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Adorably Talented Mixed-Breed to Perform at Westminster!

Paws up for mixed breeds making headlines! As you probably know, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the annual, highly esteemed competition for purebred dogs. In a rare opportunity,

Everyone cries when they see this movie scene. Even dogs!!! [ADORABLE]

Ok, admit it. We all cried during this scene right? This clip goes to prove that dogs have just as much compassion as people. Actually probably more!

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STUDY: People are having dogs instead of babies

A Recent article by Roberto A. Ferdman on Quartz  points to research that shows families and single women are choosing to have a dog, in particular small dogs, over having

How often should my dog see the vet for a wellness visit?

Veterinary care is critical to a dog’s well being. It is also important for an owner to get their questions answered by a qualified professional. From the moment a pup