URGENT: 2 major dog food brands issue recall


NOTE: This article’s original publication date was August 15th, 2013.

Proctor & Gamble has issued a press release regarding a voluntary recall they are performing on select Iams and Eukanuba dry dog & cat foods, due to a possibility of Salmonella contamination. Fortunately, according to P&G, there have not yet been any reports of illness due this contamination.

Please review the list below to ensure that your dog’s food is not affected! If your food is on this list, please visit the original press release for more information on what to do.

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List of Affected Foods



A dog who has ingested salmonella may be lethargic and have diarrhea (possibly with blood), fever, and vomiting. Some dogs will have only decreased appetite, fever and stomach pain. Infected dogs can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian ASAP.

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UPDATE: Please note that this blog post was originally published August of 2013.

  • Stephanie Wells

    Eukanuba and iams are both awful foods regardless. Generally, any type of pet food you can buy at the grocery store is junk. Just look at the ingredients: by-products. If it was chicken, that could literally be any part: beaks, feet, etc. There’s even been suspected deaths by people feeding their pets iams. Proctor and Gamble also test a lot of their products on animals – why do you want to support them? Go to your nearest pet store and ask an associate to help you find a better food. Do your research and always look at the ingredients – that way your pet will live a long and healthy life, just like you want them to.

    • Laurie Skelton

      I agree, it is such a cheap food to be giving to animals, and so low quality.

    • Kia99

      So true. Sadly both Eukanuba and Iams used to be decent quality foods. Not the best, but so much better than they are now. Apparently part of the “high protein” content in Iams is the blood they soak the food in to make it more palatable for your pets… Not exactly a healthy source of protein. This is why all my cats and dog get the good stuff. Pet store/specialty foods cost more than the cheap stuff, but the money I save not having huge vet bills due to poor health from crap food is more than worth it. Plus I’ve seen the difference in physical appearance between feeding my pets a cheaper pet store brand, then a more expensive one. Even between two of the good foods there’s a noticeable improvement from one price range to the next.

      • Guest

        It is not ALL about price. Some of the more inexpensive ones still have good ingredients lists. Also, blood is actually a pretty good source of protein and many other things good for dogs. I do not feed either of these brands, but I do think it’s important to put out the correct information. Not everyone can afford the most expensive, nor is it necessary. However, everyone needs to read the ingredient list and understand it.

    • SCB

      My Dalmatian and Black Lab lived to 14 and 15 years of age (life expectancy is 12 years). Other than stints on Science Diet during brief illnesses, they ate Purina One. Our current dog, an English setter mix, is now 9 and is also enjoying Purina One. Expensive pet store brands are no guarantee of good health and long life, which is good news for those of us on a budget.

      • Kris Write

        If you can’t afford to feed your dog healthy food then you can’t afford to have a dog. These foods are awful for pets. My dog scratched a hole in his face and had awful skin problems until I switched his food. I use to feed him this garbage.

        • Deena Grant Parra

          How judgmental of you to say someone should not have a pet because they don’t buy fancy over priced food. I agree that SOME of these brands are not good but to tell someone they should not HAVE a pet.. Who do you think you are….There are a lot of alternative foods that are good and not ridiculously over priced.

          • Kris Write

            I didn’t say anything about fancy over priced food. I’m sorry but it’s a fact that too many people own pets when they can’t afford to take care of them properly. What is a good food that doesn’t cost a decent amount of money?

          • Sandy Vernace

            It beats euthanasia, Kris Write

          • Kris Write

            I like youth in Asia. I’m not racist ;)

          • Mike Miller

            Same thing can be said about children

          • Stephanie Magee

            Horizon is about 40 a 28.5 lb bag that lasts my aussie female about a month to a month in a half. That is not to expensive, and because it is produced in Canada, they have higher regulations.
            But, that was a bit judgemental and harsh to say that. My mom feeds her dogs Eukanuba. Our chow/lab mix lived to be 18 on Eukanuba and Old Roy.
            Iams and the other actually started out as good foods, that were a cheaper alternative, Most people don’t realize that companies can change their recipe or outsource to different countries with lower regulations, to save money.
            And, Deena is right. I used to only feed our Aussie (who is gluten intolerant) Solid Gold Barking at the Moon. That is about 60-72$ per bag depending where you get it from. The last bag we ever used had a very inconsistent size kibble that looked like it had a lot of air pockets, and our poor girl, became lethargic, vomited profusely, had bloody diahrea and tore her skin to pieces.
            You just have to trust your brand and hope it doesn’t change which isn’t always the case. But, if you live near a butcher I would get a high quality dog food, but cut it with liver, heart etc. Any of the cheaper meats that the butcher normally doesn’t sell. It helps bring the cost down and spread it longer.

          • fakekn8

            I let my dog chose her food. If she isn’t sick and isn’t horridly fat, then she’s getting what she wants. You Kris would make the world a better place without your current presence.

          • Kris Write

            Actually I own a non profit organization that provides food and supplies to third world countries. So if you think people and they’re children starving is better use to the world then I guess. Would it? How bout you? ;)

          • fakekn8

            Funny,I run a rare horse conservancy project plus I donate way too much money to relief organizations. So spare me your do good story.

          • Kris Write

            Funny and you’re still so full of bitterness and hate. You said it would be a better world without me. I was explaining why it wouldn’t be :) :).

          • fakekn8

            Funny how you left out… “current presence”.

          • Kris Write

            So bitter :( need a hug?

          • fakekn8

            Nope. I deal enough in the actual world. Where I don’t need to see hate and vitriol pointed at responsible and loving members of families (who include non humans in them)

          • Kris Write

            Oh so you only write hateful and bitter posts in the iInternet world. I get it

          • Carol A

            Nonprofit companies can get full of themselves. Sounds like your one of them. Your words speak louder than your actions. I wouldn’t want you leading my nonprofit organization with your attitude. Non compation is what you are.

          • Yendi Jones

            That’s wonderful! Link us to your site!

          • 1bestdog

            ? this makes no sense.

          • ShutTheHellUp

            Sure you do. And I am the Dalai Lama.

          • Evelyn Ball

            You’re pet shouldn’t be fat at all if you really care for it!

          • William Skrainski

            Go fuck your mother

          • Evelyn Ball

            Such an intelligent response. Go crawl back under your rock.

          • Matty33

            if you want to go that route then a good majority should not own pets. for example if you have any loans i.e. student loans, mortgage, credit card debt, car payments, etc…. that is all debt and you are only a burden on society if you don’t pay off those loans before buying a pet.

          • Maika Birkla

            Get the fuck over yourself Matty33. A burden on society>?! Whens the last time you heard someone say they were asked to be brought into this world? Who the fuck are you? Even Debt from things that are a necessity will always exist.A persons life or a dogs life will not. Not everyone can “poof” a house or car….

          • micki uher smith

            fortunately for the rest of us, people like you don’t get to make those deciosions

          • FindleyRocks

            Well they certainly have a better chance at a loving home with reasonable dog food than at a shelter or pound where they might end up euthanized. I buy the Rachel Ray Just 6 dog food and they love it. No overly expensive and she always has coupons.

          • Krisi Allen

            Actually, PC cat and dog food are reasonably priced, available at grocery stores and the first ingredient is meat. There are no additives. I used to buy expensive foods recommended by the vet, but I would recommend this food to anyone. My animals have great shiny coats and good teeth. As long as the pet’s family takes care of them, and loves them and asks for help if and when its needed.. who is anyone to judge someone else.

          • IowaPerson

            Well these pets are family and also these pets needs homes with people who love them. The food they give them is the best they can get for them. What would you rather have, stray dogs and cats along with other animals out on the street when they could be enjoying love and a family? Stop being so judgmental.

          • Rachael Spainhour

            so i guess dogs at high kill shelters should just be euthanized because not everyone can afford blue buffalo and ny strips to feed their dog. which the dog poops out….then eats again lol

          • Guest

            Your definition of ‘properly’ no doubt is different than mine, and different from many others’. Your definition is only correct for YOU.

          • Dee Comp

            so what do you consider 2 be a good healthy dog food at any price money no object? there are a lot of foods that are inexpensive but have the proper balance of vitamins and balance of needed fats and carbs with higher nutritional value then high priced foods

            What is the best dog food on the market? There is no one best food for all dogs. The very fact that there are so many types and brands on the market shows that there are hundreds of options and opinions. Some dogs need higher fat and protein than others; some prefer canned over dry. Feed what is appropriate for your pet: dogs need dog food, and puppies need puppy food. Do not switch brands every month, but do not be afraid to switch brands and find one that your pet does well on. Use the guaranteed analysis, ingredients listings and feeding guidelines to help guide your decision.

            above all educate yourself this is free 2 do and can help you dog live healthier and not kill your wallet a good place to get educated on labels and how 2 read them is PetEducation.com: this site is run by DR Foster and Smith it has everything u could ever need 2 know on healthy pet care from emergency 2 grooming feeding exercise etc its very easy 2 understand its not the money u are able 2 spend that will get u a healthy pet it is the time u are willing 2 spend learning the right way to do things for your pet

          • Matthew

            carnivores can not digest plant matter… their stomach/digestive tract is not able to digest plant matter. If you feed a kibble to your pet, you are feeding them plant matter. Not only is it not digestible, the sugars in the plant matter feeds cancers. I took my dog off kibble and switched him to a Prey Model Raw diet…. the cost is about the same, but my APBT has become much healthier after leaving kibble behind. Look up “prey model raw” and decide for yourself if it will benefit your pet.

