Rescuers Pull Puppy From Near A Busy Freeway And Her Mom Comes To Help

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Most people have suffered a stomach bug, also called viral gastroenteritis. Most of these infections in humans are attributed to norovirus. It is extremely infectious among humans and makes most

Dog Travels 37 Miles To Reunite With Owner After Being Removed From Hospital

Our dogs greeting us when we arrive home lets us know that they miss us. Even if we’re gone just for a while, our furry friends miss us. Just like

Elderly Stray Dog Receives Wheelchair For Paralyzed Legs And Can Finally Move Again

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This Dog Is A Real Life Angel To Those In This Nursing Home

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This Mama Dachshund Adopts An Abandoned Pig As Her Own Puppy

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Rescued Dogs Get Rehabilitated By Prisoners Who Also Need A Second Chance

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Watching These Homeless Dogs Get A Second Chance Is Why We Do What We Do

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Ask A Vet: Why Does My Dog Stink?

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Dog Saved From ‘Death Row’ Adopts And Nurses Orphaned Raccoons

Every dog deserves a second chance. You’ll never know what amazing things they can do, they can either save a life, make a sick child smile, or help other animals.

Dog Completely Covered In Tar And Left For Dead Was Rescued Just In Time

The video you’re about to watch is graphic. Luckily, the ending to this story is happy and heartwarming…so just remember that! A 5 month-old puppy had fallen into a pool

15 Products That Teach Kids About Dogs

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10 Tips To Rid Your Life Of Dog Hair

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How This Puppy Reacts To A Kiddie Pool Will Crack You Up

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Huskies Learn To Walk On Water

Russian photographer Fox Grom is a master at capturing the many sides of the Siberian Husky, set in the stunning landscape of his native Kirovsk. Most impressive are his images

Woman Rescues Neglected Sick Puppy From Home And Radically Transforms His Life

In 2012 Sandi Hathaway was driving with her then-roommate who wanted to stop by and see his cousin. Little did she know that detour would save a life. They arrived

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Man Recreates 11 Romantic Movie Scenes With Dog At Work

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Shelter Uses Photobooth Pics To Drastically Boosts Adoptions

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but to a shelter dog, it can mean a home. That’s why The Humane Society of Utah started a campaign

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Dog Puts Life On The Line To Save Girl From Rabid Fox

Unfortunately, officials tested the fox and it came back positive for rabies. Both Howard and Hazen have been given multiple rabies shots and Domino is quarantined for 90 days. According