Ask A Vet: Does My Dog Need Supplements?

As our population ages and our knowledge grows, more and more people are taking vitamins and supplements and giving them to their pets.  Are they necessary? Are they helpful at

They Set Up A Camera To Watch Their Dogs But Didn’t Expect To See This

Do you ever wonder what your dogs do when you’re not home? Some dogs would play and get into some mischief when their human is away. Just like this dog

Amputee Dog Rescues Disabled Boy In A Powerful Way

It’s amazing how friendships can be formed in the most unexpected places, and in the unlikeliest circumstance. Just like the friendship between the prison inmates and shelter dogs in a

Mother Dog Takes In An Abandoned Baby As Her Own And Saves His Life

Female dogs have such amazing maternal instincts. We’ve seen several videos of mother dogs who have adopted other baby animals and treated them like their own. Just like the Boston

ASPCA Rescues Nearly 100 Dogs from Another Animal Rescue

On February 24th, At the request of the Stone County Sheriff’s Department, the ASPCA®(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) removed nearly 100 dogs from Innocent Hearts Animal Rescue,

This Senior Dogs Takes His Little Buddy For A Walk Every Day

It’s not easy being an older brother or sister. A lot of responsibilities are on your shoulder. Not only do you have to help around the house, but you also

8 Signs Your Dog May Have Worms

Intestinal parasites are the one of easiest things for your dog to contract. Worms, specifically, can be picked up simply from a dog grooming herself after walking in a contaminated

His Dying Dog Needed Comfort, What He Did Next Brought Us To Tears.

There’s this quote by Agnes Sligh Turnbull that goes, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault really.” There will come a time when we will have to say goodbye

This NYC Dog Was Homeless For 10 Years Before Being Rescued…Incredible Story!

It’s no secret that East Coast winters are difficult to bear. Every year, Manhattan’s streets become enveloped in snow, and the freezing, icy weather seems to last for months and

Super Disney Fan Builds His Dog An “Up”Themed Dog House And It’s Incredible

  While it’s true we all spoil our dogs, we think it’s safe to say that Dug, owned by Steve Minty, might just be the most spoiled dog of them

This Independent Dog Is Changing What It Means To Go For A Walk!

Fun fact, you guys! February 25th is National Walk The Dog Day! I know what you’re thinking…isn’t every day Walk The Dog Day for us loyal fur parents? Of course,

Festivals For Your Dog That You Don’t Want To Miss

Tired of sitting at home with the dog; watching the canine shows on TV, thinking “There’s got to be more for a dog to do than prance around a show

Want To Take A Shelter Dog On A Walk? Now There’s An App For That

Walkzee, the first online platform connecting shelter dogs in need of a walk to dog lovers looking for a walking buddy has surpassed its goal on Kickstarter and are getting

5 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense About Humans

Dogs are extremely keen, intuitive animals that we learn more about every day. It’s recently been discovered that some dogs are able to warn their epileptic owners before a seizure

Dog Picks Up Shovel To Clear Snow While Owners Watch In Disbelief

How helpful is your dog around the house? While most dogs would just eat, play, and sleep, some work to earn their keep. Other dogs help out in the farm

10 Dog Breeds Most Eager To Please

Although every dog is an individual in any given breed, there are some breeds that generally are more eager to please their owners. These breeds are easier to train not

Dachshund Adopts And Raises Piglet As Its Own

It’s amazing the kind of love that animals are capable of. Obviously, anyone who has ever been lucky enough to be the parent to a pet knows this, but it’s

10 Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety

By now you are probably aware that your dog has many of the same emotions as you do, including anxiety. But do you know what that anxiety looks like? Amanda

5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Dog’s Food

Dog owners work hard to feed the best quality food they can find for their dogs and with so many options it can be difficult to make the choice. It’s

Ask A Vet: Does It Matter If My Dog Came from a Puppy Mill?

You love your dog, right? Why would it matter where she came from? Are there lasting repercussions of your puppy’s origins? Let’s set aside the ethical question about puppy mills

30 Stunning Photographs Of Working Dogs

Andrew Fladeboe is an amazing photographer who specializes in dogs and nature. There is something ethereal about his work that makes you think these creatures must be from some other

10 Ways To Create Lasting Memories With Your Dog

We know dog’s lives are too short, making the time we do have with them very precious. Often, we don’t talk about ways to remember our dog until after he

These Dogs Have Trained This Cat All They Know And Her Tricks Prove She’s Part Of The Pack

Who says cats can’t do tricks? Cats can actually do tricks that dogs can do! In fact, there’s even a cat who thinks she’s a dog, behaves like a dog,

If We Acted Like Dogs, This Would Be Our Life

Dog behavior is great – it makes us laugh and smile on a daily basis. Being greeted with excited kisses every morning, being asked to play a game of fetch

13-year-old Starts Nonprofit Dog Rescue

Claire Fraise, 13, is doing more than dreaming about helping homeless dogs – she’s started her own no-kill dog rescue to help save more dogs. We think her goal is

Puppy Finds His Owner Slumped Over In A Chair And Leads Police To Him

Dogs are amazing creatures! We dog lovers know that! Not only have they proven themselves as man’s best friend, some of them have even become heroes who have literally saved