          • Aaron South

            True, but not true, Cats are carnivores. Dogs are omnivores and will eat plant matter and meat proteins, that’s how some dogs eat vegetarian diets and do plenty well on them

          • Big M

            Dogs are of the order Carnivora. Just because they can eat fruits and veggies does not make them omnivores. The reason dogs can subsist on a vegetarian diet is due entirely to modern science, and modification of the foods we eat. Ever seen a real wild potato or carrot, or melon? Not the same that you get in the grocery store, and dogs won’t touch them in the wild.

          • Deborah Rasmussen Barrie

            dogs are omnivores-they eat melons, fruit, veggies, and other plant matter. I used to live by farm fields and the coyotes would come in and eat cantaloupe, watermelon, and honey dew melons. My lab, who is 15 now likes anything we eat and all my dog’s, (3) get pedigree small breed with ol’ roy canned food mixed in with it, & they are all healthy.

          • Bufu

            Just a sad little Christmas Troll. If you say anything to it, it responds contrarily, because that’s what sad little trolls do. And it generally keeps its comment activity private because it doesn’t want to be found out for being a – you guessed it – sad little troll.

            Happy holidays! :)

          • Katy Murray

            Amen, sister. That’s like telling parents who feed their children cheap food should not have kids. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, whether temporary or longer term. I feed my puppy expensive food and it often breaks the bank, but that’s a choice I make.

          • La Wanda Johnson

            I agree with you 100% but some foods bad for dogs but people should not judge so harshly as she did

        • Scott Burnett

          I in no way defend shitty foods BUT the fact that millions use these foods and have no issues yet you did, must completely escape your mental faculty. Perhaps YOUR dog had an abnormal sensitivity most others do not. Think before you post next time.

          • Kris Write

            Dear Scott, I don’t know if you realized or if you’re just to daft to understand that this article that we are discussing has to do with how this particular brand of dog food is being recalled due to salmonella issues. On top of that if you read other comments people are saying the same thing I am about this food, how it has caused their pets issues. Also I find a large amount of people don’t ever realize that their pets health problems or other issues generally stem from bad dog food so that is why you may feel thousands of people have no issue. The first thing a vet or any pet website will tell you when your dog is having problems, especially dermal issues is try changing their food. A large amount of pet health issues come from owners feeding their dogs crap. Maybe you’re the one who should be thinking before writing idiotic posts ;) why you so mad bro?

          • Melodi Whitaker

            My cat lost 4 pounds in 3 months after being put on Eukanuba Cat food by our vet. She was so ill and weak that she only got off of our bed to go to the bathroom. I put her back on Iams and she was back to normal in less than a month and gained back the weight in a few months time. She is now a healthy 10 pounds and doing fine. Just because a pet food is expensive doesn’t mean it’s a good food. I fed my cats Science Diet for years and they all had skin problems..when I switched them to Iams the problems improved.

          • Kris Write

            No you’re right and if you go back to my original post you will see that I never said more expensive food is better. But better ingredients and no filler does prove that a food is better

          • TheChaseFace

            It’s very peculiar how you switch between rational thought and ‘you mad bro taunting winky face ololol’

          • Evelyn Ball

            He is dealing with some stupid humans, what do you expect!!!!!!!

          • TheChaseFace


          • Judith Jenkins Daniel

            I used to feed this food until I lost 2 yorkies to Eukanuba puppy food.

          • Judith Jenkins Daniel

            Actually Kris I wasn’t talking to you … just put it in the wrong spot…

          • Dawn Carreno-Combs

            yeah, you said healthy food. unfortunately there are so many variations on what is a healthy complete diet for dogs it is confusing for alot of people. not to mention, depending on your dogs health, age, etc. that healthy diet will have to change to accomodate an individual dogs needs. frankly the same can be said for human diets too actually. I say use common sense and read as much material as you can find on healthy, home prepared options and use a high quality ingredient dry dog food in addition to make sure they are getting the necessary vitamins.

          • Helen Fonteneau

            science diet the worst just because the vet gets a kick back doesnt make a bad dog food good.

          • CrVT

            As someone who works in the veterinary industry, I can assure you that Veterinarians do NOT get kick backs from pet food companies and we currently offer home cooked diets as well as a few properly researched pet store brands that we know are backed by the company and that have proven efficacy. The problem with many foods that are out there is that no one has ever followed them for any length of time to prove that they are nutritionally complete and balanced and that they do not cause other health problems down the road like the formation of urinary crystals and bladder stones which we often see from “holistic” foods. We see great support from Iams and their foods prove to hold true to their claims…ANY food, human or animal can come into contact with Salmonella and has over the years including foods that are “good” for us like salad.

          • Aaron South

            This is a little backwards, I find all the people who feed “purina” products the ones with urinary crystals and bladder stones, most “holistic foods” have not been around long enough to watch a dog go from puppy to death on just Blue, Wellness, Ultra, Castor and Pollux, etc. If vets do not get kick backs why do I ALWAYS get customers whose dogs have allergies, so the vet recommends Science Diet’s Prescription Diet food (which usually has the allergen in it) And gives them a few good doses of steroids for good measure. I recommend Blue Basics, or any of our other Limited Ingredient Diets (which are cheaper than prescription) And I have dozens of satisfied customers return and tell me the good news!

          • Kris Write

            That’s probably because Science diet is not good food. I don’t think anybody though Eukanuba was either

          • melissa

            All six of my animals are fed Iams and they don’t have any problems.

          • Aaron South

            Iams and Eukanuba are both owned by Proctor and Gamble, and are equal in their ingredients, Science Diet is on the same level as Iams AND Eukanuba, any issue stemming from Science Diet would affect your cats just the same on Iams, or Eukanuba. Sounds like it was just your cats being picky

          • John Hine

            Kris – I am sorry but you come off mad, seriously, it isn’t helping your case. My opinion….sorry!

          • Kris Write

            I didn’t ask your opinion ;)

          • Shana Danger H

            For the record no one asked for yours either. mIIm

          • Consti2tion

            Neither did anyone else ask your opinion on whether or not They should own a dog.

          • Kris Write

            So you agree that people who can’t afford pets should own them?

          • kahrguy


          • scott

            who the fuck are you… First you start out telling others that they have no business owning a pet, and when you get called out on it you divert to patronage . Then you get to the point of the article then you say “I didn’t ask for your opinion” YOUR JUST AN ASSHOLE AND THATS MY OPINION …..some people are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them!!!!

          • Carol A

            You cant get through to a narcissus

          • Hello Shadow

            I’m pretty sure you meant NARCISSIST. I hope Santa brought you a dictionary for Xmas!

          • Star Shine

            There is NO safe dog food.My 4 yr old lab fir his first 2 years i feed him Purina and never had any issues, he got a bad ear infection and the vet told me that it stemmed from his food so she put him on science diet, after $ 600.00 for vet bill meds and change to science diet it cleared up.2 months being on science diet he got very ill,during that time we got our puppy white English golden retriever the breeder suggested earthborn puppy and suggested the same for my lab, so i did my research and went with that brand very expensive butt i love my dogs like they are my kids my lab did good with it my puppy@ 9 weeks old almost died from salmonella poisoning,$3500.00 later my puppy was saved because they never thought about the expensive food being poison,, well it was…nurtured my puppy back to health and put him and lab on wellness expensive food holistic crap and guess what 6 months later poisoned again by the damn food , long story short 6 different expensive holistic top line foods that never get recalls..all did. Think now I’m just gonna start making there food

          • Todd Richardson

            Careful Star. This happens with human food too. Your story is amazing cause I don’t know anyone that has had this problem and I know a lot of dog people. This is rare so your story is even more rare. Quality dog food and safety standards could be two different things.

            Look at it this way. You could eat at McDonalds, I think we would all agree their food isn’t as much about quality as it is about cost. You can sustain on it but as you know if you read just a little the food at these fast food restaurants can lead to a lot of negative health issues. Americans are the perfect test case for this. However, you could go to the store every day and get fresh food and absolutely eat as healthy as possible. Both are considered safe but both have had issues with salmonella. Just saying, just because you make it doesn’t mean it will be safe.

          • Susie Haynie

            Some of the more expensive foods are very high in protein and can cause problems. Stick with the Purina if your dogs were healthy on it. I have tried the expensive foods and my dog was sick on them. Purina is a perfectly good brand.

          • Aaron South

            Many people buy the first thing they see in the Expensive foods sections and do not fully understand what they are reading. It is very common for customers to grab High protein diets, not even knowing the difference or how it affects their pets

          • Marta Whitehill

            oh my you guys ,you all sound like a bunch of asses.anyone who loves their pets will do the best they can for them because they love them

          • 1bestdog

            Science diet is bad stuff too. Live doctors vets do not know much about nutrition.

          • Aaron South

            Making the food is very time consuming, and most do not know exactly how to make the food, you need to make sure you can recreate all their necessary vitamins and minerals. Be sure to check with your vet for a thorough list! On another note, sounds like you may have a problem on how you feed your dog:
            Do you wash your dogs food bowl out all the time?
            Does water get mixed in with the food? Even by accident?

