to mention bladder issues at times.

  • Lee-Anne Symonds

    Border collies and cattle dogs have quite a few diseases that responsible breeders need to test for !!!

  • Wren2014

    I’d say a beagle eating and eating till its barfs and eating more might be considered a health problem.