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15 Reasons To Keep Your Dog On Leash (Even When It’s Legal Not To)

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URGENT NEED: Rescued From a Dog Fighting Ring – Murdock Needs a Home!

After his owner was convicted of dog fighting, Murdock, a seven-year-old staffie mix, spent the next eight months in isolation at Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Hempstead, New York. It’s

Man Plays Hide N Seek With Dogs And Wins – Watch The Table

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5 Reasons You & Your Dog Should Take An Obedience Class

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Stray Dogs Show Up To Funeral Of Woman Who Fed And Loved Them

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Terminally Ill Army Dog Is Honored By Her Humans Is The Most Powerful Way

Dogs serve a special purpose within our daily lives, but their impact can be felt even more so within the industries they so bravely work for. Whether it’s a police

Man Arrested For Saving His Dog From A Burning Home

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Cop Stops This Woman With A Pit Bull And Does Something She Could Have Never Expected

When a police asks us to stop or pull over, most of us would begin to worry what we might have done wrong. It’s because when the police usually ask

Dog Saves Swimmers From Dangerous Rip Currents In California

Two swimmers at Ventura beach in California were caught in a dangerous riptide. The one who came to their rescue was not a lifeguard, but a helpful Bernese Mountain Dog.

Watch This Dog’s Priceless Reaction After Discovering She Has A Shadow

Sometimes, all you need to make a hilarious video is a camera, a dog, and a shadow. Yup, some dogs have strange reactions when they see a shadow, sometimes even

GONE VIRAL: Cute Dog Just Can’t Catch Food In Slow Motion

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12 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Bugging You While You’re Eating

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Dog That Chased Owner’s Truck After Being Abandoned At Gas Station Has A New, Way Better Home

The story of the poor little dog chasing down the pick-up that contained her supposed owners after they dumped her at a Shell gas station in Slide, Louisiana is getting

Old Dog Tricks Young Puppy Into Playing Solo – HILARIOUS

There’s a saying, “You can’t teach old dog new tricks.” Do you believe in that? Well I certainly don’t. I believe old dogs still have a lot of potential! In

Watch What Happens When This Guy Holds Up One Treat In Front Of Three Dogs

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving your dog only two of them.”

25 FREE Dog Clothing Ideas & Patterns

You might be surprised how easy it is to make your own doggy clothes and the great part is, you can recycle your own clothes, make matching outfits or ensure