          • Star Shine

            SOUNDS like your an asshole….ooh wait…yep not by accident either….your questions or insinuations don’t even deserve an answer…not looking for stupid people solutions…i all ready know how My puppies got sick just saying there’s no SAFE MANUFACTURED DOG FOOD for that matter HUMAN FOOD as well..dick..so merry Christmas to all and to all except you and a few more a good night

          • Hello Shadow

            Your facts sound ridiculous. You should learn to clean their bowls and give them fresh water right before you learn how to write and spell. If you HONESTLY expect anyone to believe at least a half dozen dog foods made your dog sick, you are only convincing those dumb enough to believe you.

          • Star Shine

            Well then I’ll bee the first too say….hi DUMBAZZ i can care less about the stupid peoples replys….DUMB ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

          • bpless

            My dog scratches all the time. I tried all the expensive brands of foods and it didn’t make a difference. So I went back to a cheaper brand. Whatever her problem is, it’s not the food.

          • Kris Write


          • Kristina M Baird

            Did you try grain free food?

          • Barbara S. Van Dyck

            I have the same problem and have tried many foods with no change. What does make a huge difference is a frequent bath with mild soap and rince with cider vinegar. He is alergic to something in his environment but I haven’t found out what yet.

          • Marta Whitehill

            most dogs have a reaction to gluten in dog food

          • Barbara S. Van Dyck

            They have both been on a grain free diet for the last 13 months,their skin looks good and their hair is shiny.

          • Scott Burnett

            Dear “guest ”
            Thanks for informing me of my mental state “bro”, but actually I’m NOT mad ” bro “. I saw an idiotic statement made by you and commented on it. The simple fact is that if these foods were as horrible as you claim it to be then everyone who used it would have dogs with issues. But then again, I’m daft so why pay attention to me. I’ll just stand over here in the corner singing Christmas carols to my boogers while you shove your thumb up your ass and educate the world on how you know what is right and wrong based solely on your life experiences. I’ll leave you and your ego to the masses now. Later ” bro “

          • Hybrid21

            There are plenty of people that eat nothing but fast food and they are perfectly healthy until they start to age and then they not only age prematurely, but are more likely to have strokes, heart attacks, etc. It’s the same with dogs, only people are told ‘you’re dogs just getting old’. Plenty of research has shown dogs can live well into their late teens with minimal health issues if they are feed a quality diet, but the average age for pet dogs in the U.S is around 11 years old, mainly attributed to diet and lack of exercise.

          • 1bestdog

            When you no issues you have no way of knowing the adverse health you are causing with bad food.

        • Annon

          So then with that school of thought Kris, should people who feed their kids crap, or “unhealthy food (ie. Mcdonald’s) not have children? How exactly does one throw stones through that glass house?

          • Kris Write

            Lol to compare dogs to children is ridiculous. Your point is moot

          • Annon

            and you’re a troll who isn’t worth my time. ciao

          • Kris Write

            I understand. All you have to do is tell me I’m right. It’s OK to be wrong sometimes :)

          • steve

            Unless you grow your own food, shoot your own meat and process it your self, do your own canning. You are eating all kinds of shit from veggies to meats…from the store.

          • Scott Burnett

            Based on the responses to your comments, I’d venture to say YOU are moot

          • Evelyn Ball

            If you feed your children McDonalds, you really shouldn’t have kids. And you wonder why so many kids are overweight at such young ages.

        • Shana Danger H

          Yep, better to leave dogs to die in shelters right? You’re an idiot.

          • Kris Write

            Twouldn’t be such a high demand for shelters if people who shouldn’t own dogs didn’t own dogs. That’s my original point.

          • Scott Burnett

            there wouldn’t be such a high demand for shelters if dogs would stop fucking. Much like people. If only your parents had been fixed we could have saved a lot of interweb space

          • Shana Danger H

            Your definition of an unfit owner is feeding your dog Iams :/. I stand by my original point that you’re an idiot and will add you’re also an insufferable douche. And for the record my dogs eat Blue Buffalo but I won’t begrudge someone feeding their dog crappy grocery store food as long as the dog is cared for. And the high demand on shelters is due to overpopulation from not fixing animals and backyard breeders not from science diet.

          • Evelyn Ball

            If people would spay and neuter their pet’s and be responsible pet owners they wouldn’t be in shelters, idiot!!!

        • Zanetta Smith

          Hey Kris, are you saying that because I have a chronic illness, that I didn’t choose to have, that I should surrender them to the refuge league, because I have to feed them “cheap” food? You know what! The refuge feeds the same exact food as I have to! Are you willing to go to the shelters and donate the what you feed your dog? If you aren’t willing to help them keep the surrendered animal healthy, then shut your trap! What’s the saying?!?! Money talks, bull$hit walks! Some people feed their dogs what they can afford. I used to feed my Dalmatians Blue Buffalo and my vet says they are just as healthy as they were on that! Get over your snotty self!!

          • Kris Write

            Somebody needs some etiquette lessons lol

          • Zanetta Smith

            Oh yeah, lol. Why, because I’m not afraid to voice my opinion to someone that clearly has a a snotty attitude toward everyone, because you think you’re better? I don’t think so! In my eyes, everyone is equal. people are just trying to get by!

        • disqus_o3zPeoeOQk

          Can we keep the burn of public idiot #1 over here Kris write going. lol

        • Susie Haynie

          I have bought the so-called “healthy food” for my dog and her hair started to fall out and she stayed sick at her stomach. I will never buy that swill again. Purina has some really good brands and our dog loves it ..and she is healthy. I think sometimes it is more trial and error for humans and pets. Just because food is more expensive does not make it the best food.

          • Kris Write

            And again, I never said it did. I said food without fillers is better for your dog. Which generally cost more. It’s like frozen food with preservatives. There’s more filler and crap in it so it’s cheaper. If you dog can go from sickly looking and dull on crappy food to having a beautiful coat, no eye crust and look healthy by buying a better good there’s your proof. I’m getting so much flak because so many people feed there dogs crappy food and they are offended.

          • kelzrose

            Yep, Diamond dog food did wonderful to make the fur on our rescues soft and beautiful. Their eyes shined and they all looked healthy. Until Diamond dog food started killing them. One by one they became ill and soon most died. The survivors will forever suffer liver issues. All because someone didn’t do their job and test a load of ingredients that came into the factory. Aflatoxin poisoning in a holistic/high price dog food? It can happen no matter what you feed your pets. Please be careful making pet owners feel that they are not doing right by their fur kids. Most of us do what we believe is the best for them. Education doesn’t need to be rammed down the throats of those willing to learn and no matter what you say, it will make no difference to those unwilling to learn.

          • Guest

            It is carzy that you are all being hateful! As long as you do the best you can for your pet that is what matters.My vet told me Iams is of a better quality and that is what all six of my animals are fed. Look at the recall list and you will probably see at one time the brand of food you use has had a recall as well. Unfortunately it happens.

        • Dawn Carreno-Combs

          i’ve been reading through your posts and just want to say i don’t agree with you at all. there are just too many animals out there that need a loving home. its about loving homes for all pets so just because someone doesn’t feed a dog what you might consider a healthy food doesn’t mean you are justified in what you say. – that that individual should not have that dog (or cat or whatever). i am fairly sure that dog living in a trash dump with mange, parasite ridden, and eating out of trash bins (or not eating at all) would more readily agree with me if they could talk. unless your dog has special needs like mine…any kind of food and lots of love is better than suffering and neglect or being in a kill shelter.

        • matt watkeys

          if you can’t afford to have a kid, DON”T!!! there is no welfare for dogs, but they need a loving home regardless

        • Evelyn Ball

          Many say they can’t afford it but I truly wonder if they still spend money on junk they don’t need like booze cigs take out food cable?????

        • timmi

          your so wrong for saying that .i love my dog more then anything she is my life..

        • Pamela Ja


        • micki uher smith

          screw you

        • kiki84

          What an embarrassing response to read. I paid $2000 for my dog and love him like a family member. I tried to buy him expensive food and his stomach couldn’t handle it. I now feed him Eukanuba (as per vet recommendation) and he is thriving (5 years later). I would spend anything on him and it wouldn’t make a difference. Certainly my vet (who went to school for over 7 years before he felt qualified to give his opinion on this topic) is a more reliable source than a volatile poster on this website. Thanks though, but I will stick with the professional opinion.

          Furthermore, growing up we had a golden retriever live to 16 eating noname dog food from superstore. That was what my parents could afford. He was healthy and more loved than many other pets. I don’t know what makes you think you have the right to tell people they shouldn’t have a pet because they don’t have the income to feed them the highest quality food. There are so many factors that attribute to a good life for your dog, such as exercise and love and attention.

        • daaale

          thats probably because he was allergic bud, not saying that the food is good…I eat at Mcdonalds sometimes, but i dont break out in hives…

        • April

          What the hell is wrong with you? Just because someone can’t afford $75 a bad of food doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a pet. You can’t take that comment and shove it up your stuck up ass

        • Rachael Spainhour

          MY dog eats his own poop and roadkill….i dont think cheap dog food is going to kill him every now and then. im sorry if i dont think my dog should dine at the table with me on a silver platter, eating better choice cuts than me lol thats ridiculous

        • ♪ Roxanneland ♪

          Simply nonsense.

        • Rebecca Hyle

          So you feed your pet raw or Orijen then. Those are the 2 ways I know of to feed your pets healthy.

        • ShutTheHellUp

          Maybe your dog was trying to kill himself to get away from your righteousness.

          I have a 19 year old lab mix that has been fed nothing but Ol’ Roy and table food as she will not eat the expensive food at all. We have tried them all. Guess what? She turns 20 in 4 months and our vet is astonished at how well she has done on food that isn’t overpriced.

          For centuries dogs have lived on nothing but table food. It wasn’t until the last 20 years that you ultra liberals started bitching and thinking you know every damn thing.

      • 1bestdog

        Purina is garbage.

    • Melissa Ives

      we feed Blue Buffalo exclusively. I like that I can recognize every ingredient and don’t mind spending more money on our dog, she is more than just a pet she is a member of our family.

      • brooklynn91
        • Melissa Ives

          this article is from 2010…

        • http://www.pbaus.org/ Ronnie Keith Van Zant

          That’s from 2010 brooklyn91. BB is very healthy and safe for dogs, and steps above the rest, as the first ingredient is always a protein and there are very limited fillers, unlike grocery store brands which start off with fillers.

      • dobegurl

        There was just a recall on Blue. To much Vitamin D.

        • Melissa Ives

          Check their website and the web- THAT recall you are referencing was from 2010! l

          • Majeed Makooie

            Amazing ….. They did not take down a recall notice from 2010 !!!! Shows how good they are with their products. Cook for your dog and they will live a happy and long life like mine did …

          • thatabramswoman

            that depends on what you cook. I have a friend who swears you need to feed your dog raw meat. another who cooked for her pets. n something on the internet is never taken down n is not reflection on a product.

          • Denise Mertz

            Yes it’s just a reflection on whoever runs the website, not the product itself.

          • Billy Pullin

            I did…If they have been recalled once chances are they will again. I would never feed my pups anything that has been recalled even once.

      • Billy Pullin

        Blue Buffalo has been recalled many times.

        • Melissa Ives

          last recall I can find was from 2010- I am guessing if you trace the brands above there are well more than that. I watch my dogs foods closely and we never feed anything to her made outside the USA and that we can’t identify the ingredients. http://bluebuffalo.com/news/latest-from-blue

          • Billy Pullin

            The best thing to do is check with DogFoodAdvisor.com. They list all of the ingredients and are rate the dog foods.

        • Denise Mertz

          So has salad

        • kelzrose

          Can you please post links to those recalls. I have been unable to find any. Thanks

      • Jillian Maxey

        Blue is a wonderful food. I feed my dog and cat Blue.

      • Matt

        My vet & the Pet Food Express associates both swear by Blue Buffalo. I had one of my two dogs with some health issues. Both the vet & the associate both recommended the same food. My dogs issues cleared up. keep in mind, it’s high in (good) calories, so you usually have to feed them far less than what is recommended on the bag. The bag will often say 1 cop twice a day and my vet has me doing 1/3 cup twice a day. I’m a Huge Fan of BB.

      • Dawn C

        Didn’t proctor and Gamble buy Blue Buffalo? There was a rumor that they had plans to buy their chicken from China to start cutting costs in 2014 I think …

    • Alex Roy

      your mad that they test their products on animals? It’s food for animals……who would you have them test it on?

      • shem

        I feed it to my kids first…

        • Denise Mertz


      • Nichole

        P&G makes more than dog food, while she wasn’t clear, I’m pretty sure they meant their OTHER prodcuts are tested on animals.

      • sarahhavilland

        Stupid comment Alex Roy – she means they do toxicity tests on animals – ie you try to poison the dog with LD50 tests (lethal dose 50) – ie 50 x what the recommended intake of a component is. Still want to joke about it?

        • just curious

          Who would you have them test it on?????????????????????? Certain testing is required and again who or what would you have them test it on ?????????????????????

          • Scott Burnett

            rapist, child molesters, drug dealers

          • just curious

            I agree with that idea 110percent but then you have to deal with all the bleeding hearts worrying about their rights.

        • Diane Shewhosnamemaynotbespoke

          sorry, re LD50 you are wrong ,.. LD50 is the level of concentration at which 50% of the test animals die from the compound in question. It is only really good for immediate toxicity BTW not for long term damages .. just thought you would like to know.

      • E Hengst


      • E Hengst

        how about they use real food.. and not crap .. then they would not have to do any cruel testings…. I read labels b4 buy food 4 me and my family.. why would I not do the same 4 my furry child???

      • Evelyn Ball

        Actually animals suffer terribly when used in testing but that’s ok with you obviously.

    • Kala Lynn Woods

      My vet told me iams is the next best food to feed your dogs and cats aside from the food they sell in their office.

      • ChiefThundermoon

        The worse you can get is from the vets!

        • kllyn

          @ChiefThundermoon:disqus are you kidding me the worst food you can get is from the veterinary clinics…what do you think veterinarians are there for? to care for you animals…why would they sell food that isnt good for your pets? Your probably one of those people who think Veterinarians want to suck all your money dry and they are so rich and cost soo much…WRONG! your a whole new level of stuipid!!

          • http://www.the-pet-butler.com Sherrie Roberts

            Why do you feel the need to get nasty? Certainly you could express yourself and your opinion without insulting the person to whom you are answering. And by the way, it’s you’re, not your.

          • FastMovingCloud

            That was unnecessarily harsh. And, there are vets who care about our animals. Not all of them are in it for a buck.

          • Mike Burnett

            Because pet food companies pay them so much money, and they know that most people are going to feed their pets the cheapest brands either way. A vet tech where I take my dog told me that Science Diet, which they sold in-house, was not a great brand and that if I wanted to make sure my dog was as healthy as he could be to invest in a better dog food.

          • FastMovingCloud

            I agree; mostly vets sell crap food,especially at the large clinics. Still, the response seemed a little rough for a fairly innocuous comment (and with spelling errors while calling someone else stupid).

          • Jillian Maxey

            Mike you should remember that not all vet techs are educated, and as a practice manager you get NO money from manufacturers such as Science Diet, not even rebates. Dog food is not something an office makes money off of. It is too expensive and if we marked up the price it would never be affordable. Science diet is the one of the only companies that makes prescription food for dogs and cat that can and do save the life of pets.

          • Helen Fonteneau

            so true

          • sarahhavilland

            Chief Stupid yourself Kllyn. Who do you think funds vet students going through college? Who do you think gives massive mark ups to vet practices? Who do you think gives vets massive incentives to sell their products. You’re probably one of those people who thinks vets care so much for animals that they don’t care about earning so much money. How naïve.

          • Star Shine

            Doctor Smith in Melbourne Florida SAVED my puppy He is aa .specialists and a Wonderful good hearted person.i ran out of money after spending $3500.0 on trying to save my puppy he picked up the rest of my puppies hospital stay medicine and 2 months of after care almost 5000.00 for a stranger with a very very very sick puppy because of this GOOD food you all r referring to…I once thought like you ….that vets just want $…your wrong there are compassionate vets and doctors that actually practice because they love what they do…which in the end you can’t take the $ with you…Hope you find yours (if you ever need….

        • E Hengst

          yep.. they want repeat customers..

      • sarahhavilland

        That will be because your vet sells Iams! No brainer really!

      • E Hengst

        then I would look 4 a new vet… that is crazy they said that.. oh wow..but hey.. then again.. they do want repeat customers.. just like hospitals that don’t have organic soy milk.. they want u to get ill.. hello.. they need sick animals 2 survive…

      • ShinjisSecret

        I’m sorry, but your vet is a fool, like most vets they know nothing about nutrition and yes, I went to vet school. Dog food companies sponsor classes and push an agenda, not facts.

      • Helen Fonteneau

        Do not trust your vet as to what is good dog food none of them feed there stuff not science diet for sure and not i ams lot do feed Purina One. Dog handlers and reputable breeders also feed and swear by Purena One I feed Frooms in the black and gold bag very expensive and my dogs Poms and Dobe’s both do well on it and no recalls. Wish i could feed Puriena One then I could afford to eat a steak myself once in a while lol

    • kimberly Wolfe

      I agree about the pet food that you buy in the grocery store . It is total garbage. I did alot of research before settling on a pet food.

    • Pam Ansel-Bonesteel

      Eukanuba is NOT generally sold in stores. It is sold in pet chains and is what the military and police feed their service dogs. At $50 plus a bag it is pretty good stuff.

    • arishagal

      Hear, hear. I feed my pets top-quality brands like Nature’s Variety, Stella & Chewy’s, and Wysong. I always read the ingredients to make sure there are no by-products or filler grains, and I prefer it if the food is made in the USA (which is the case for Nature’s Variety). These foods are pricier than the crap in the supermarket, but if increases both the quality and the length of my cats’ and dogs’ lives, I’m all in– they are family members, not possessions!

    • Mike Miller

      HMMMM TESTING DOG FOOD ON DOGS theres a novel concept…My golden lived 17years on Iams….I kept her away from vaccinations and dog parks.

    • Karen Kearns

      Check your facts…Eukanuba and Iams are only sold in pet stores or feed stores..They don’t sell them in grocery stores. I guess it’s the blonde hair…..

      • Leslie Bonk

        Iams is sold at Walmart.

    • AJ Lawrie

      There is nothing wrong with a dog eating chicken feet. Its all just protein and dogs are not as picky as humans This recall is about bacteria not ingredients. The pet store associate is only an employee paid to sell pet food. They have not taken any courses on pet nutrition. Not even a vet always knows about the pet food. Often one of the technologists in a vet clinic has taken the courses. Ask your local vet tech

    • Jenna Yaner

      I wholeheartedly agree.

      We bred full blooded German Shepherds for years. We feed them Purina.
      The male and female we bred lived for 13 and 12 years respectively. Amazing age for those dogs. Both of them were playful and active until they died, both went in their sleep.

      Better brand dog foods are only another $1 or 2 more, I think that is worth your dog living another 3-5 years, don’t you?

      • Angie M Price-Collins

        I don’t agree, I have grown up with trained dogs my whole life. and I have purebred Pomeranian’s that I have fed Iam’s since they were pups and they are both very healthy. A lot comes into play when taking care of an animal. How you take care of them, vet visits, environment, etc. My eldest Pom is 16 yrs old right now and doing just fine except for a little arthritis. And for every research study out there that says one food is bad there is another one out there that says its fine or others are bad. You have to go with your gut and with your trusted vet.

        • Jenna Yaner

          Well, Purina is what we feed them, and we took very good care of them. They lived very happy and active lives.
          Our vet recommended Purina, and that is what we used. I am happy with the choice.

    • RetroSquid

      To be honest, anything that comes under the Proctor & Gamble umbrella should be completely avoided, not just for the quality and contents of the product, but for company ethics in general…

      Any company that hosts their own vivisection labs, in my eyes, are scum.

    • kiki84

      I tried to feed my Bernese Mountain dog locally made pet food with quality protein ingredients and his stomach could not handle it. He was sick constantly. We tried multiple quality and expensive foods including making it ourselves. My vet suggested Eukanuba and he has thrived on it. He is incredibly healthy and active, has a beautiful coat, and has had very minimal health issues (which is uncommon for his breed). He is now nearing the beginning of his life expectancy and shows no signs of illness. We are happy with the choice we made to switch to this brand. I have a science background. I am still happy with the choice I made and would do it again.

  • Rhea Morris White Halloran

    You don’t know how this saddens me. I have always used IAMS. My sheltie was raised on IAMS and she loved it. A few months ago, she became suddenly very ill. She refused to eat, was throwing up and lethargic. Taking her to the Vet, blood test showed her liver enzymes were dangerously high. We got her on meds, I changed her food to a soft food for a while. She became her old self. THEN, I started mixing the IAMS in with her soft food to wean her back to dry food. She became so ill, bleeding rectally, lost the use of her rear legs and throwing up again. We had to put her down. THIS makes me wonder, was it actually the IAMS? I had wondered that before, but pushed the thought out of my mind since she had always had IAMS. Did I lose my baby because of tainted food?

    • Roxy Gray

      Unfortunately Iams and many low end foods are renown for bad quality, they are touted as good foods, but the meat is barely meat and is not human grade. I am sorry for your loss though, there is nothing worse than being left with a what if either :(

    • Donna

      I am so sorry for the great loss of your dear friend. I truly hope that it had nothing to do with the food that you trusted made by this reputable company. Just know that she knew that you were only do the very best things for her and she knew you loved her too…

    • Jillian O’Sullivan

      Very sorry for your loss.
      I believe it was. My Dalmatian ate Iams her whole life and died of liver failure at 11 years old.

  • Lori

    My kittens were on Iams kitten and had these syptoms mentioned in the article. Switched to an all natural from a pet store, doing great and growing like weeds! Glad I switched!

  • Laurie Skelton

    This is only in the USA and only 10% of the market. The Canadian market is completely unaffected.

  • John Majerus

    The iams I have here is not on the recall list, I have always given my Dogs iams and will continue to, One of The Best Foods For Dogs!!!!

    • Roxy Gray

      It is actually one of the worst if you research

      • John Majerus

        Results is what I Deal in,I have been feeding my dog Iams dry food for over 30 years,All have Been Healthy , All have lived over 11 + years..This is All the research I Need To Know.

        • Roxy Gray

          Unfortunately there are many idiots like you who dont listen. 11 is nothing. All my dogs go to 15 plus with rarely a vet visit. Feeding your dogs by products of cheap meat mass produced is not good by any stretch.

          • John Majerus

            Results is what I Deal in,I have been feeding my dog Iams dry food for
            over 30 years,All have Been Healthy , All have lived over 11 +
            years..This is All the research I Need To Know.its idiots like You that srare people with your Foolish Comments. little dogs live longer lifes ,My Dogs were great danes,shepherds,& labs. with normal visits to the vets,Iams is a Very Good Food to Feeds your Pets !!

          • Tabitha

            You must be an idiot if you think Iams is the best brand for your animals. Sorry to be blunt but you should preform a better research on this ‘wonderful’ dog food brand. You come off as a sponsor for Iams. How sad. If you researched at all you’d even come to realize the things they do to the animals when they test their product on them.

          • John Majerus

            I have given my Dogs Iams for over 30 years, All of then past & Present have lived Long and Healthy lifes.you make it sound like its the worse food out there,I post my opinion here, Just Like You And Your Friends Have, and I am the one thats been called the idiot, you seem to have a bug up your ass about the iam brand. What Do You Work for another Pet Food Manufacture ?? iam food has showed Great Results For ME ,,,I will continue to use iams products for my dogs,and am recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good healthy food for there Dogs.

          • Kia99

            Iams did used to be a much higher quality food than it is today. So your animals 30, 20, even 10 years ago eating Iams were getting a better food than they produce now. Both Iams and Eukanuba have drastically decreased their quality over recent years. And yes you may still have dogs that are quite healthy and long lived for their size. Even feeding a poorer nutritional value item doesn’t guarantee the health issues will take place, but it does increase the risks. I can only hope that you will at least take into consideration the idea that what you fed 30 years ago is not the same as what Iams is giving you now, and do your own research to find a better alternative. I’m not trying to scare you or anyone else, I don’t work for any pet food manufacturer, I just own pets and have seen the difference changing a food can make. I have a friend whose cat ate Iams pretty much exclusively, she developed diabetes at 13, and recently passed away. I can’t definitively prove it was the food that caused the problems, but once she was on a different higher quality food her health increased (also she was on insulin which affected that as well) her coat was better, and she was just in better shape all around. There’s a reason that your vet will try to get you to change to a different food when your pets get ill… and it’s not just to get you to spend more money.
            I’m not going to call you names for making your own choices, I don’t think it’s fair that others have done it, but I do believe that if you do your own research and just go out and talk to people in various pet related businesses, (your local pet store owners, breeders, vets, and so on) you may learn things that would surprise you.

          • Cheryl Denise Clemons

            No need to be rude. Sheesh…

          • Rebecca Hyle

            Apparently the people being rude never heard the old saying about ‘catching more flies with honey than vinegar. I don’t see a need to be totally rude and name calling to get your point across.

          • Cheryl Denise Clemons

            Well said.

    • quez

      I have also feed my dog Iams exclusively for her 7 years (so far). She is healthy, happy, smart, playful and loving. The variety we use has never shown up on a recall list, so I feel good about that. Our vet has never questioned what we feed her, only reminded us that table scraps and people food aren’t ideal because a dog’s nutritional needs are different from people’s.

  • iluvmychis

    Why on earth would someone want to feed their pets food from a corporation that is known for their household cleaning and personal hygiene products? And as another person stated, they test their products on animals. Conflict of interest! I’m not a food snob but really, this is bottom of the barrel quality.

    • Mistagee

      I worked for that company for 5 years and would not buy any product that is food related from them if I were you. If you saw how Sunny Delight, Pringles, Hawaiian Punch, Fischer Nuts, and Crisco were made, you would run the other way.

      • wendysalman

        Please elaborate.

        • Mistagee

          Sunny Delight is made with skin rinds and pith of the Orange, as well as oil and other crap. Pringles are the most processed thing I have ever seen. All the other products go through so much engineering, that they dont even look like real things when they are finished. They also do animal testing on dyes perfumes etc., that is definitely true. And yes, the products in other categories are better then most of the competition, but due to costs, they have watered back and the competition has also caught up….so nowadays I dont see the need to spend premium on their brands.

    • Michelle kesterton

      Here in England Vets recommend Iams etc and is only a fraction cheaper than the most expensive food, I tried most of them on my cane corso as he was very fussy, just so happens I stuck with the expensive one not that he eats it on its own!

  • Julieb615

    Not only are these foods poor quality but some of the better brands from out west are made for the east coast in a huge plant in SC which has had contamination problems. Do your research and find out where your dog’s food is manufactured.

  • A.j. Gagne

    I only feed my dogs human food. If it’s not good enough for me to eat it’s not good enough for them. Real food is the best choice. It’s the most natural to your dogs living in the wild like they were born to do.

    • Jacqui Kehoe Gibbons

      Don’t think you are supposed to do that A.J. Best of intentions I’m sure but they are different to us. Wound up having to have my dog operated on for a cruciate ligament injury because he was getting human food and it increased his weight. So while I meant well I harmed him. Have been very upset about this.

      • SCB

        Please cut yourself a break. My skinny English Setter injured this ligament as well. It’s not just heavy dogs that manage to do this. My Setter gets table scraps, too, yet remains thin. Dogs are like people in that some of them tend to have a big appetite and a metabolism that helps them gain weight, while others eat only when they are hungry and go on to bounce around, burning calories. Now you know what you have, and you’re controlling things. That’s the best anyone can be expected to do.

      • Jasper Blue Siberians

        Was your dog fixed by six months of age? Growing amount of research showing this leads to these injuries

      • Scott Severs

        Your dog got overweight because you over fed him doesnt matter what food you feed. You still had to measure…..if you let your dog get that fat so that he had to repair a cruciate, you are irresponsible as hell, and probably overweight yourself.

        • Susan Butler Best

          Well that’s just ugly, Mr. Severs. You do not know her, her dog or its medical condition. Amazing that you are quick to slam everyone else for being “internet doctors”. Its likely you need more socialization.

    • Anita Bak

      yeap, that is what my vet says too, if you eat healthy, the dog can eat the same, of course you cant give them chocolate, grapes and other things, but in general human food is better than any dog food you can buy.

      • Kathy Turney

        oh no why not grapes

        • Brandy Mc Neal

          Per ASPCA website: Grapes and raisins have recently been associated with the development of kidney failure in dogs. At this time, the exact cause of the kidney failure isn’t clear, nor is it clear why some dogs can eat these fruits without harm, while others develop life-threatening problems after eating even a few grapes or raisins. Some dogs eat these fruits and experience no ill effects—but then eat them later on and become very ill. Until the cause of the toxicosis is better identified, the safest course of action is to avoid feeding grapes or raisins to your dog. Dogs experiencing grape or raisin toxicosis usually develop vomiting, lethargy or diarrhea within 12 hours of ingestion. As signs progress, dogs become increasingly lethargic and dehydrated, refuse to eat and may show a transient increase in urination followed by decreased or absent urination in later stages. Death due to kidney failure may occur within three to four days, or long-term kidney disease may persist in dogs who survive the acute intoxication. Successful treatment requires prompt veterinary treatment to maintain good urine flow.

        • vinman043

          grapes can cause renal failure

      • carol

        y can dogs not have grapes, my dog loves them and has for 10 years

        • wendysalman

          It hurts their kidneys. It causes renal failure.

    • Scott Severs

      Do you feed raw? “Real food” for dogs is a raw diet. Otherwise it’s all the same crap.

      • http://www.the-pet-butler.com Sherrie Roberts

        My vet certainly disagrees with you. He said if you killed a chicken and fed it immediately, it would be fine, but that processed chickens bought in the store could carry salmanela. I was feeding my dog raw, and he developed a bacterial infection resulting in blood stools. My vet scolded me heartyly over my food choice.

    • Majeed Makooie

      Well said … So did I and my dogs lived 16.5 and 18.5years ….

  • greenriverkate

    I was a breeder and not one of my Ridgebacks would touch either of them. I had to mix 2 different kinds of dog food to get the right percentages of their needs. I tell people not to buy these! But then, you have those that listen to their ads!!!

    • Vikki Cheney

      My Chihuahuas have never eaten grocery store food. Why? Because I kept my son’s Chihuahua for a time and cured his dandruff through researching good pet foods. He was on Iams because it takes less effort to grab it at the grocery store. I put him on 4 Health from Tractor Supply, and that is all my two little ones are allowed to eat. Unfortunately, my son’s dog is back to eating Iams.

  • Valerie jones

    Before Proctor & Gamble took over the companty I had fed my working, breeding, trialing dogs on Eukanuba for about 20 years and they lived until the ages of 16 – 171/2 in excellent health, lots of stamina etc. After the takeover P&G changed the formula and I had to take my dogs off that food because it was giving them diarhhoea.
    I now feed my working/dog sports dogs on Orijen. Not cheap but you only get what you pay for.

  • Jasper Blue Siberians

    I wish people would research their foods in the first place. This is such a poor quality food and hopefully this will be a wake up call for many

  • https://www.facebook.com/garytgsr?ref=tn_tnmn Gary Gray

    <——– Blue Buffalo for me!

  • Eva- Spirit Whisperer

    I get Pedigree and so far there have been no recalls on that brand…seems like the Iams and Eukanuba brands are always in a recall for salmonella…

  • Eva- Spirit Whisperer

    Alex Roy…you mentioned that dog food is tested on dogs…and say it’s because they are eating it that that is where you test…then how do you explain testing mascara on rabbits, and testing drugs on monkeys…testing on animals should be outlawed period..I am not a rabbit or a monkey….

  • labrat

    So happy I feed raw.

  • Greg R

    Both are crappy foods anyway, so no need to worry here. I don’t use these brands thank goodness. BARF for me!

  • Dawn Wallace

    Our cats use yo est meow mix the. I switched them to IAMS Easy Digest & they noth quit throwing up! Now I resd this article I’m gonna have to gind snother brand I can trust & thst won’t make them throw up all the time! My 3 dachshunds eat Natures Recipe! Just might have swith our cats to Natures Recipe!

    • Mistagee

      I cant understand what you wrote

  • TC Morrow

    This is why we feed Dr. Tim’s momentum, never has had a recall all-natural no corn no soy


    Lt Morrow K-9 , i feed 6 GWP & 1 GSP , I feed 4 -40lb a month

  • sharpasice

    it says dog and CAT food ..so where is the CAT food list?

  • Carol Evanetz

    They should be soooo ashamed – They just hosted the Eukanuba World Challenge championships. What does this say for their products. Unreal!

  • Dorothy Brooks

    http://www.petsitusa.com/blog/?p=3628 Pet food recall: Blue Buffalo dog food

  • Born Inapirateship

    Proctor & Gamble are also paying lots of money to oppose the mandatory labeling of GMOs. If it’s NOT bad for us and our pets, what is the problem with labeling it? The fear must end. Just Label It. We won’t support any company (and there are lots of them) that fights mandatory labeling of GMOs, because we won’t be human lab rats for big business, and because we don’t agree with releasing genetically modified organisms into the environment without proper study as to what the long term effects will be.

  • Amelia Latham
  • Trich Collins

    People who negate pet foods because they contain other parts of the animal food source, besides just meat, are forgetting that dogs and cats will eat those parts on their own if hunting and living wild. Everyone has their theories about what’s best to feed pets, I say find what works for you, and pay attention to recalls. Let’s face it, the most important thing to feed them is love and attention.

  • Stephanie Keeton

    I can definitely say that my dogs eat better than I do. I feed blue buffalo small breed formula and if something comes up where I am short on cash by the time they need food I feed them Nutro natural choice in emergencys but I am getting better at saving my money for them :)

  • DetroitMark

    I wouldn’t feed my animals this cr@p even when there is no recall. Dogs are allergic to the garbage chemical companies like P&G put in their dog foods. I’ve had two dogs die of mast cell tumors which my vet attributed to the grains in commercial dog foods.

  • Lee Ann Lewin

    Been feeding raw almost 4 years now. No kibble for my guys. All healthy and happy. No issues. No recalls. =0

  • Scott Severs

    All dog foods have had a recall at one time or another……if you don’t want to deal with the recalls,feed a raw diet…..

  • D Hubbs

    BEWARE, this recall is severely short-sited! Our German Shepherd immediately took ill upon eating the Iams ProActive Health lot # 33024175 dated 28FEB15. P&G were good about taking the info and promptly issued a coupon to get a free bag, but clearly, they’re NOT recalling enough of their products. We are currently feeding the same product lot # 33124175 dated 08MAR15 with no problems, so it appears they’ve corrected newer lots. However, the same bad batch is still on the shelves at 2 different stores locally

  • Trish

    what was the date that this was issued… I don’t want to share if it is two years old or something?

  • Scott Severs

    Damn…. we got a bunch of internet doctors commenting here….. you people talk about research, but never post your sources of your info. That’s probably because you believe any imbred redneck who breeds mutts in the backyard. Eukanuba and iams are not the top of the line, but are still great foods. I prefer Royal Canin myself, but all you idiots posting don’t even realize how ridiculous you sound. Blaming food for everything under the sun… you need to blame the breeders who don’t health test their breeding dogs before selling you their top of the line shit dog. Try doing your research of the dogs you’re buying first. Quit supporting breeders that don’t health test their dogs. The food is not that big of an issue in comparison to the overall health the dog is born with. It’s called genetics you internet followers…..

    • Candy

      maybe if you were not so insulting in each post people may read the entire thought, just saying

  • Steve Orth

    Would be nice if there was a DATE somewhere on the information about these recalls. How do I know this wasn’t released 2 years ago?

  • *~AJ~*

    People REALLY need to do some research. Pretty much ANY of the foods mentioned thus far are awful – full of grain fillers, and other JUNK. 15 years ago, Euk and Iams were about the best you could find (other then prescription Science Diet) – however that has drastically changed with the smaller companies coming out with much higher quality foods. I only feed my Rottie Orijen Large Breed — just look at the ingredients list to see why.

    Here’s a good place to start your research:


    If it’s not a 4 to 6 star food — it’s junk. Personally – I’ll only feed a 6-star myself.

  • Jesse Rae

    My dogs have been on Taste of the Wild for the last few months (switched from Iams) and my dogs absolutely love their new food!

  • Greenconsciousness

    What is the date on this warning???It is going around as if it happened in DEC 2013 and my vet thinks it is the old Aug recall. There should always be dates in the body that cannot be removed every time someone wants to put a hit on a product

  • billcatz

    How many different brands and products have been determined to be bad just this year alone. We can’t trust ANY pet food to be safe any more. Time to quit buying it and serve them home made.

  • Janine Owen

    My dogs have only ever been fed on cheapish dog foods. My Muttley (Rottie X) lived to be almost 16 years old and all of his predecessors had similar longevity. Their health records were excellent. When I moved house the vet who I had used before could not believe it was the same Muttley as his condition defied his years. An analysis I read recently compared Asda’s basic complete food with one of these supposedly superior brands and came out on top for nutrition. Get your animals vaccinated, exercise and have dental checks regularly but use your common sense with regard to feeding.

  • Adis Minaei

    My 17 year old Maltipoo has exclusively been fed Eukanuba as far back as I can remember. His still running around and in great health. I think its more genetics then anything else. From time to time he gets Ice Cream because he will watch us and drool.

  • iheartny

    Iam’s AGAIN? I’m done with them.

  • chuck

    Those brands are perfectly fine unless your dog is a hunting dog, sled dog, etc. that has to be in peak shape able to “go” for hours at a time in extreme conditions. Been a dog owner for years and never fed my dogs, unless they were hunters, premium food. “Sedentary” dogs don’t need exorbitant amounts of protein or fat.

  • Mary Wyckoff Martin

    From December 23, 2013, is an article regarding dog food and food safety:


  • Suzanne Wickham Seidenwand

    Chicken soup for the soul is the best cat food I’ve found. My 8 yr old cats have improved 100% since taking them off store junk. they have long hair and it would get very matted, full of dandruff and greasy, within one month of c.s.f.t.s all that went away. and no more hairballs that stain the carpets b.c store food is so full of red dye which is horrible for pets. all ingredients are meat, fruit and vegetables. and they don’t eat as much either b.c. its actually food. large 40lb? bag is $30 and it last 2 months, I was spending that in a month for junk.

  • Lana Gontzes

    I only feed my dog Merrick

  • E Hengst

    who still buys IAMS?? they r awful & do cruel animal testing… eek… r u kidding me?? PEOPLE~> QUIT BUYING THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your furry kids deserve better!!!

  • Matt

    My vet and the the Pet Food Express associates both swear by Blue Buffalo. I had one of my two dogs with some health issues. Both the vet & the associate both recommended the same food. My dogs issues cleared up. keep in mind, it’s high in (good) calories, so you usually have to feed them far less than what is recommended on the bag. The bag will often say 1 cop twice a day and my vet has me doing 1/3 cup twice a day. I’m a Huge Fan of BB.

  • Ray

    You guys commenting are too funny! They recall human food too! It doesn’t mean the product is bad all around…it’s just a bad batch made it out on the shelves. Walmart has had many human food recalls in the past but I bet more people than ever still buy grocery’s from there! You commentators are so black or white. It’s either black or white, there is not in between lol. You ALL need to think before you post!!!

    • thatabramswoman

      so true Ray! thanks for clarifying that.

  • thatabramswoman

    my dog is 17 n very spry and has lived on pro plan her whole life. my first dog lived to 16 1/2 and lived on a variety of commercial foods over her life. I’m not saying that food doesn’t matter because I do think it does. but I also think genetics has a lot to do with it. My Misty (1st dog) toward the end of her life I put her on pro plan because the ingredients did not include by-products or bone meal. she didn’t do that well on it. I changed her to science diet which I would not have preferred and she perked up n did great for the rest of her life. My Sophie who is now 17 is doing well on pro plan. maybe I’ll try blue buffalo. she’s kinda bored right now. n for what it’s worth to all those who say that dogs can’t handle changing their food all I can say is in the wild they eat whatever they can catch. that isn’t always the same thing. n they do get bored. at least both of mine have.

  • jerry colins

    i heard P & G bought out EVO, and a few months later, the wolf dogs were all getting sick. They had it analyzed , and it was full of corn.

  • Steve

    @Stephanie I had an English Setter that lived to be 15 years old. She was a very healthy dog throughout. I don’t agree with your assessment at all.

  • Chris Foy

    I got tired of these recalls, so I started cooking for my dog. I make brown rice, sweet potatoes, broccoli and boiled fresh sardines. Sometimes I change the protein for beef liver. He takes multi vitamins and he stopped itching and developed a strong immune system.

  • Jen Longhurst

    Orijen all the way

  • TheChaseFace

    I looked at these comments for a second and then immediately realized how obnoxiously opinionated pet-owners are.

    I feed my animals the highest-quality food possible but I don’t go on internet forums and debate people on ethics and chemistry. Jesus Christ.

  • Dirt Farmer

    You can find much cheaper dog food than Iams or Eukanuba if you look on Craigslist. What you want to look for is made in China or Pakistan because these countries don’t have to follow any rules as far as what ingredients are used which makes their dog food much cheaper and just as good as the pet store brands. I’ve fed these off brands to all my dogs and they have been incredibly healthy with three out of four living six and seven years!

  • Dale Murphy

    Every one has there opinion on what they feel is best for there pet. So feed your dog (pet) what you want and I’ll feed my dog (pet) what I feel is best,but don’t tell me what I should feed mine unless you want to pay my dog’s food bill for me. End of story!

  • Jessica Hartman

    There isn’t an associate that will give a shit about your pet seriously! they make a little more then minimum wage seriously. I work for Acosta and I do inventory control, trust me associates don’t care

  • Les Hildebrandt

    Hey for the dipshits!!! for you reading this it was a august posting. Those brands have long gone by there expiry date is someone here trying here to take a paid hit at the above named brands ???

    • Shannon Humphreys

      The expiry dates all seem to be Nov 2014, so none of them have expired yet.

    • Leslie Bonk

      They are not all expired-please re-read the recall before you start calling people dipshits.

  • Shirley Plant

    Wow, lots of hostility here. Maybe we can just all love our animals and if they are having some issues be sure to check their dog food- We feed our dogs Wellness Pure 95% meat and their mixed brand and dry brands, never had a problem. If they feel a bit off we cook them plain ground meat and rice. We love them , play with them and they get lots of exercise and seem happy which I think is the main point. Happy Holidays everyone

  • jed_hoyer

    dogs eat garbage without any problems. can they even get salmonella?

  • Karen

    These posts are very entertaining..it’s amazing how people diss each other over personal preferences . Get a grip people. Do your own research and make your own choices and live your own life.

    • Leslie Bonk

      Most of these people sound like they have anger issues. They can’t make a point without insulting people. When a post starts with an insult, it’s not worth reading because the poster is ignorant. Can’t trust their opinion.

  • Crista Terick

    Isn’t this just about recalled dog food. Do people buy brands of human food that was once recalled???? This is to notify people that dog food is recalled not who can afford to feed their pets what food and how much it cost. We all should be happy this notification came out for the people who do buy this product. Please stop bashing others who might buy this and be happy geez

  • Dawn Carreno-Combs

    i’ve never tried feeding my three dogs the expensive brand name dog foods and aside from some allergies (which were probably diet related) they all lived to be 13 and older. I now have three more dogs…young ones. I love all my pets and i before my current three dogs I didn’t know much about pet food ingredients. That was until my four year old beagle/jack russell mix was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago (two insulin shots a day). And I got to say, a person will learn quickly whats best for their pets diet if they want their diabetic pet to live! I now make homemade dog food for all three of my dogs (usually chicken, blueberries, green beans and/or pumpkin filler). i combine it with Nutrisica dry dog food which is made with lamb or chicken and chick peas and blueberries…no soy, potato, wheat or corn whatsoever. no gluten! Its about $11 for a small bag but my dogs like it and it keeps my diabetic guy sugar stable. i add coconut oil and some vitamins to their food too. this all costs more and takes extra time but these are my kids and i just don’t trust most dry or canned dog foods on the market anymore.

  • Mike McGovern

    Lol I’ve hauled feed ingredients for years . They are more strict on dog food ingredients than they are food for human consumption . It amounts to one thing dogs are same as humans different tastes and what makes them sick and life span etc .

  • Leslie Bonk

    It’s sad that a discussion about a dog food recall can turn so immature and vile. (William Skrainski, was that really necessary?) Let’s stick to the point and offer good advice.

  • matt watkeys

    don’t tell someone that if they can’t afford to feed their dog “healthy” foods, they should not have a dog. that would be like me saying I am sick of paying into welfare and food stamps to support your kid, that you can’t afford!!! my dogs eat dog chow, and every time I take them to the pet store people always ask me what I feed them because their coat and appearance is so amazing. the funniest thing is to see their reactions because they expect me to say something expensive. I have had dogs for 30 years, and I have tried the other foods, and I always go back to dog chow.

  • Marion Lambert

    Wellness and Blue are more expensive…but you do not need to feed them as much as store brands. I buy a 10lb bag 2 times per month for my 45lb dog.

  • Gary Lopez

    I have used Iams and Eukanuba raising Rottweilers for years. Never have I had a problem. Guess what? Bought it from pet stores never from the grocery store. You mention science diet is a great food?! I hate that crap! Know people who’s dogs died from “liver failures / cancer” and the only common denominator was the food. Different breeds same food. Science diet. Not saying it was the food but, bothered me enough to never buy it for any of mine. My dogs live good healthy lives often past breeds expectations. Know your facts before spouting off your opinions.

  • Nicholas Ashley

    some people adopt dogs and feeding them iams is a lot better than letting them be put to sleep. i have 3 that are all healthy and loving life

  • Bruce A Kit

    When the first ingredient listed on the bag is corn, ask yourself “Do I have a dog or a goat?”

  • kadacozarh

    Our vet says more expensive does not equal better food. He said the Purina One I feed my dog is just fine. As for worrying about salmonella in dogs……really? They eat rotten stuff they find outdoors, I would not think salmonella would be a problem for dogs.

  • Richard

    I really appreciate everyone’s insight and experience with different food brands with their pets! I just got a new puppy and was originally feeding him Beneful but did some research and Switched to Halo holistc food. but after reading quite few of experiences came to the realization that pets are not all alike. like humans, they all have different reactions and allergens that no matter what. its just trial and error until we find what our animal reacts best to.its just up to us to continue to be aware and continue to love and care as much as we can for their health.

  • 1bestdog

    Both test on animals, and not in a good way. Not good food either.

  • 1bestdog

    Orijen or its less protein counterpart, Acana. Both from Canada and voted the best numerous years in a row.

    • Rebecca Hyle

      That was all we fed til they had the fire about 11/2 years ago, couldn’t get it in our area, so we did a little research and found Zignature. It’s not as good as Orijen or Arcana but it has worked well. Would still be on Orijen if the price hadn’t skyrocketed to over $100 for a 35(?) lb bag. That gets a little costly with 8 dogs.

  • dwirtz1457

    My 14 year old, 22 lb (no not fat – vet says so) Russian Blue cat won’t eat anything but Iams indoor weight & hairball control. Healthy, Happy pussycat. He won’t touch any of the expensive, designer stuff – I’ve tried, even mixing it, he will pick out the Iams and leave the rest in a ring around the bowl…

    • POOKIE100

      Iams is horrible

  • observer

    It has been so entertaining reading all the wild accusations and assumptions about dog foods, costs, and point of production… the first and only truth that is being missed is where the problem originates. We humans, in our arrogance, believe that we can engineer/create a better food source than nature. So we add hormones, steroids, and various other chemicals. Then toss in extra nutrients and vitamins and expect not only our four legged friends but our own species to not develope allergies or side effects. So in short, dont blame the companies for creating the food cause we are to lazy to do it ourselves.

  • LorisPop

    Can anyone tell me where the lot code in on the healthy naturals bag?

    • LorisPop

      never mind, it just bit me.

  • Jeremy Wolf

    How about you Dog Food companies start making the dog food here in AMERICA???

  • April

    So is the company going to cover the vet bills of these sick dogs?

  • TVaughn

    I have two Aussie puppies at 14 weeks old who were scratching their butts off on Iams Proactive puppy food. There is a great choice which is normally found at farmers Co Ops as opposed to pet stores. It is called Victor http://www.victordogfood.com and is a terrific 5 star food. It cost me $39.99 for a 30 lb. bag in Nashville TN. It is 100% gluten free, USA sourced beef meal, chicken meal and pork meal with guaranteed levels of Omega 3 & 6 and vitamin E with prebiotics which support a healthy digestive system. Prior to these pups Ihad a Ridgeback Lab mix on Nutros Max which was a middle of the road dog food equal in price to the Victor but not near the quality. There are options out there and certain breeds (just like humans) have allergies and aversions to certain foods, chemicals and food sources. The internet is a great resource for research. Alternatives are out there but I do agree that certain store bands are pretty much filled with fillers and bad options. It would be like humans eating high sugar, high fat, filler foods with no protein rich or fresh whole foods. Thanks for the tips on the recalls. Glad me and the pups made the switch a couple of weeks ago to Victor.

  • rufusfloyd

    P&G is bad. All their money goes into ads and little into product.

  • IowaPerson

    Lots of negativity here :( I lost a pet to the pet food poisoning several years ago. There are so many things in the pet food these days and not a lot of oversight to what type of quality goes into pet foods. All the research that was done regarding pet foods were real eye openers. Both IAM’s and Eukanuba were also participants in the whole poisoning issue and I will never feed my pets either brand. They were going for lowest cost ingredients along with many other brands but Purina was not among them. As long as we all regularly take our pets to the vet to ensure their health and they are eating their food, expensive or not and are thriving, that is what matters. There are too many homeless animals out there and a big smile to all of you that open up your homes to give pets love and a family to call their own.

  • Melissa Stephens

    In all the dog foods I have read about and seen, there is one thing that I look for in a good dog food. When reading the ingredients, if the first ingredient is anything but meat, then don’t buy it. We buy Rachel Ray’s, Nutrish. It’s U.S. Farm raised beef is the first ingredient with no fillers, wheat, or wheat gluten and no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives and each purchase goes to help animals/pet charities in need and each purchase also helps protect a forest. Winner in our book for sure!

  • Rachael Spainhour

    I had a pit who ate gravy train his whole life and never had any health issues…ever. so what does that mean? while at the same time i worked at a dog salon people feeding their pets over priced dog foods and their pets had tumors and all kinds of crazy junk. explain that

  • Suzanne Rosenorn

    My friend told me years ago NEVER to give Eukanuba pet food to the animals. Her vet said it caused cancer.

  • Ann-Marie Carmody-Humphries

    I won’t feed Iams or eukanuba to either my cats or dog! I use to feed it until my cat stared losing her fur, she almost went bald in a short matterof time! I switched her and my dog to Nutro Natural, her fur grew back! I tried different brands to see if if she had a food allergy and no other food made her lose her fur!! It was just that food!

  • Angie Galligar

    The absolute best dog food is “Halo”… I’ve been feeding my white Maltipoo “Max” Halo brand dog food for small breeds since she was a couple months old she is two now… Max’s breath has never stunk nor does her poo… You know those ugly brown tear stains dogs always have especially a white dog well Max has never had any of that on her face or around her mouth I’ve even seen male dogs with the stains on their back legs… The night I brought Max home at just 4 weeks we stopped at Petco on the way home to pick up food etc… The girl that was helping us told me that if you start your dog out on an all natural food not only is it much better for them but she said Max would not develop those brown tear stains… She also said that for dogs that switching over to an all natural food will gradually over time stop developing those brown stains she said you would notice a difference in a soon a six months… I highly recommend everyone go and check out “Halo” brand dog food… Oh and Ellen DeGeneres is co-owner of “Halo Purely for Pets”…

    Check it out there is no comparison out there that beats “Halo” I get mine at Petco they have the whole line of dog and cat food… Sign up for the “Petco Pals Rewards” and you get a one to three dollar discount on your purchase…


  • leasejr

    Procter and Gamble please do us a favor, quit make dog food. It is clearly apparent that you don’t know how to do it with out harming either dogs or humans. Let the professionals make dog food, not a soap company. Sincerely the DOGS AND CATS

  • La Wanda Johnson

    This is why I am trying to find a better way of feeding my dogs

  • ruth oakley

    I feed my cats purina one my last cat died about a mth ago she was 17yrs besides vac .desexing and having a chip in plus one cat fight . have had calls from owners who I sold kittens to letting me know that they have passed on most of them being in 16==18 yrs old .our last 2 dogs were on purina one passed on 17yrs and 18yrs never went to the vet until 6mths before they passed on

  • Kevin Martin

    This is my thought on a good dog food. My vet has told me that the best food out there is Blue Buffalo for the $$$. He of course sell’s Science diet but isn’t real fond of it. To many fillers. But they get kick backs so he sells it. I have huskies which are very energetic dogs. Buying grocery store brands is like this. Do you want a Steak or Hamburger. Pet stores sell the foods that are like a steak and grocer’s sell what is hamburger. Of course you spend more for the good food, but you will never have health issue’s because of food. Also they eat less of the good food. They will have a nicer coat and won’t be over weight. It’s really a no Brainer. Go online and research dog food’s. You will never see store brands rated in top 10.

  • Dee Comp

    Dee Comp Guest • 3 minutes ago

    so what do you consider 2 be a good healthy dog food at any price money no object? there are a lot of foods that are inexpensive but have the proper balance of vitamins and balance of needed fats and carbs with higher nutritional value then high priced foods

    What is the best dog food on the market? There is no one best food for all dogs. The very fact that there are so many types and brands on the market shows that there are hundreds of options and opinions. Some dogs need higher fat and protein than others; some prefer canned over dry. Feed what is appropriate for your pet: dogs need dog food, and puppies need puppy food. Do not switch brands every month, but do not be afraid to switch brands and find one that your pet does well on. Use the guaranteed analysis, ingredients listings and feeding guidelines to help guide your decision.

    above all educate yourself this is free 2 do and can help you dog live healthier and not kill your wallet a good place to get educated on labels and how 2 read them is PetEducation.com: this site is run by DR Foster and Smith it has everything u could ever need 2 know on healthy pet care from emergency 2 grooming feeding exercise etc its very easy 2 understand its not the money u are able 2 spend that will get u a healthy pet it is the time u are willing 2 spend learning the right way to do things for your pet

  • jamessmith50

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